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[00:30:21] <Brian Carpenter> is there any audio? I hear silence
[00:31:07] <Toerless Eckert> i hear audio, i see video (empty chair area), and there's an empty presentation window
[00:31:12] <Toerless Eckert> oh, and a sheng comes running in
[00:31:52] <Toerless Eckert> i am using chrome. worked best over the last days. firefox gave me problems
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[00:34:09] <Brian Carpenter> meetecho: I hear no audio
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[00:34:46] <Toerless Eckert> do you use chrome ?
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[00:34:52] <mcr> morning.
[00:35:11] <Brian Carpenter> Firefox.
[00:35:25] <Toerless Eckert> try chrome
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[00:35:35] <Brian Carpenter> don't have chrome
[00:35:35] <Toerless Eckert> (sad to say)
[00:35:48] <Max Pritikin> using chrome here. all worked great.
[00:36:00] <Laurent Ciavaglia> hello
[00:36:07] <Laurent Ciavaglia> I'll be the jabber scribe.
[00:36:27] <Laurent Ciavaglia> Please mention "MIC" in front of what you want me to relay at the mic.
[00:36:44] <Laurent Ciavaglia> Sheng is giving general info and showing the agenda
[00:36:56] <Laurent Ciavaglia> agenda bash?
[00:36:56] <Simon Romano> @Brian: Firefox should be also OK. Are you still having trouble?
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[00:37:11] <Max Pritikin> @laurent: is the etherpad being used for scribing?
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[00:37:58] <Laurent Ciavaglia> I'm not used to Etherpad, but can connect...
[00:38:41] <mcr> post the etherpad URL....
[00:38:50] <Brian Carpenter> I have audio via regular streaming and jabber but meetecho is silent.
[00:39:31] <Laurent Ciavaglia> ANIMA Generic Signaling (Design team) by Bing Liu, draft-ietf-anima-grasp
[00:39:42] <Laurent Ciavaglia> slide #3
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[00:40:30] <Laurent Ciavaglia> Main changes in -07 before WGLC
[00:40:42] <Max Pritikin> @laurent, no need. was just asking in case it was being used but i was in the wrong place.
[00:40:53] <Simon Romano> @Brian: audio looks good from here. Please try to reconnect and let us know if this fixes.
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[00:41:08] <Toerless Eckert> brian: bad time now, but maybe try to reboot later and only start meetecho and no other stuff.
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[00:41:27] <Brian Carpenter> Also when I start meetecho the regular audio stream stops.
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[00:42:00] <Alessandro Amirante> Biran Carpenter: do you mean the mp3 stream stops?
[00:42:23] <Brian Carpenter> Yes, it seems so, I guess the browser graps the audio output
[00:42:44] <Laurent Ciavaglia> slide #4 -08 after WG LC
[00:42:44] <Brian Carpenter> I just update to Firefox 50.0 so let me try again
[00:44:19] <Alessandro Amirante> Brian Carpenter: if you're opening the mp3 stream within the browser, than yes... Firefox automatically brings down the volume levels of other tabs when there's soun in the foreground tab
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[00:45:13] <Alessandro Amirante> *sound
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[00:45:48] <Brian Carpenter_7708> No, the problem is that there's no sound of any kind once meetecho starts
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[00:46:35] <Laurent Ciavaglia> slide #5 main changes continued
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[00:47:32] <Laurent Ciavaglia> slide #6 python prototype: compliant with latest version, portable on windows and linux
[00:47:59] <Brian Carpenter_1477> OK, found a work-around for now, don't know if microphone will work though
[00:48:23] <Laurent Ciavaglia> slide #7 open issues: normative ref to informative draft. to be resovled for RFC publication.
[00:48:47] <Laurent Ciavaglia> slide #8 discussion an dnext steps
[00:49:17] <Laurent Ciavaglia> correction: slide #8
[00:50:02] <Laurent Ciavaglia> Q Sheng: interoperable prototypes?
[00:50:12] <Laurent Ciavaglia> A Bing: not tested yet.
[00:50:45] <Laurent Ciavaglia> Sheng: accept additional reviews on the draft. plan to send the ID to IESG soon
[00:50:53] <Laurent Ciavaglia> no comment in the room
[00:51:22] <Laurent Ciavaglia> Next presentation: ANIMA Auto Bootstrapping (Design team) by Michael Richardson, draft-ietf-anima-bootstrapping-keyinfra
[00:51:44] <Laurent Ciavaglia> First slide...? (no slide number on the slide...)
[00:51:45] <Brian Carpenter_1477> It would definitively fail today!
[00:51:57] <Laurent Ciavaglia> BRSKI overview
[00:52:12] <Laurent Ciavaglia> slide #2 The cast
[00:54:04] <Laurent Ciavaglia> slide #3 incoming / outgoing debate
[00:56:06] <Brian Carpenter_1477> Meetecho: My WIndows meachine is set up to stream MP3 via Windows Media Player. What happens is that when Meetecho starts up, Media Player pauses but Meetecho outputs no audio.
[00:57:24] <Meetecho> Brian Carpenter_1477: sounds like an issue with the mixer in Windows itself? the Meetecho output is implemented by the browser, so if the browser and WMP are competing for the output device it might be an OS issue
[00:58:31] <Brian Carpenter> Could be  ... didn't have this problem previously.
[00:58:52] <Toerless Eckert> does youtube work (output audio) in the same browser as meetecho ?
[00:58:53] <Laurent Ciavaglia> slide #4 Audit tokens
[00:59:09] <Toerless Eckert> (or the "whatever other common audio outputting app you can find")
[00:59:32] <Brian Carpenter> I'm not going to experiment during this session, now I have a work-around ;-)
[01:01:01] <Toerless Eckert> prudent
[01:01:34] <Laurent Ciavaglia> slide #5 token requirements
[01:02:26] <Laurent Ciavaglia> Dean B. at the MIC.
[01:03:18] <Max Pritikin> MIC: The Audit token leaves all decisions at the domain owner's Registrar. What services etc are all post bootstrapping.
[01:03:30] <Max Pritikin> ^ doesn't strictly need to be read at the mic.
[01:04:07] <Max Pritikin> michael has answered
[01:04:25] <Laurent Ciavaglia> @Max: ok. noted.
[01:06:16] <Laurent Ciavaglia> Q Dean at the MIC.
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[01:07:55] <Max Pritikin> I do think they are circling on the point though: using the Audit Token the Registrar makes all decisions.
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[01:11:23] <Laurent Ciavaglia> end of slides. discussion with Kent
[01:11:35] <Laurent Ciavaglia> Kent at the MIC
[01:12:29] <Laurent Ciavaglia> Sheng showing the NETCONF Voucher draft slides
[01:12:36] <Laurent Ciavaglia> Slide #2
[01:13:46] <Laurent Ciavaglia> Slide #4
[01:14:41] <Laurent Ciavaglia> Slide #5
[01:15:14] <Laurent Ciavaglia> Slide #6
[01:15:18] <Laurent Ciavaglia> Slide #7
[01:15:29] <Laurent Ciavaglia> #8... moving fast
[01:15:47] <Laurent Ciavaglia> #9 and done.
[01:16:07] <Laurent Ciavaglia> Michale B. at the MIC
[01:17:09] <Brian Carpenter_8797> Did the video stop, or is it my end?
[01:17:26] <Max Pritikin> video died
[01:18:03] <Max Pritikin> My position on revocation checking: it is not needed if the audit logs are used. I think they are too specific and logs provide a general purpose solution.
[01:19:31] <Laurent Ciavaglia> Dean at the MIC
[01:24:51] <Laurent Ciavaglia> Next presentation: Autonomic Control Plane - by Toerless Eckert, draft-ietf-anima-autonomic-control-plane
[01:25:00] <Laurent Ciavaglia> Slide #1
[01:25:24] <Laurent Ciavaglia> Slide #2
[01:27:32] <Laurent Ciavaglia> Slide #3
[01:27:41] <Laurent Ciavaglia> Bing L at the MIC
[01:29:25] <Brian Carpenter_8797> I did it using text from Toerless!!
[01:30:03] <Laurent Ciavaglia> slide #3
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[01:31:31] <Brian Carpenter_8797> HAND UP here!
[01:31:58] <Meetecho> Brian Carpenter_8797: unfortunately Toerless's remote presentation was not scheduled, so he'smusing the queue for that
[01:32:12] <Meetecho> the chairs will have to "red button" him to give you the floor
[01:32:28] <Brian Carpenter_8797> Ack, anyway Bing got the point...
[01:32:29] <Meetecho> and will need to grant the floor to Toerless again when he needs to talk again
[01:32:39] <Laurent Ciavaglia> Slide #5
[01:32:44] <Meetecho> ok, just thought I'd clarify this :)
[01:32:51] <Brian Carpenter_8797> no pb
[01:35:32] <Laurent Ciavaglia> Sorry now is slide #5
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[01:36:18] <Max Pritikin> Routers that wouldn't work (of those 50) probably shouldn't respond to broadcast queries
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[01:38:25] <Laurent Ciavaglia> slide #6
[01:39:11] <Laurent Ciavaglia> slide #7
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[01:40:15] <Laurent Ciavaglia> Michael R. at the MIC
[01:42:33] <Max Pritikin> My position: Pledge uses mDNS and disagree with using GRASP there. Because I don't think it makes sense for proxies to have to use mDNS and GRASP.
[01:43:31] <Laurent Ciavaglia> Michael B. at the MIC
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[01:44:34] <Laurent Ciavaglia> Bing L. at the MIC
[01:46:11] <Brian Carpenter_8797> I'm getting very delayed audio so I can't reply in real time
[01:47:24] <Laurent Ciavaglia> Alex Galis at the MIC
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[01:50:59] <Laurent Ciavaglia> Next presentation AN Reference model - by Michael Behringer, draft-ietf-anima-reference-model
[01:51:08] <Brian Carpenter_8797> Not a good day on Meetecho for me...
[01:51:08] <Laurent Ciavaglia> Going directly to slide #6
[01:52:00] <Meetecho> Brian Carpenter_8797: hade you made a self test in advance? that usually helps spot potential issues beforehand,
[01:52:08] <Max Pritikin> that is not correct. it refers to GRASP for proxy<->registrar discvoery
[01:52:44] <Brian Carpenter_8797> Yes, but it *DISALLOWS* it for pledge/proxy and that is wrong IMHO
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[01:53:24] <Brian Carpenter_8797> All I suggest is mDNS and GRASP both used, and the pledge will decide
[01:54:15] <Max Pritikin> see section 3.2 3rd paragraph.
[01:54:31] <Meetecho> we can
[01:54:48] <Max Pritikin> @Brian, yes we disagree on that point. :) but there is a normative reference for proxy<->registrar in the current draft.
[01:55:06] <mcr> Brian, just keep tralking and don't listen to your headphones ;-)
[01:55:31] <Meetecho> echo goes away by itself while you start talking
[01:55:42] <Meetecho> it needs a few seconds to get the AGC to kick in
[01:55:44] <mcr> we are talking proxy->pledge. I think that proxy<->registrar description is correct.
[01:55:55] <Meetecho> *AEC
[01:56:32] <Brian Carpenter_8797> About 5s audio delay...
[01:57:57] <Laurent Ciavaglia> Michael R. at the MIC
[01:58:46] <Meetecho> Brian Carpenter_8797: just checked your streams in our debug/monitor here and I don't see any issues, may it be related to the workaround you mentioned? the browser/WMP conflict issue in the OS may be related (e.g., high queues in the OS audio mixer)
[01:59:36] <Brian Carpenter_8797> yes, I will look into this before my next session
[02:00:46] <Toerless Eckert> Hand raised
[02:00:55] <Toerless Eckert> just in case sheng doesn't see the queue
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[02:02:18] <Laurent Ciavaglia> Time is over, we will loose the connection to meetecho...
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[02:02:51] <Toerless Eckert> huh ?
[02:02:58] <Toerless Eckert> oh. we're out of the 90 mins.
[02:03:11] <Toerless Eckert> seems to be a friendly system though
[02:03:35] <Brian Carpenter_8797> CU on Friday...
[02:03:43] <Laurent Ciavaglia> I think they provide 5 mins extra time
[02:04:02] <Laurent Ciavaglia> People are still speaking in the rool
[02:04:04] <Laurent Ciavaglia> room
[02:05:21] Brian Carpenter leaves the room: offline
[02:06:21] <Laurent Ciavaglia> Meeting adjourned.
[02:06:23] <Laurent Ciavaglia> thanks
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