Hackathon Attendance

IETF 106

November 16-22, 2019

Planning to attend
Ordered by Last Name
Last Name First Name Technologies Email Country Company First IETF First Hackathon Remote or On Site
1 Adjih Cedric NWCRG (SWIF-codec), LPWAN cedric.adjih@inria.fr FR Inria No No onsite
2 Afanasiev Dmitry RIFT Private RU Yandex No No onsite
3 Agarwal Sonal IPSEC sagarwal12@gmail.com US Cisco Systems Inc. No No onsite
4 Aguilar Romero Sergio LPWAN sergio.aguilar.romero@upc.edu ES UPC No No remote
5 Ahmed Imran imranahmed8859@gmail.com SG No No onsite
6 Ahmed Asad Sajjad L4S, TCP, ECN asadsa@ifi.uio.no NO No No onsite
7 aihua liu IPv6, YANG liu.aihua@zte.com.cn CN Yes Yes onsite
8 aipnjqej udefgxfs 1 sample@email.tst AF Acunetix Yes Yes onsite
9 Aldrin Sam Aldrin.ietf@gmail.com US No No onsite
10 Allen Kyle TLS1.3 ab72allen@email.com US PA Yes Yes remote
11 Alvestrand Harald WebRTC harald@alvestrand.no SE Google No No onsite
12 Andre Emmanuel WebRTC emmanuel.andre@cosmosoftware.io SG No No onsite
13 Anggawijaya Hermin hermin.anggawijaya@gmail.com NZ No No onsite
14 Antony Antony IPsec antony@phenome.org NL No No onsite
15 Arends Roy DNS roy.arends@icann.org GB ICANN No No onsite
16 Aries Ebben YANG/NETCONF exa@arrcus.com US Arrcus No No onsite
17 Arkko Jari QUIC, Spindump jari.arkko@piuha.net FI Ericsson No No onsite
18 Arnold Matthias BMP matthias.arnold@swisscom.com CH Swisscom No Yes onsite
19 Asaeda Hitoshi Cefore, CCN Private JP NICT No No onsite
20 ASOGAMOORTHY AJANTHAN aasogamo@fb.com US Facebook No Yes onsite
21 ATTIA Oumaima QUIC Private FR INRIA No No onsite
22 Bagha Charuduth charub2001@gmail.com MU cyberstorm.mu Yes Yes remote
23 balakrichenan sandoche sandoche.balakrichenan@afnic.fr FR AFNIC No No onsite
24 Balasubramanian Praveen quic Private IN Microsoft No No onsite
25 Bandi Krishna YANG/RESTCONF kribandi13@gmail.com SN Singtel Yes Yes onsite
26 Banghart Stephen stephen.banghart@nist.gov US NIST No No onsite
27 Banks Nicholas QUIC nibanks@microsoft.com US Microsoft No No remote
28 Barba Carolina aniloracbarba@gmail.com AU Yes Yes onsite
29 Barthel Dominique LPWAN, SCHC, IOT, IPv6, CoAP Private FR Orange Labs No No onsite
30 Bartle Carrick DNS, QUIC cbartle891@icloud.com US Yes Yes onsite
31 Bashivan Ali TLS1.3, DOTS a.bashiavn@gmail.com AU Yes Yes onsite
32 Bassi Alessandro COAP RiOT IoT alessandro.bassi@things.is IT THINGS No No onsite
33 BeerKline's BeerKline's Sittichai3442@hotmail.com TH Kline's Yes Yes onsite
34 Bhatti Saleem ILNP saleem@st-andrews.ac.uk GB University of St Andrews No No onsite
35 Birkholz Henk Teep mud, lpwan, wishi, w3c, yang telemetry, sacm henk.birkholz@sit.fraunhofer.de DE Yes Yes onsite
36 Bonfim Michel SFC, YANG/NETCONF/RESTCONF, OpenDaylight msb6@cin.ufpe.br BR Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE) Yes Yes onsite
37 Boppart Damiano Private CH pEp Security Yes Yes onsite
38 Bormann Carsten WISHI, WoT cabo@tzi.org DE Uni Bremen TZI No No onsite
39 boss fafo WebRTC danifafo9595@gmail.com AL Yes Yes onsite
40 Bradey John jbradley@yubico.com CL No No onsite
41 Bretelle Manu DNS Private US No No onsite
42 Breuer Michael Private DE No No onsite
43 Briscoe Bob AccECN, ECN++, L4S research@bobbriscoe.net GB Independent (bobbriscoe.net) No No onsite
44 Bulgarella Fabio QUIC Performance Measurement fabio.bulgarella@gmail.com IT Telecom Italia (TIM) No No onsite
45 Burdet Luc Andre Yang,DNS lburdet@cisco.com CA Cisco No No onsite
46 Cam-Winget Nancy ncamwing@cisco.com US Cisco Systems No No onsite
47 Camarillo Pablo SRv6 pcamaril@cisco.com ES Cisco No No onsite
48 cao bin haknmcaobin@gmail.com CN Yes Yes onsite
49 Card Stuart tm-rid, HIP stu.card@critical.com US Critical Technologies Inc. No Yes onsite
50 Cardona Juan Camilo Private ES NTT No Yes onsite
51 Carpenter Brian ANIMA brian.e.carpenter@gmail.com NZ The University of Auckland No No onsite
52 Celi Sofia TLS 1.3 Private EC Dyne No Yes onsite
53 cheng weiqiang Ipv6 Yang Chengweiqiang@chinamobile.com CN No No onsite
54 Cheshire Stuart DNS Service Discovery, ECN Private US Apple No No onsite
55 CHOI YOUNGHWAN IPWAVE yhc@etri.re.kr KR ETRI No No onsite
56 CHOI SEOYUN SUIT Private KR No No onsite
57 Chong Jiayi http 2.0 Private SG Yes Yes onsite
58 Chongfei Too e.g., COAP, DNS, DOTS, HTTP 2.0, IPv6, LPWAN, QUIC, SFC, TLS 1.3, YANG/NETCONF/RESTCONF, WebRTC, OpenDaylight, OPNFV, RiOT, VPP/FD.io, etc maxprofitcoin@gmail.com MY Chinese Yes Yes onsite
59 CHUNG CHAEHONG I2NSF darkhong@skku.edu KR Sungkyunkwan University No No onsite
60 Chung Yun Won ywchung@ssu.ac.kr KR No No onsite
61 Ciavaglia Laurent Network management related technologies laurent.ciavaglia@nokia.com FR Nokia No Yes onsite
62 Cicileo Guillermo gcicileo@gmail.com AR LACNIC No No onsite
63 claise Benoit Telemetry/YANG Private BE Cisco No No onsite
64 CN Santhosh santoshcn1@gmail.com IN Grab Yes Yes onsite
65 Cociglio Mauro QUIC Performance Measurement mauro.cociglio@telecomitalia.it IT Telecom Italia-TIM No No onsite
66 Contreras Luis PPR, P4 luismiguel.contrerasmurillo@telefonica.com ES Telefonica No No onsite
67 Cooper Alissa alissa@cooperw.in US Cisco No No onsite
68 costello tim tim.costello@bt.com GB No No onsite
69 Coupet Nathalie DNS, HTTP 2.0, TLS 1.3, QUIC, DOTS nathaliecoupet@yahoo.com US N/A No Yes onsite
70 Croot Chris Private GB BT No No onsite
71 Deeds Greg UAS Remote ID gdeeds@tegbiz.com US Technology Exploration Group Inc. Yes No remote
72 dhody dhruv dhruv.ietf@gmail.com IN Huawei No No onsite
73 ding zhaokun netconf/yang d_zhaokun@huawei.com CN No No onsite
74 Dolmans Ralph DNS ralph@nlnetlabs.nl NL NLnet Labs No No onsite
75 Dong Jie jie.dong@huawei.com CN Huawei Technologies No No onsite
76 Dorasamy Naďken Josh Terry dorasamyterry03@gmail.com MU Yes Yes remote
77 Duan Xiaodong duanxiaodong@chinamobile.com CN No No onsite
78 Duke Martin QUIC m.duke@f5.com US F5 Networks, Inc. No No onsite
79 duncan ian FRR/VPP iduncan@ciena.com CA No No onsite
80 Eastlake Donald DNS d3e3e3@gmail.com US Futurewei Technologies, Inc. No No onsite
81 Ebisawa Kentaro SRv6 ebisawa@toyota-tokyo.tech JP TOYOTA No No onsite
82 Eckel Charles YANG, NETCONF, RESTCONF eckelcu@cisco.com US Cisco Systems No No onsite
83 Egeru Joseph DNS, DOTS, IPv6, LPWAN, QUIC, SFC, TLS 1.3, YANG/NETCONF/RESTCONF egeruj@gmail.com UG No No onsite
84 Eggert Lars QUIC lars@eggert.org FI NetApp No No onsite
85 Enghardt Theresa theresa@inet.tu-berlin.de DE No No onsite
86 Estreicher Naomi Private CA No Hats Corporation No No onsite
87 Even Roni QUIC roni.even@huawei.com IL Toga Networks No No onsite
88 fablet youenn Private FR Apple No No onsite
89 Fairhurst Gorry gorry@erg.abdn.ac.uk GB University of Aberdeen No No onsite
90 Farrell Stephen TLS/ESNI; possibly homenet stephen.farrell@cs.tcd.ie IE Trinity College Dublin No No onsite
91 Fathur Rohman Muhamad YANG/NETCONF/RESTCONF yunkfathur@gmail.com ID PENS Yes Yes remote
92 Fieau Frederic Lurk h2 quick dns Private FR No No onsite
93 Fioccola Giuseppe giuseppe.fioccola@huawei.com DE Huawei Technologies No No onsite
94 Francois Jerome jerome.francois@inria.fr FR Inria No Yes onsite
95 Franke Maximilian TAPS Mfranke@inet.tu-berlin.de DE TU Berlin No No onsite
96 Ganapathy Venkatesh CAPPORT selvagv@gmail.com US Google Yes Yes onsite
97 Garcia Murillo Sergio WebRTC, RMCAT sergio.garcia.murillo@gmail.com ES CoSMo Software Consulting, Pte Ltd No No onsite
98 geng xuesong gengxuesong@huawei.com CN Huawei No Yes onsite
99 Gentle Seph HTTP / Braid me@josephg.com AU Statecraft No Yes onsite
100 Ghedini Alessandro QUIC, TLS 1.3 Private GB Cloudflare No No onsite
101 Gimenez Olivier LPWAN, SCHC Private FR Semtech Yes Yes onsite
102 Gondwana Bron JMAP brong@fastmailteam.com AU Fastmail No No onsite
103 Gopee Nissaar nisgopee@gmail.com MU Yes Yes remote
104 gouaillard alexandre WebRTC, QUIC Private SG CoSMo Software No No onsite
105 Graf Thomas BMP thomas.graf@swisscom.com CH Swisscom No Yes onsite
106 Grimes Rodney ECN, SCE, L4S rgrimes@FreeBSD.org US netDEF No No onsite
107 Grover Andy QUIC agrover@mozilla.com US Mozilla No No onsite
108 Gu Yunan BMP guyunan@huawei.com CN Huawei No Yes onsite
109 GU SHUHENG DNS, QUIC, SFC, shuhenggu@hotmail.com CN HUAWEI Yes Yes onsite
110 Hadi Salim Jamal Private CA No No onsite
111 Haibo Wang rainsword.wang@huawei.com CN Huawei No No onsite
112 Haleplidis Evangelos ehalep@gmail.com GR No Yes onsite
113 Hall Joseph hall@isoc.org US ISOC No No onsite
114 Hamza Ahmed ahamza01@gmail.com US Extreme Networks No Yes remote
115 Han HyoJoon han6343@gmail.com KR Yes Yes onsite
116 Han Jaeseob j89449@kaist.ac.kr KR No No onsite
117 Hanumantharayappa Shanthamurthy DOTS, DNS, HTTP 2.0, shantha_mh@qssinc.com US OptumServe Technology Services Inc. No Yes remote
118 Harper Nick QUIC nharper@google.com US Google LLC No No onsite
119 Hartke Klaus WISHI Private SE Ericsson No No onsite
120 Haug Albijon w3c coap. sfc ozion@ozioninc.com NO ozion inv Yes No remote
121 Hawkins Lisa I think this will give me that feeling of what is coming up next in terms with the current issue with my phone number and my other phone is still being made and it seems to be in the right direction for me and the other side of the screen that has no problem at all but a bit of a problem for a user who is a bit confused about the fact that I'm not going anywhere in any way or any other place but I'm sure there is an answer for a few people who want to see them in this post and have no idea what to do if I don't get the message to the user who wants the message to be sent directly to my phone so I will be using my own device to get the message to the phone and the app is not available for a while but it is still possible for my android device to open up with this option for iOS users and users who want to get their messages out of it for now on my android device and my laptop will be used for my own time without being tuned to be able not to use the internet as much but I'm still working on something new and more advanced than any other android device I've used this since it's only available with android device and PC Hawkinslovely2@gmail.com FI Yes No onsite
122 he jianfei jeffrey@huawei.com CN Huawei No No onsite
123 Hedstrom Leif RATS leif@ogre.com US Security Theory LLC No No onsite
124 Heist Peter SCE, TCP, congestion control Private CZ No No onsite
125 Henderson Tom L4S, ns-3 simulations tomh@tomh.org US No No remote
126 Hendriks Luuk IPv6, P4, RPKI, measurements luuk.hendriks@utwente.nl NL UTwente / NLnet Labs No No onsite
127 Hinden Bob IPv6 Path MTU, IPv6 bob.hinden@gmail.com US Check Point Software No No onsite
128 Hoeneisen Bernie MEDUP bernie@ietf.hoeneisen.ch CH Ucom.ch / pEp No Yes onsite
129 Hoffman Paul DNS paul.hoffman@icann.org US ICANN No No onsite
130 Holland Jacob AMBI, multicast jakeholland.net@gmail.com US No No onsite
131 Holmberg Christer COAP christer.holmberg@ericsson.com FI Ericsson No No onsite
132 Hoyland Jonathan TLS jonathan.hoyland@gmail.com GB No No onsite
133 huitema christian quic huitema@huitema.net US private octopus inc. No No onsite
134 Huque Shumon DNS, DNSSEC, DANE, DNS Privacy shuque@gmail.com US No No onsite
135 Hussain Ali DNS, WebRTC, COAP Private MY No No onsite
136 I van v as Iliqna ilya41210@gmail.com BG Yes Yes onsite
137 Ihlar Marcus marcus.ihlar@ericsson.com SE No No onsite
138 in 't Velt Ronald ILNP ronald.intvelt@tno.nl NL TNO No No onsite
139 Inacio Chris SACM inacio@cert.org US Carnegie Mellon University No No onsite
140 Inglés Sánchez Eduardo EAP-NOOB, 6TiSCH, LPWAN Private ES University of Murcia No No onsite
141 Innocenti Bernie DoH, QUIC, HTTP 3, TLS bernie@codewiz.org JP Google Japan No No onsite
142 Isobe Kohei SUIT, TEEP, RATS isobekohei@gmail.com JP SECOM No No onsite
143 Ito Tadahiko MUD, SUIT, TEEP, RATS tada.ito.4ietf@gmail.com JP SECOM No No onsite
144 Iurman Justin IPv6, IOAM, VPP/FD.io justin.iurman@uliege.be BE University of Liege No No onsite
145 Iyengar Janardhan QUIC jri.ietf@gmail.com US No No onsite
146 Jadhav Rahul Arvind ROLL, RIOT rahul.ietf@gmail.com IN Huawei No No onsite
147 Jadoo Yashveer HTTP451 yashveer1726@gmail.com MU Cyberstorm No No remote
148 Jain Rahul WebRTC, DNS rahul_jain@mckinsey.com IN McKinsey&Company Yes Yes onsite
149 Jain Utkarsh YANG/NETCONF/RESTCONF jutkarsh079@gmail.com SG Singtel Yes Yes onsite
150 Järvinen Ilpo Private FI University of Helsinki No No onsite
151 Jenkins Neil JMAP, JSCalendar neilj@fastmailteam.com AU Fastmail No No onsite
152 Jensen Bill LPWAN, YANG, Performance Measurement Tools wej@doit.wisc.edu US University of WI-Madison No No onsite
153 Jeong Jaehoon I2NSF and IPWAVE pauljeong@skku.edu KR Sungkyunkwan University No No onsite
154 Jérémie Daniel TLS 1.3 jeremiedaniel48@gmail.com MU cyberstorm.mu No No remote
155 Jethanandani Mahesh YANG/NETCONF/RESTCONF mjethanandani@gmail.com US No No onsite
156 Jimenez Jaime COAP jaime.jimenez@ericsson.com FI Ericsson No No onsite
157 Joe YongJoon developer@yongjoon.net KR Yes Yes onsite
158 Jordan Bret jordan2175@gmail.com US No No onsite
159 Kadyan Akash akash.kadyan44@gmail.com IN Yes Yes onsite
160 Kaebisch Sebastian T2T, WoT, CoRAL Private DE Siemens No No onsite
161 Kaieda Yohei MUD,SUIT 0bz3884c07731v.ietf@gmail.com JP SECOM No No onsite
162 Kaiser Daniel DNSSD, TLS 1.3 ESNI daniel.kaiser@uni.lu LU University of Luxembourg No Yes onsite
163 Kajiwara Ryo kajiwara@lepidum.co.jp JP Lepidum No No onsite
164 Kandasamy Arunprabhu COAP, LPWAN arun@ackl.io FR ACKLIO No No onsite
165 Kang Min Wook OpenDaylight, OPNFV, VPP/FD.io, BMWG goodlookmw@gmail.com KR Soongsil University Yes Yes onsite
166 Kanno Satoru kanno@lepidum.co.jp JP Lepidum Co. Ltd. No No onsite
167 Karagiannis Georgios georgios.karagiannis@huawei.com DE Huawei Technologies Dusseldorf GmbH No No onsite
168 Kartika Alessandro Luiz DNS, ipv6 sandro.kartika@gmail.com ID Pelita Harapan University Yes Yes onsite
169 Kaudeer Umair DNS, HTTP 2.0, IPv6, TLS1.3 ukaudeer@umail.utm.ac.mu MU Mauritius Yes Yes remote
170 Keränen Ari WISHI, WoT Private FI Ericsson No No onsite
171 Khalid Ihtisham IPv6 Private PK FAST National University, Islamabad Yes Yes onsite
172 Khooi Xin Zhe P4 Private MY Yes Yes onsite
173 kim younghan Container BM younghak7@gmail.com KR SSU No No onsite
174 Kim Pyung Soo HTTP 2.0, DNS, QUIC pskim@kpu.ac.kr KR Korea Polytechnic University No No onsite
175 Kim Nakyoung nkim71@kaist.ac.kr KR No No onsite
176 Kinnear Eric ekinnear@apple.com US Apple No No onsite
177 KITH Vourchky DNS, DOTS, HTTP, IPv6,WebRTC,VPP/FD, SFC kithvourchky@gmail.com CA National Instiyute of Post, Telecom and ICT Yes Yes remote
178 Kivinen Tero TCP-AO kivinen@iki.fi FI SSH No No onsite
179 Klassert Steffen IPsec steffen.klassert@secunet.com DE secunet Security Networks AG No No onsite
180 Kline Erik capport Private US Loon No No onsite
181 Koster Michael WISHI michael.koster@smartthings.com US SmartThings No No remote
182 Kovatsch Matthias WISHI matthias.kovatsch@huawei.com DE Huawei Tech. D’dorf GmbH No No onsite
183 Krejci Radek YANG, NETCONF rkrejci@cesnet.cz CZ CESNET No No onsite
184 Kumar Ankit YANG/NETCONF/RESTCONF ankit.kumar.jsr@gmail.com IN Yes Yes onsite
185 Kumari Warren etc Private US No No onsite
186 Kuster Christian BMP Christian.kuster@huawei.com CH Huawei Yes Yes onsite
187 Kutscher Dirk ICN ietf@dkutscher.net DE University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer No No onsite
188 Lawrence David dns, rpki tale.lawrence@oracle.com US Oracle No No onsite
189 Lear Eliot MUD IoT, Onboarding lear@cisco.com CH No No onsite
190 Lee Wangbong OPNFV, NFV, Performance leewb@etri.re.kr KR No No onsite
191 Lee Gyeong Ho gyeongho@kaist.ac.kr KR Yes Yes onsite
192 Lee Jaehwoon Private KR DGU No No onsite
193 Leiba Barry JMAP, DMARC, Email technology barryleiba@computer.org US Futurewei Technologies No No onsite
194 Lennox Jonathan WebRTC; RTP CCFB / RMCAT jonathan.lennox@8x8.com US 8x8 / Jitsi No No onsite
195 Li Feng frank.lifeng@huawei.com CN huawei No Yes onsite
196 Li Ruidong lrd@nict.go.jp JP National Institute of Information and Communications Technol No No onsite
197 Li Yizhou liyizhou@huawei.com CN Huawei No No onsite
198 Li Zhenbin lizhenbin@huawei.com CN No No onsite
199 Li Cheng SRv6 chengli13@huawei.com CN No No onsite
200 Lim Derrick BMWG - Containerized Infrastructure Benchmarking derrick.lim@rakuten.com JP Yes Yes onsite
201 Lin Fu-Kuan DNS stark@twnic.tw TW Taiwan Network Information Center No No onsite
202 Lin Jennifer jaded.coder@gmail.com SG Yes Yes onsite
203 Lin Yucheng HTTP 2.0 yuchenglinedu@gmail.com DE Yes Yes onsite
204 Liu Peng liupengyjy@outlook.com CN No No onsite
205 Liu Heng Private US Google LLC Yes Yes onsite
206 Loky Jagveer TLS1.3 jagveer.loky@gmail.com MU cyberstorm..mu No No remote
207 Loky Jagveer TLS 1.3 jagveer.loky@live.com MU cyberstorm.mu No No onsite
208 lootfur mubashir OpenDaylight ,SFC mubashir.lootfur@rogerscapital.mu MU rogers capital technology Yes No remote
209 Lopez Diego diego.r.lopez@telefonica.com ES Telefonica I+D No No onsite
210 Lubashev Igor ilubashe@akamai.com US Akamai Technologies No No onsite
211 Lundblade Laurence RATS lgl@island-resort.com US Security Theory LLC No No onsite
212 luo lin IPv6, LPWAN, QUIC, 13194327@qq.com CN Yes Yes onsite
213 Mangar Nathan nathan@cyberstorm.mu MU cyberstorm.mu No No remote
214 Marques Hernâni E-Mail, OpenPGP, pEp, Autocrypt, MEDUP hernani.marques@pep.foundation CH pEp Foundation No Yes onsite
215 Martinez Carlos IPv6, DNS, RPKI carlosm3011@gmail.com UY No No onsite
216 Marx Robin QUIC, HTTP/3, qlog robin.marx@uhasselt.be BE EDM - Hasselt University No Yes onsite
217 Matovsky Michael WebRTC, QUIC Private CA No Yes onsite
218 Matsukura Ryuichi WoT r.matsukura@jp.fujitsu.com JP Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. Yes Yes onsite
219 Matsushima Satoru IPv6, SRv6 satoru.matsushima@gmail.com JP No No onsite
220 Matsuzono Kazuhisa Cefore matsuzono@nict.go.jp JP NICT No No onsite
221 McCool Michael WoT, CoRE michael.mccool@intel.com JP Intel K. K. No No onsite
222 McQuistin Stephen Formal languages sm@smcquistin.uk GB University of Glasgow No Yes onsite
223 Meeran Kifah TBD maskys@cyberstorm.mu MU CyberStorm No No remote
224 mesfin leul DNS,HTTP,IPv6 leul.mesfin.3@gmail.com ET Yes Yes onsite
225 mhcuwmuj aiksxssj 1 sample@email.tst AE Acunetix Yes Yes onsite
226 MIgault Daniel mglt.ietf@gmail.com CA No No onsite
227 Milenkovic Milan WISHI milan@iotsense.com US IoTsense LLC No Yes onsite
228 Miniero Lorenzo WebRTC lorenzo@meetecho.com IT Meetecho No No onsite
229 minwei jin jinmwry@gmail.com CN No No onsite
230 Mishra Sanjay sanjay.mishra@verizon.com US Verizon No No onsite
231 mishra mankamana mankamis@cisco.com US No No onsite
232 mishra somdatta sodmish@gmail.com IN No No onsite
233 Misund Joakim L4S joakim.misund@gmail.com NO University of Oslo No Yes remote
234 Mohammadpour Ehsan Private CH Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) No No onsite
235 Mohon Md Date advertising mohonety208156@gmail.com BD Non frofit Yes Yes remote
236 Montpetit Marie-José COIN/P4 marie@mjmontpetit.com US No No onsite
237 MOON DUKE dhmoon25@gmail.com KR Yes Yes onsite
238 Morais Sávyo MUD savyovm@gmail.com BR Federal University of Rio de Janeiro Yes Yes onsite
239 Morrow Chris etc morrowc@google.com US Google No No onsite
240 Morton Jonathan SCE chromatix99@gmail.com FI No No onsite
241 Morton Al IP Capacity Measurement, BMWG acm@research.att.com US AT&T Labs No No onsite
242 Moskowitz Robert TM-RID, HIP rgm@labs.htt-consult.com US HTT Consulting No No onsite
243 Mrugalski Tomek DNS Private PL ISC No No onsite
244 Murakami Tetsuya SRv6 VPP tetsuya.ietf@gmail.com US ARRCUS Inc No Yes onsite
245 Mutkawoa Jaykishan (nitin) TLS 1.3 / SSH jmutkawoa@cyberstorm.mu US cyberstorm.mu No No remote
246 Muzammil Helmi OPNFV helmi.muzammil@compnet.co.id ID PT Nusantara Compnet Integrator Yes Yes onsite
247 Nagata Takahiko DOTS nagata@lepidum.co.jp JP lepidum Co. Ltd. No No remote
248 Nandakumar Suhas suhasietf@gmail.com US No No onsite
249 Nishizuka Kaname DOTS kaname@nttv6.jp JP NTT Communications No No onsite
250 Obonyo Merceline Private KE Yes Yes onsite
251 Ohlman Börje ICN Borje.Ohlman@ericsson.com SE Ericsson Research No Yes onsite
252 OIWA Yutaka RESTCONF y.oiwa@aist.go.jp JP AIST No No onsite
253 OKU KAZUHO HTTP, QUIC, TLS kazuhooku@gmail.com JP Fastly No No onsite
254 Oliver David QUIC, david@guardianproject.info US No No onsite
255 Ooka Atsushi Cefore, CCN a-ooka@nict.go.jp JP NICT No No onsite
256 Oran David ICN daveoran@orandom.net US No Yes onsite
257 Ortiz Carlos HTTP2.0, DNS Private UY LACNIC Yes Yes onsite
258 Overeinder Benno DNS benno@nlnetlabs.nl NL NLnet Labs No No onsite
259 Paderna Ryan Private JP Toshiba Corporation Yes Yes onsite
260 PADERNA RYAN LPWAN CoAP/UDP/IPv6 SCHC compression and fragmentation yanpads@gmail.com JP Toshiba Corporation Yes Yes onsite
261 Palombini Francesca Private SE Ericsson No No onsite
262 Pan Wei DOTS, RATS william.panwei@huawei.com CN Huawei No No onsite
263 PAPADOPOULOS Georgios LPWAN georgios.papadopoulos@imt-atlantique.fr FR IMT Atlantique No No onsite
264 Parajuli Karishma Ipv6 karishmaparajuli22@gmail.com NP BTech HND Yes Yes remote
265 Pardue Lucas Private GB Cloudflare No No onsite
266 PARK JungSoo IPv6, LPWAN, YANG/NETCONF/RESTCONF fnumber@gmail.com KR ETRI No No onsite
267 PARK YOUNG KI ykpark@dcn.ssu.ac.kr KR No No onsite
268 Park Jiye Private DE No No onsite
269 Pauly Tommy CAPPORT, QUIC tpauly@apple.com US Apple Inc No No onsite
270 Payne Rick Private GB No Yes onsite
271 Perkins Colin csp@csperkins.org GB University of Glasgow No No onsite
272 Peterson Thomas Private GB No No onsite
273 Petit-Huguenin Marc marc@petit-huguenin.org US Impedance Mismatch LLC No Yes onsite
274 Petrov Ivaylo WISHI ivaylo@ackl.io FR Acklio No No onsite
275 Phillips JASON all j.phillips@gmail.com US sprint Yes Yes remote
276 Pignataro Carlos cpignata@gmail.com US Cisco No No onsite
277 Pillay-Esnault Padma Private US No Yes onsite
278 Platonoff Alexandrine WebRTC alexandrine.platonov@cosmosoftware.io SG CoSMo Software Consulting Pte Ltd Yes Yes onsite
279 Polk Tim Brski Wpolk@nist.gov US NIST No No onsite
280 Pour Isabella isabellapour@yahoo.com SG Yes Yes onsite
281 pufeng zhang 54635696@qq.com CN Yes Yes onsite
282 Qin Fengwei qinfengwei@chinamobile.com CN No No onsite
283 Qiu Jianlin WebRTC jianlin.qiu@intel.com CN Intel Yes Yes onsite
284 Raj Guru DNS, COAP, gururajapn1989@gmail.com IN Bit Yes Yes remote
285 Raju Manoj XMPP,QUIC manoraju@cisco.com IN Yes Yes remote
286 Ramdani Veegish HTTP451, DSCP veegish@cyberstorm.mu MU cyberstorm.mu No No remote
287 Rao Sandeep Privacy, DOTS, YANG sandeeprao.ietf@gmail.com IN Grab Yes Yes onsite
288 Recio Jose WebRTC, others Private SG No No onsite
289 Rescorla Eric QUIC TLS ekr@rtfm.com US Mozilla No No onsite
290 Reusswig Joseph IETF 106 Meeting Registration System Hackathon Registration First Name * Joseph Last Name * Reusswig Email Address * joe.reusswig77@gmail.com Check box to share email address publicly on Hackathon participant page * Country * Company/Affiliation United States Is this your first time at an IETF event? * Yes No Is this your first IETF Hackathon? * Yes No Will you be participating Onsite or Remotely? * On Site Remote I would like to focus on these technologies (e.g., COAP, DNS, DOTS, HTTP 2.0, IPv6, LPWAN, QUIC, SFC, TLS 1.3, YANG/NETCONF/RESTCONF, WebRTC, OpenDaylight, OPNFV, RiOT, VPP/FD.io, etc.) I would like to subscribe to Hackathon mailing list Yes No Days attending * Saturday Sunday I have these dietary restrictions (if any) Do you live in the Singapore region, i.e. will you be commuting locally to the hackathon? Yes No Acknowledgement: * I acknowledge that by registering for and participating in the Hackathon, I am agreeing to comply with the terms of the IETF Note Well and the IETF Privacy Statement. I affirm this acknowledgement by checking this box: joe.reusswig77@gmail.com US United States No No onsite
291 Richardson Michael ANIMA mcr+ietf@sandelman.ca CA Sandelman Software Works No No onsite
292 Rijsman Bruno brunorijsman@gmail.com US Individual No No remote
293 Risdianto Aris Cahyadi P4, BGP, RPKI aris@comp.nus.edu.sg SG National University of Singapore (NUS) No Yes onsite
294 Roca Vincent SWIF codec vincent.roca@inria.fr FR INRIA No No onsite
295 Rose Kyle Multicast krose@krose.org US No No onsite
296 Roux Ludovic WebRTC ludovic.roux@cosmosoftware.io SG Cosmo Software No Yes onsite
297 Rujiphan Phee , DNS, DOTS, HTTP 2.0, IPv6, LPWAN, QUIC, SFC, TLS 1.3, YANG/NETCONF/RESTCONF, WebRTC, OpenDaylight, OPNFV, RiOT, VPP/FD.io, etc.) innnzzz6@icloud.com TH Yes Yes remote
298 Sahib Shivan Private CA Salesforce No No onsite
299 Sajjad Syed Muhammad Mud abuammarhashmi@gmail.com PK Department of Cyber security and data sciences Riphah intern No No remote
300 Sakane Shiochi Private JP No No onsite
301 Sakemi Yumi yumi.sakemi@lepidum.co.jp JP Lepidum Yes Yes onsite
302 Salazar Joey DNS, TLS Private CR Article 19 No No onsite
303 Salowey Joseph TLS, Privacy joe@salowey.net US Tableau Software No No onsite
304 Sam Soeurm saksovans85@gmail.com AD Yes Yes onsite
305 Sarker Bimolendu COAP, DNS, DOTS, HTTP 2.0, IPv6, LPWAN, QUIC, SFC, TLS 1.3, YANG/NETCONF/RESTCONF, WebRTC, OpenDaylight, OPNFV, RiOT, VPP/FD.io bimolendu@ruet.ac.bd BD RUET Yes Yes onsite
306 Schaad Jim COAP, COSE, ACE ietf@augustcellars.com US August Cellars No No onsite
307 Scheffenegger Richard TCP/BSD richard.scheffenegger@netapp.com AT NetApp No No onsite
308 Scheffenegger Richard L4S srichard@netapp.com AT NetApp No No onsite
309 Schinazi David QUIC dschinazi.ietf@gmail.com US Google No No onsite
310 Schmidt Thomas ICN, RIOT t.schmidt@haw-hamburg.de DE No No onsite
311 Schooler Eve P4 (COIN), OneDM (T2T), Directory services (DNS, CoAP, W3C WoT TD) eve.m.schooler@Intel.com US Intel No No onsite
312 Seitz Ludwig SUIT, COAP ludwig.seitz@ri.se SE No No onsite
313 Sentausa Dionysius WebRTC jayasentausa@gmail.com ID Yes Yes onsite
314 SEO DONGYEONG seodong2da@gmail.com KR Soongsil University Yes Yes onsite
315 Sethi Mohit EMU Private FI No No onsite
316 Shahzad Taimur ipv6 taimurshahzad12@gmail.com PA COMSATS University Islamabad Yes Yes onsite
317 Shen Yiwen IPWAVE Private KR Sungkyunkwan University No No onsite
318 Shenoy Shridhar WebRTC shridhar.shenoy1@gmail.com CA Yes Yes onsite
319 Shytyi Dmytro Netconf YANG . VPP Private FR Yes Yes onsite
320 Sibold Dieter NTS dieter.sibold@ptb.de DE PTB No No onsite
321 Silverajan Bill bilhanan.silverajan@tuni.fi FI Tampere University No No onsite
322 Somers-Harris David Container Networks david.somers-harris@rakuten.com JP Rakuten No Yes onsite
323 souppaya murugiah MUD souppaya@nist.gov US No No onsite
324 stephan emile COIN emile.stephan@orange.com FR orange No No onsite
325 SUN KJ BMWG, IPWAVE gomjae@dcn.ssu.ac.kr KR SSU No No onsite
326 Surý Ond?ej DNS ondrej@isc.org CZ ISC No No onsite
327 Suthar Prakash psuthar@cisco.com US CISCO SYSTEMS INC No Yes onsite
328 Suzaki Kuniyasu TEEP Private JP No No onsite
329 Swett Ian QUIC ian.swett@gmail.com US Google No No onsite
330 Symeonidis Iraklis iraklis.symeonidis@uni.lu LU SnT/APSIA, University of Luxembourg No Yes onsite
331 Takita Yuichi MUD, SUIT, TEEP, RATS takita.u1.535@gmail.com JP SECOM No No onsite
332 Takoordyal Kishan TLS 1.3 kishan@cyberstorm.mu MU CyberStorm.mu No No remote
333 Tantsura Jeff jefftant.ietf@gmail.com US Apstra No No onsite
334 Tao Ran taoran20@huawei.com CN Huawei Yes Yes onsite
335 Taylor Craig cmtaylor@apple.com GB No No onsite
336 Thaler Dave TEEP dthaler@microsoft.com US Microsoft No No onsite
337 Thanh Nh?t nhatthanhlatao@gmail.com VN Yes Yes onsite
338 Thomson Martin yes mt@lowentropy.net AU Mozilla No No onsite
339 Thubert Pascal RIFT LPWAN pthubert@cisco.com FR No No onsite
340 tillman adrian adriantillman111@samsung.com SC Yes Yes onsite
341 Tiloca Marco Group OSCORE, ACE marco.tiloca@ri.se SE RISE Research Institutes of Sweden No No onsite
342 Timilsina Bipin IPv6 beepeent0@gmail.com NP Tribhuwan university Yes Yes remote
343 Toomim Michael Braid toomim@gmail.com US Invisible College No Yes onsite
344 Toorop Willem DNS willem@nlnetlabs.nl NL NLnet Labs No No onsite
345 Toumura Kunihiko WoT, CoRE, WISHI kunihiko.toumura.yv@hitachi.com JP Hitachi, Ltd. No No onsite
346 Toutain Laurent LPWAN laurent.toutain@imt-atlantique.fr FR IMT Atlantique No No onsite
347 Trammell Brian QUIC ietf@trammell.ch CH Google No No onsite
348 Trřan Ole VPP/FD.io ot@cisco.com NO cisco No No onsite
349 Tschofenig Hannes TEEP hannes.tschofenig@arm.com AT Arm No No onsite
350 Tsukamoto Akira TEEP akira.tsukamoto@aist.go.jp JP AIST No No onsite
351 Udin Amin e.g., COAP, DNS, DOTS, HTTP 2.0, IPv6, LPWAN, QUIC, SFC, TLS 1.3, YANG/NETCONF/RESTCONF, WebRTC, OpenDaylight, OPNFV, RiOT, VPP/FD.io, etc udina0954@gmail.com IN nothing No No onsite
352 Uppadoo Yuvraj yuvraj@sinewsglobal.com MU Yes Yes remote
353 V Jayadev jayadevmarath@gmail.com IN Yes Yes remote
354 van der Stok Peter COAP, OSCORE, EST consultancy@vanderstok.org NL vanderstok consultancy No No onsite
355 varadhan sowmini IPsec sowmini05@gmail.com US Microsoft No No onsite
356 Vasiliev Victor QUIC vasilvv@google.com US Google No No onsite
357 Vassilev Vladimir NETCONF,YANG vladimir@lightside-instruments.com NO Lightside Instruments AS No No onsite
358 Velvindron Codarren codarren@cyberstorm.mu MU cyberstorm.mu No No remote
359 Volodina Ekaterina QUIC ekaterina.volodina@uni-due.de DE No No onsite
360 Vyncke Éric IPv6, telemetry evyncke@cisco.com BE ' ; drop table user ; No No onsite
361 Waehlisch Matthias RIOT, RPKI, ICN, BGP m.waehlisch@fu-berlin.de DE Yes No onsite
362 Waltermire David SACM SUIT david.waltermire@nist.gov US NIST No No onsite
363 WANG Zitao NETCONF/YANG wangzitao@huawei.com CN HUAWEI No No onsite
364 Wang Donghui wangdonghui124@huawei.com CN No No onsite
365 Wattenberg Tim Private DE No No onsite
366 wbvavhlx lqihiwpv 1 sample@email.tst AD Acunetix Yes Yes onsite
367 WEI YUEHUA wei.yuehua@zte.com.cn CH No Yes onsite
368 Weinigel Christer NTS christer@weinigel.se SE Weinigel Ingenjörsbyrĺ/Netnod No No onsite
369 Wentworth Sally Private US Internet Society No No onsite
370 White Greg L4S g.white@cablelabs.com US CableLabs No Yes onsite
371 Wicinski Tim DNS tjw.ietf@gmail.com US No No onsite
372 Widell Niklas WISHI Private SE Ericsson AB No No onsite
373 Wiethuechter Adam TM-RID adam.wiethuechter@axenterprize.com US AX Enterprize, LLC No Yes onsite
374 Wilton Robert YANG/NETCONF/RESTCONF rwilton@cisco.com GB Cisco No No onsite
375 Wisser Ulrich ulrich@wisser.se SE IIS No No onsite
376 Wistuba Diego LPWAN, IPv6 wistuba@niclabs.cl CL NIC Chile Research Labs Yes Yes remote
377 WON HOJOON BMWG hjwon@dcn.ssu.ac.kr KR No No onsite
378 Wong Eric Private SG No No onsite
379 Wong Benedict benedictwong@google.com US No No onsite
380 Wood Christopher cawood@apple.com US Apple No No onsite
381 Woodman Alistair YANG, ILNP, ODL awoodman@netdef.org US NetDEF No No onsite
382 Wouters Paul IPsec, DNS paul@nohats.ca CA No No onsite
383 WU QIN YANG/NETCONF/RESTCONF bill.wu@huawei.com CN Huawei No No onsite
384 Wu Bo YANG/NETCONF/RESTCONF Private CN Huawei Technology No No onsite
385 Xia Ethiek WebRTC, QUIC, P2P, DNS x@0xxx.net CN SignalSeed No No onsite
386 Xia Liang DOTS, RATS frank.xialiang@huawei.com CN Huawei No No onsite
387 XIAOPENG QIN YANG/NETCONF/ q57533@huawei.com CN Yes Yes onsite
388 xie jingrong IPv6,YANG Private CN No No onsite
389 YAN GANG netconf/yang yangang@huawei.com CN No No onsite
390 Yang Paul TLS1.3 kaishen.yy@alipay.com CN Ant Financial Yes Yes onsite
391 Yang Huaru YANG huaru.yang@huawei.com CN No No onsite
392 yang jie SFC jay.yang@huawei.com CN Yes Yes onsite
393 Yang Fan shirley.yangfan@huawei.com CN Huawei Technologies. co. LTD Yes Yes onsite
394 Yap Chern Nam cnyap@tp.edu.sg SG No No onsite
395 Yoon Bin Yeong IPWAVE, BMWG byyun@etri.re.kr KR ETRI No No onsite
396 Yu Yang Yang/Netconf Private CH Yes Yes onsite
397 zhang pufeng zhangpufeng@huawei.com CN Yes Yes onsite
398 Zhang Zheng YANG,SFC,IPv6 zhang.zheng@zte.com.cn CN ZTE No No onsite
399 Zhao George FD.io, ODL, george.zhao@futurewei.com US Futurewei, inc No No onsite
400 Zhao Fenghua SFC zhaofenghua@huawei.com CN No No onsite
401 Zhibo Hu huzhibo@huawei.com CN No No onsite
402 ZHOU XINGWANG QUIC, LOOPS zhouxingwang@huawei.com CN --- Select --- No No onsite
403 Zhou Tianran IFIT zhoutianran@huawei.com CN huawei No No onsite
404 Zhuang Shunwan zhuangshunwan@huawei.com CN Huawei No No onsite
405 Zong Ning Private CN No No onsite
406 Zuniga Juan-Carlos LPWAN, SUIT juancarlos.zuniga@sigfox.com CA SIGFOX No No onsite