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Internet-Draft mirror sites

All Internet-Drafts are available via ftp, http, and rsync. This page provided details about these services, including locations and instructions related to I-D mirrors.

Internet-Draft mirror site instructions

  1. Get the list of modules available:

    This will return a result like the following
         (Module Names)        (Comments)
         internet-drafts - Repository of Internet Drafts
  2. To create a mirror of all the Internet-Drafts:
          rsync -avz --delete my-id-mirror
  3. To create a mirror of all the Internet-Drafts, but keep old versions:
         rsync -avz my-id-mirror

More Information

rsync web page

Update Schedule is updated 4 times per day.

The updates usually take about an hour to complete. However, due to network load, and data volume, your mileage may vary.

The rsync usually completes by 0300, 1100, 1600, 1900. All times are Eastern. (UTC: 0200, 0800, 1600, 2100).