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[14:54:44] <jimsch1> @Barry, I did not expect to get on the telechat so quickly
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[15:02:44] <jimsch1> @mcr: Are you alive?
[15:02:44] <francesca> @mcr are you joining the meeting?
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[15:16:23] <mcr> Hi.
[15:16:58] francesca joins the room
[15:17:04] <francesca> sorry my computer crushed
[15:17:08] <mcr> . o O ( was this noise able to pass as cryptographically strongly random )
[15:17:13] <francesca> hope the webex is still alive
[15:17:26] francesca leaves the room
[15:17:35] <mcr> . o O ( aw! Your computer fell in love? )
[15:17:47] <mcr> webex is still alive. We didn't know you had crashed.
[15:18:35] <francesca> :D
[15:19:15] <francesca> seems like the recording is still on as well :) so I just missed the last 5 minutes
[15:25:04] <mcr> I was discussing the word Epoch.  A bunch of Epoch's have been specified so that date % 7 gives you 0-6=>Sunday->Saturday.
[15:25:51] <mcr> astron... damn. Now I can't spell it either.
[15:29:09] <francesca> Link from Carsten: https://raw.githack.com/cabo/sdf/master/sdf.html#name-formal-syntax-of-sdf (for posterity)
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[15:29:20] <francesca> webex chat is not saved
[15:29:32] <jimsch1> In the minutes
[15:30:54] <jimsch1> astronomers
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