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[19:22:33] <Sarah Banks> I think meetecho just went down
[19:22:36] <Sarah Banks> Sorry about that folks
[19:22:53] <meetecho> Sarah Banks: you mean slides :D
[19:22:58] <meetecho> Meetecho is alive and well :)
[19:23:07] <Sarah Banks> OK. It doesn't look like it on our laptop
[19:23:18] <Sarah Banks> yeah. the slides don't appear on the meetecho laptop or screen :)
[19:23:24] <meetecho> Yep, that's the virtual queue laptop, we're coming to restart it
[19:23:32] <Sarah Banks> merci!
[19:24:32] <Sarah Banks> fastest. response. time. ever!! :)
[19:24:44] <meetecho> Glad to be of help!
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