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[08:44:54] * marka-isc has set the topic to: Minneapolis March 10, 2005
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[08:54:29] <marka-isc> starting. Administivia
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[08:55:58] <marka-isc> copies of preceedings to rdums@cisco.com
[08:56:48] <marka-isc> new chair. Stig Venaas
[08:56:58] <marka-isc> co-chair
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[08:59:46] <marka-isc> ted Lemon: 3315 id for v4 draft. client idenitify forms is open. Contraverary between wgs. Added to adjenda
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[09:01:09] <marka-isc> Apply the rules for client identifier for v6 in v4 and deprecate old rules to make the two consistant.
[09:01:46] <marka-isc> Should the wg make something stronger to the IESG for directions to other wg.
[09:02:01] <marka-isc> Ted ad mike
[09:03:11] <marka-isc> Ip over infiniband has a different id ( rfc 2132 style) I would require work to reconcile (page and a half).
[09:03:36] <marka-isc> Ralf asking for IESG directions on how to preceed?
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[09:05:45] <marka-isc> Margeret W: two issues, specific and general, IP of Infinband need to be reviewed here. No general w/o wg concensus.
[09:06:22] <marka-isc> Ralf: there was a issue about delay waiting on this.
[09:06:42] <marka-isc> Margeret: delay is a non issue (opinion)
[09:07:26] <marka-isc> Margeret: unaware of any technical address to ( mac address to long)
[09:08:07] <marka-isc> berie volts
[09:08:59] <marka-isc> recommends that they say "just use a client identifier not a mac identifier"
[09:09:22] <marka-isc> Ralf: we should pas this to inifiniband
[09:10:42] <marka-isc> Ted: there is a page and half on how to override 3315. Tried to get it removed. Part of the problem seems to be that they have a clever scheme of their own.
[09:12:16] <marka-isc> Margret: will tried to work out the specific issue here w/ iesg hat.
[09:13:38] <marka-isc> Thomas Norten: recommends that 3315 should have a SHOULD use the new form for client identifier.
[09:14:40] <marka-isc> SMTP Option in DHCPv6
[09:15:09] <marka-isc> ? ?for Cristian Cadar
[09:15:21] <marka-isc> Maritn Stephen
[09:16:53] <marka-isc> Recommends authenticated DHCPv6 to obtain option which contains a list of IPv6 addresses
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[09:17:21] <marka-isc> Should this be a wg option.
[09:17:37] <marka-isc> Ted: thinks this is a dos attack
[09:18:01] <marka-isc> this ipv4 option appears to be unused
[09:18:14] <marka-isc> Stig: seconds ted
[09:18:24] <marka-isc> future maybe
[09:19:21] <marka-isc> Margret: we want options driven by need. HAs there been a request.
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[09:20:10] <marka-isc> Thomas: should look for advice about this from old smtp lists
[09:20:37] <marka-isc> maybe for autoconf
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[09:21:10] <marka-isc> Ted: this is useful for people on a network w/ smtp filtering
[09:21:40] <marka-isc> Stig: MUA need a api to retrieve option
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[09:22:11] <marka-isc> David Hankins: inform may suffice
[09:22:58] <marka-isc> Ralf: do you have any operational experince?
[09:23:26] <marka-isc> Martin: has no such experience
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[09:24:27] <marka-isc> request from corp operations to reduce config load
[09:25:42] <marka-isc> ted: assume configued to use option. thinks email will go to wrong address first. does not want it to 'succeed inappropriately'
[09:26:11] <marka-isc> Bernie Volz: a lot of mail servers are not going to just accept mail from anybody. you ahve to configure your email address and things like that anyway. so there are a lot of pieces of this puzzle missing, and you're going to have to do manual configuration anyway.
[09:26:22] <marka-isc> Martin: I think the SMTP server is on the line between user and network configuration
[09:27:09] <marka-isc> Droms: Following up on Ted's comment "the idea is that here at the IETF I might be tempted to trust an SMTP server, especially if I don't have access to the Cisco mail server because I'm outside of the VPN. I may simply want to send mail locally. My understanding is that this is the kind of situation that this option is aimed at."
[09:27:39] <marka-isc> Jeurgen: For desktop machines, it's a viable solution. It's necessary that every machine turns this on. If we have a nice solution to configure thousands of systems at large universities, I think this is still a step forward.
[09:28:05] <marka-isc> Marka: I think this is a very good bootstrapping solution. This requires a very good security section.
[09:28:25] <marka-isc> Ted: Anytime you have something that requires you configure something on the client for it to be useful, you might as well not put it in DHCP because the whole point is to avoid having to configure something omn the client.
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[09:30:10] <marka-isc> wg not to accept yet. come back w/ more detailed proposal.
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[09:30:46] <marka-isc> Source address Selection Policy for DHCPv6
[09:31:16] <marka-isc> Dealts with multi-prefix envirionment
[09:32:43] <marka-isc> provides a mechanism to distribute source policy
[09:33:06] <marka-isc> useful for getting around firewalls
[09:36:03] <marka-isc> differences between 00 and 01 change prefix encding
[09:37:31] <marka-isc> Stig: Might be useful if also includes destination address selection. Need input from v6ops. Also IPv4 vs IPv6 selection.
[09:38:44] <marka-isc> Alain: notes that policy may need to be per-socket. Good default
[09:40:02] <marka-isc> Jinmei: agree w/ Stig more disc w/ v6ops
[09:40:53] <marka-isc> Margret: DHCP would be a good way for central config. Should start in v6 then back here.
[09:41:08] <marka-isc> recomends ipv6 wg
[09:41:58] <marka-isc> Stig: more useful than for multi-homing
[09:42:48] <marka-isc> Ralf: recast as options that carries the selection policy only. will help w/ getting into iov6 wg
[09:43:09] <marka-isc> Margret: re try w/ ipv6 wg
[09:44:00] <marka-isc> DHCPv6 Releay-agen RDIUS Attributes Option
[09:44:04] <marka-isc> Wing LAu
[09:46:25] <RalphDroms> Thomas - thanks for updating the topic....
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[09:51:18] <marka-isc> Thomas: mirrors what was done for v4. Is there a clear customer for this? Is this a solution in search of a customer?
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[09:52:02] <marka-isc> Wing:
[09:52:11] <marka-isc> wing PP2 possible customer
[09:52:27] <marka-isc> Thomas: to follow up w/ pp2
[09:53:06] <marka-isc> Wing: useful to relax current req
[09:53:40] <marka-isc> Thomas: needs carful consideration of options needed
[09:54:16] <marka-isc> hankins: basically don't seen passwords
[09:55:52] <marka-isc> Thomas: radius + diamiter?
[09:56:02] <marka-isc> Ralf: raduis only
[09:56:26] <marka-isc> Thomas: re-evaluate
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[09:57:40] <marka-isc> Ralf: research to find options needed w/ radius-ext wg
[09:58:44] <marka-isc> D?HCPv6 Options for Fast HAndovers
[09:59:10] <marka-isc> Takeshi Ogawa
[09:59:34] <marka-isc> Technical review from mibops
[10:00:12] <marka-isc> mibopts
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[10:06:09] <marka-isc> Thomas: Has this been reviews in mipshop?
[10:06:29] <marka-isc> TO: yes
[10:06:44] <marka-isc> TO: initial discussion
[10:07:05] <marka-isc> Thomas: talk to chair
[10:07:31] <marka-isc> ? ?: no need to upgade ARs?
[10:08:04] <marka-isc> Ralf: is this only to upgraded AR
[10:08:22] <marka-isc> ? ?: AR still needs to be upgraded
[10:09:47] <sureshk> Suresh Krishnan
[10:09:56] <sureshk> (that was me) with the AR comment
[10:10:54] <marka-isc> Service-Orientated Address Assignment
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[10:13:45] <marka-isc> Syam Madanapalli
[10:14:36] <marka-isc> SM: Progress? Combine?
[10:15:47] <marka-isc> Ralph: Is is a one-to-one mapping
[10:16:42] <marka-isc> Stig: notes that anycast is difficult. What will this be used for?
[10:16:58] <marka-isc> Stig: not clear that is useful
[10:18:02] <marka-isc> Margret: assigning a address to a service seems broken
[10:20:00] <marka-isc> Margret: addresses are assigned to interfaces
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[10:20:39] <marka-isc> SM: Trying to stabalise the service address.
[10:23:18] <marka-isc> Ralph: service is requesting a address
[10:25:31] <marka-isc> Thomas: DCHP centralises the address assignment. No clear customer.
[10:27:12] <marka-isc> Hankins: For anycast the host would need to involved in OSPF etc.
[10:27:50] <marka-isc> Ralph: we need a global scope document to see how this fits.
[10:29:09] <marka-isc> Alain: Might also need to have a option to say what roles a server will perform
[10:29:59] <marka-isc> Mark ?: similar to alain
[10:30:38] <marka-isc> Relay Agent Options
[10:30:46] <marka-isc> Bernie Volz
[10:31:26] <marka-isc> (Service-Oriented Address Assignment using DHCP waiting for framework doc before preceedibg)
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[10:34:01] <marka-isc> Two options: Relay-ID, Subscriber-ID
[10:34:59] <marka-isc> Ted: these are basic and needed and useful
[10:36:08] <marka-isc> Ralph: comfirm accept as wg on mailing list with possible combine
[10:38:32] <marka-isc> BV: Relay Prefix Delegation Option: Is there a need for a option? Edge router would be a client and a server? Note there may not be stable addresses
[10:39:56] <marka-isc> BV: piggy backed no normal message flow
[10:40:19] <marka-isc> Ted: what happens when the router reboots
[10:40:56] <marka-isc> Hankins: this looks like rip
[10:42:16] <marka-isc> hankins: should the dhcp server keep routes alive
[10:43:18] <marka-isc> Ted: can't count on link flap.
[10:45:20] <marka-isc> ? ?: Edge router looks like CPE, prefix needs to be tightly coupled w/ authenictation for address stability.
[10:46:12] <marka-isc> Ralph: we need to have a higher level view to examine other options (on list)
[10:46:45] <marka-isc> DHCP: IPv4 and IPv6 Dual-Stack Issues
[10:47:47] <marka-isc> Alain: this may endup being a multi-homing problem as well
[10:48:14] <marka-isc> Requirements doc to comfirm on wg last call
[10:49:14] <marka-isc> Zone Suffix Option for DHCPv6
[10:49:31] <marka-isc> Ralph to fill in for Renxiang Yan
[10:50:21] <marka-isc> DHCP: IPv4 and IPv6 Dual-Stack Issues
[10:51:26] <marka-isc> Resolving the IPv4 and IPv6 Dual-Stack Issues
[10:51:33] <marka-isc> Tim Chown
[10:51:57] <marka-isc> very few dual stack servers
[10:53:03] <marka-isc> Alian: it is very hard/impossible to merge dhcp responses.
[10:57:02] <marka-isc> Ted: BCP draft is not a bad idea. Security technology not algorithim is the general sol
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[10:58:18] <marka-isc> Dave ?: multiple problems. How to handle the multi-homing case.
[10:58:54] <marka-isc> clients do something today. More guidance for this case is useful.
[10:59:37] <marka-isc> We need a way to try to help when IPv6/IPv6 refer to same machine.
[11:00:07] <marka-isc> Note not doing multl-homing is not the end of the world.
[11:00:43] <marka-isc> Alain: we need a way to indicate the answers are comming from the same admin domain,.
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[11:02:37] <marka-isc> Ted: the best maybe how to specify a list of rules to merge. Note assuming that if you are on a corp network is leaving clients open to trouble. We need to address the lone client first.
[11:03:16] <marka-isc> Margret: good draft. note that links provide different info.
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[11:04:49] <marka-isc> Mark Collinger: Prefer v4/Prefer v6 should be dhcp options. Useful in corp.
[11:06:14] <marka-isc> Ted: half agree. Don't be scared of manual config.
[11:07:12] <marka-isc> resubmis as bcp
[11:07:39] <marka-isc> Zone Suffix Option for DHCPv6
[11:09:07] <marka-isc> Ralph: need clarifation on what to do after concatination
[11:09:11] <marka-isc> on ml
[11:09:27] <marka-isc> RFC3118 Delayed DHCP Authentication Using EAP Alper Yegin
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[11:13:39] <marka-isc> Ted:
[11:14:39] <marka-isc> Looks interesting: DHCP relay will send the key to server. May need key wrapping
[11:15:57] <marka-isc> Nones sent at start of session
[11:18:10] <marka-isc> Mark ?: this is a very limited approach to key management. DHCP failover needs to be accomadated
[11:19:40] <marka-isc> AY: not layer specific. Look at removing PANA.
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[11:20:38] <marka-isc> AY: seesion lifetime not felt to be a problem
[11:22:27] <marka-isc> Mark ?: need a mechanism to get a new key
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[11:24:53] <marka-isc> MArk ?: worries about getting distracted on pana
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[11:25:30] <marka-isc> Ted: start with concrete then get framework
[11:26:54] <marka-isc> text required
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[11:27:49] <marka-isc> interest in wg.
[11:28:15] <marka-isc> There is a bof after lunch which is EPP related.
[11:28:18] <marka-isc> done
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