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Room Configuration
Room Occupants

[11:37:32] BillC joins the room
[11:37:36] <BillC> test
[11:57:52] oak joins the room
[12:06:24] barry.constantine2 joins the room
[12:06:50] <barry.constantine2> Hello, Barry Constantine is here
[12:08:05] <BillC> local or remote?
[12:09:34] <barry.constantine2> remote
[12:10:01] <barry.constantine2> I reviewed it a while ago and can review again
[12:10:32] <barry.constantine2> Yes I can review again
[12:29:55] <barry.constantine2> It is number 2, configuration is defined
[13:23:42] oak leaves the room
[13:37:11] BillC leaves the room
[20:08:23] barry.constantine2 leaves the room: Disconnected: closed
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