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[22:56:46] John Leslie joins the room
[22:57:53] jlcJohn joins the room
[23:05:53] jeferson.nobre joins the room
[23:06:15] <jeferson.nobre> presentation #1
[23:06:23] Meetecho joins the room
[23:06:39] <jeferson.nobre> Tunnel Congestion Feedback
[23:08:29] <jeferson.nobre> I did not find the presentation slides...
[23:10:53] <jlcJohn> indeed: the slides don't seem to be in the presentation-materials webpage :^(
[23:10:58] Lars joins the room
[23:11:18] <jlcJohn> Lars: do you know where these slides are available?
[23:14:17] <Lars> let me ask
[23:15:22] <Lars> lingli will upload now
[23:15:34] <jlcJohn> thanks
[23:52:25] Meetecho leaves the room
[23:54:57] Meetecho joins the room
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