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[17:06:11] ivandean joins the room
[18:11:47] <ivandean> is there live streaming for i2rs meeting
[18:14:13] Sriganesh Kini joins the room
[18:19:03] scott.brim joins the room
[18:19:31] <scott.brim> Hi. Is there Meetecho for this room? The audio streams aren't working for me.
[18:19:43] <ivandean> I have the same problem
[18:20:56] Wes George joins the room
[18:21:11] <ivandean> audio stream started to work :-)
[18:23:29] <scott.brim> I have linux and android. Can't get the audio working. There must be a tool.
[18:23:42] <Wes George> I’ll be scribing
[18:24:02] <scott.brim> wonderful
[18:24:20] <scott.brim> I was hoping to hear the arguments about roles and identities :-D
[18:25:02] <Wes George> scott - isn’t working for you?
[18:25:19] <ivandean> try streamfurious from the android store
[18:25:24] <scott.brim> Not working. I don't have the right tools. Will do.
[18:27:01] <Wes George> agenda bashing
[18:27:02] <Wes George>
[18:27:16] sarikaya2012 joins the room
[18:27:26] <Wes George> slide 4
[18:27:49] <Wes George> slide 5
[18:29:05] <Wes George> slide 6
[18:29:58] <Wes George> slides 6-11 are variants of the same slide with different comments, we’re cycling through them
[18:30:30] ivandean joins the room
[18:31:06] <Wes George> now jeff discussing
[18:31:41] ivandean leaves the room
[18:31:57] <Wes George> slide 3
[18:32:06] Carlos Pignataro joins the room
[18:32:34] <Wes George> slide 4
[18:33:50] <Wes George> slide 5
[18:34:38] <Wes George> slide 6
[18:34:51] <ivandean> comment on data models
[18:35:03] <ivandean> there are several routing datamodels done in other groups
[18:35:14] <ivandean> is there any plan to do joint work with them
[18:35:19] <ivandean> Dean Bogdanovic, Juniper Networks
[18:35:23] <Wes George> ed discussing
[18:35:27] <Wes George> does that need to go to the mic?
[18:35:35] <ivandean> if possible, yes please
[18:35:41] <Wes George> ok
[18:35:44] <ivandean> I can post it to the mailing list
[18:35:52] <ivandean> I'll post it to the mailing list
[18:36:11] Rob Shakir joins the room
[18:36:14] Robert Raszuk joins the room
[18:36:45] Jeffrey Haas joins the room
[18:36:47] akatlas joins the room
[18:36:57] <Wes George> slide 3
[18:37:11] <Wes George> slide 4
[18:38:25] thomasdnadeau joins the room
[18:38:37] <Wes George> liu bing
[18:39:08] thomasdnadeau leaves the room
[18:39:09] thomasdnadeau joins the room
[18:39:15] <thomasdnadeau> is the audio working?
[18:39:31] <ivandean> yes, it is working for me
[18:39:32] <Jeffrey Haas> try room audio if you're on meetcho
[18:39:45] <Wes George> slide 6
[18:40:02] <thomasdnadeau> when I goto the stream at
[18:40:03] <Wes George> slide 7 questions and concerns
[18:40:14] <thomasdnadeau> how do you get onto meetcho?
[18:40:27] <scott.brim> Hi Tom. No meetecho nere.
[18:40:31] <Robert Raszuk> I don't think this WG has meetecho :(
[18:40:38] <Jeffrey Haas> it was requested.
[18:40:43] <thomasdnadeau> this WG has 0 remote participation :(
[18:40:47] <scott.brim> but it's
[18:40:50] <thomasdnadeau> #bogus
[18:40:57] <Wes George> there is no meet echo folks in the room
[18:41:01] Giles Heron joins the room
[18:41:23] <Wes George> slide 8
[18:41:33] <sarikaya2012> I think they come only if there is a remote presentation
[18:41:53] <akatlas> no, meetecho can be requested
[18:42:25] <Jeffrey Haas> it was previously requested.
[18:42:30] <Jeffrey Haas> noc@ has been notified of audio issues
[18:42:44] <Wes George> slide 9
[18:42:46] <Wes George> questions
[18:43:39] <Wes George> andy b now presenting
[18:43:53] <Wes George> is audio not working at all ,or only just for tom?
[18:44:00] <Giles Heron> it's working
[18:44:02] <Wes George> ok
[18:44:14] <Wes George> slide 2
[18:44:15] <ivandean> for linux folks they need the right app
[18:44:15] <Giles Heron> it's not great, but better than in some previous sessions
[18:44:37] <scott.brim> is about to try parole
[18:45:05] <Wes George> slide 3
[18:45:17] <thomasdnadeau> ah ok audio working now opening stream w iTunes
[18:47:00] <Jeffrey Haas> thanks for letting us know
[18:47:12] <Wes George> slide 4
[18:48:51] Y(J)S joins the room
[18:50:22] <thomasdnadeau> yes we are augmenting the progress.
[18:50:40] <thomasdnadeau> it doesn't have to be accepted until its accepted initially either by reviewers or the WG.
[18:50:51] <thomasdnadeau> initially there can be "unofficial" work done
[18:51:05] <Wes George> thomas do you need this proxies?
[18:51:07] <Wes George> proxied
[18:51:10] <thomasdnadeau> please
[18:51:12] <Wes George> ok
[18:51:26] <thomasdnadeau> imjust adding to what andy is saying
[18:52:11] <Wes George> please precede comments with mic: so that I know to get in line quicker
[18:52:32] <Wes George> juergen schoenwalder
[18:53:41] <Wes George> anoop gharwani
[18:53:49] <thomasdnadeau> MIC: IETF Process control (or note well) is not necessarily implied on day 1.  This is a very gray area.  We don't want to impose the IETF process on the repo as the repo has people contributing from other places (i.e.: open source like Open Daylight or Open stack)
[18:54:07] <thomasdnadeau> we're still figuring that out.
[18:54:12] <Jeffrey Haas> tom, hold the comment until next slide please.
[18:54:33] <Wes George> ack
[18:54:36] <Giles Heron> audio dropped?
[18:54:46] <ivandean> breaking up
[18:55:16] <Giles Heron> completely gone for me :(
[18:55:25] <Robert Raszuk> same here
[18:55:32] <ivandean> same here
[18:55:34] <thomasdnadeau> audio is completely screwed up. channels keep switching around
[18:55:39] <thomasdnadeau> what-the-hell?!
[18:55:46] <thomasdnadeau> isn't this the IETF?! *)
[18:55:51] <Robert Raszuk> It's Toronto :)
[18:56:03] fenner joins the room
[18:56:25] <Wes George> I’ll try to scribe realtime
[18:56:35] <Rob Shakir> I can do that if you like Wes.
[18:56:38] <Wes George> ed c - yes we’re specifically talkgina bout doc progression
[18:56:45] <Carlos Pignataro> Thanks, Wes!
[18:57:08] Joe Clarke joins the room
[18:57:11] <Rob Shakir> Andy B - suggestion that there is top level separation based on licensing.
[18:57:30] <Wes George> someone brocade - 122 models from open daylight, some good some not so well designed
[18:57:31] <Jeffrey Haas> should be separation - not yet implemented
[18:57:32] <Wes George> all ready to go
[18:57:58] <Wes George> kept saying yang was too complicated, difficult to be backward and forward compatible
[18:58:06] <Sriganesh Kini> Streaming audio stopped working for me. Is it working for others ?
[18:58:12] <Wes George> we’ve reported
[18:58:13] <Giles Heron> not working for me
[18:58:14] <ivandean> still dead
[18:58:24] <Giles Heron> welcome to the 20th century ;)
[18:58:34] <Jeffrey Haas> audio tech now in room
[18:58:35] <Wes George> maybe separate mailing list for the combined group
[18:58:42] <Jeffrey Haas> don't know if that'll help remote
[18:58:42] <akatlas> sorry - hope that wasn't too sharp
[18:59:11] <akatlas> Wes, I've been talking with Benoit about having a routing-yang-interest mailing list for IETF discussion so it happens across areas and WGs.
[18:59:18] <akatlas> don't know if that's what you're looking for
[18:59:50] <Wes George> sue hares - i2rs has some needs for templateing that we don’t want the same thing in 3 places
[18:59:53] <ivandean> such a mailing list would be very good
[18:59:54] <Wes George> is that on this schedule?
[19:00:02] <Wes George> we need it
[19:00:17] <Wes George> jeff h: two pieces, agility to developing yang modules
[19:00:31] <akatlas> k
[19:00:32] <ivandean> audio back
[19:00:35] <Wes George> git - property we like is easy branching
[19:00:40] <Wes George> oh good.
[19:03:20] <ivandean> who is asking questions to which Andy is answering?
[19:03:26] <Joe Clarke> Sue Hares
[19:03:50] <ivandean> thx
[19:04:12] <Wes George> now jeff
[19:07:03] <Wes George> behcet sarikaya
[19:07:08] <Wes George> andy
[19:07:39] <Wes George> kent watsen
[19:08:35] <Wes George> joel (off mic) - we have an issue tracker
[19:08:46] <Wes George> andy
[19:09:07] <Wes George> jeff
[19:09:38] <Wes George> benoit claise
[19:10:53] fenner leaves the room
[19:11:31] <Wes George> ed is discussing src, not sure if there’s a slide deck (nothing being displayed)
[19:11:41] <Jeffrey Haas> SFC - no deck
[19:11:53] <Jeffrey Haas> Joel H. at mic
[19:12:28] <scott.brim> agree with Joel
[19:12:40] <ivandean> agree with Joel as well
[19:13:22] <scott.brim> Wes, which slides will we be on when we eventually get to slides?
[19:13:51] <Wes George> dunno
[19:14:00] <Jeffrey Haas> next slides, augmenting the ietf process
[19:14:07] <Jeffrey Haas>
[19:14:32] <Wes George> no that’s the one we just finished
[19:14:43] <Wes George> thomas narten at mic
[19:15:29] <Wes George> parviz yegani
[19:15:29] <Jeffrey Haas> missing. one sec while I post.
[19:16:54] <Jeffrey Haas>
[19:17:09] <Wes George> thomas narten
[19:17:45] <Wes George> parviz again
[19:19:00] <scott.brim> cool. Instead of "let's establish rules", the answer is "let's talk".
[19:19:24] <Wes George> sue hares discussing use case summary - slide link jeff just posted
[19:19:39] <Wes George> slide 2
[19:20:53] <Wes George> slide use case drafts
[19:21:41] <Wes George> slide protocol independent
[19:23:02] <Wes George> slide bgp requirements
[19:24:09] <Wes George> slide bgp reqs 2
[19:24:35] <Wes George> slide igp use cases
[19:25:01] <Wes George> slide centralized compute
[19:25:57] <Wes George> slide virtual topology cases
[19:27:01] <Wes George> slide TS req’s
[19:27:53] <Wes George> slide mpls the
[19:28:44] <Wes George> slide MPLS TE 2
[19:29:50] <Wes George> slide mobile backhaul
[19:30:18] Juan-Pedro Cerezo Martin joins the room
[19:30:22] <Wes George> aside - chairs, please do a better job ensuring slide numbers are on presentations. that’s preferable to cookies in making a scribe’s life easier
[19:30:34] <Wes George> slide mobile backhaul 2
[19:30:34] <scott.brim> :)
[19:30:58] <Wes George> slide large data flow
[19:31:15] <ivandean> mic: comment to mobile backhaul. They need a service resource table.Very similar to SFC6 from slide 10
[19:32:03] <ivandean> I sent it to email before
[19:32:13] <Wes George> ok.
[19:32:25] <ivandean> i did most of them
[19:32:34] <ivandean> did the summary
[19:33:55] <Wes George> Sami Boutros presenting
[19:34:00] <Wes George> ed intro
[19:35:08] bpenfield joins the room
[19:35:13] <Wes George> slide 2
[19:36:30] <Wes George> slide interface to pse “what it is” [sic]
[19:36:35] <scott.brim> I missed the status discussion. Was there any argument? What's next?
[19:37:01] malleus.errata joins the room
[19:37:15] <Wes George> slide IPSE
[19:37:28] <Wes George> not sure which status discussion you’re referring to
[19:38:04] <Wes George> slide motivation/takeaway
[19:38:44] <scott.brim>     I2RS Status and WG Vision (4 drafts)
[19:38:51] <Robert Raszuk> Isn't this FORCES  or Open Flow again ?
[19:38:57] <scott.brim> was on the agenda at the very beginning
[19:39:11] <akatlas> that might be what Jamal is asking about
[19:39:12] <Wes George> there was a lot of discussion on git and how to manage drafts vs yang models
[19:39:24] <Wes George> hard to summarize
[19:39:37] <scott.brim> Thanks. I guess the section I was wondering about is put off until the end.
[19:39:48] <Joe Clarke> scott: There was no discussion on the "vision" drafts.  I was hoping I'd get a chance to say something on the adoption piece.
[19:39:56] <scott.brim> thanks
[19:40:36] <Wes George> igor bryskin
[19:42:29] <Robert Raszuk> LOL ... They should go with those slides to ONF ! :)
[19:42:29] <Sriganesh Kini> How is this different from PBR
[19:42:33] Rob Shakir leaves the room
[19:45:08] <Wes George> openflow = PBR with a “better” UI ;-)
[19:46:27] <Robert Raszuk> Mellanox, Marvell & Broadcom already have opened their APIs to the tables. They should be interested in creating YANG model for those .. Not sure if this is IETF discussion.
[19:47:20] <Jeffrey Haas> next presentation - network topo im
[19:48:14] <Wes George>
[19:48:18] <Wes George> slide 2
[19:49:35] <Wes George> slide next steps
[19:50:06] <Wes George> slide model structure
[19:50:29] <Wes George> sue hares
[19:52:49] <Wes George> igor bryskin
[19:53:55] Rob Shakir joins the room
[19:54:56] <Wes George> erik nordmark
[19:55:56] <Wes George> derek yeung
[19:57:38] <scott.brim> Wes: thank you for excellent note taking. I don't know if anyone is without audio but for someone with audio it was great. (if someone was without audio you would have to type a lot more of course!)
[19:58:18] <Wes George> sure
[19:58:29] <Wes George> sue now discussing
[19:58:32] <Wes George> slide 2
[19:59:09] <Wes George> slide 3
[19:59:37] <Wes George> slide 4
[20:01:48] <Wes George> slide 5
[20:02:50] <Wes George> slide 6
[20:04:16] <Wes George> slide 7
[20:04:25] bpenfield leaves the room
[20:04:59] <Wes George> slide 8
[20:06:02] <Wes George> slide 9
[20:06:55] <Wes George> slide 10
[20:07:28] <Wes George> ram krishnan
[20:07:35] Carlos Pignataro leaves the room
[20:09:14] <Wes George> slide 12
[20:11:18] <Wes George> slide 13
[20:11:43] <Wes George> sue now discussing
[20:11:51] <Wes George> slide 2
[20:12:26] <Wes George> slide 3
[20:13:57] <ivandean> mic: Paul Quin model service filters as extension on top of ACL model
[20:14:02] <Wes George> slide 7
[20:14:05] <Wes George> ack
[20:14:29] <ivandean> please take a look at and the new netmod-acl-model draft coming
[20:15:17] <Wes George> slide 8
[20:15:21] <Wes George> slide 9
[20:15:46] <ivandean> +1 for UML
[20:16:03] <scott.brim> What % raised their hands for "like UML"?
[20:16:13] <Jeffrey Haas> about 2/3-3/4
[20:16:19] <scott.brim> wow
[20:16:24] <Jeffrey Haas> yeah. wow.
[20:16:35] <akatlas> awesome feedback on that
[20:16:37] <Wes George> session ends
[20:16:39] <ivandean> and how many volunteered?
[20:16:43] Joe Clarke leaves the room
[20:16:44] <scott.brim> heh
[20:16:44] Rob Shakir leaves the room
[20:16:45] <Jeffrey Haas> almost half
[20:16:48] <Jeffrey Haas> eol
[20:16:49] <scott.brim> wow :)
[20:16:49] Jeffrey Haas leaves the room
[20:16:52] akatlas leaves the room
[20:16:53] Wes George leaves the room
[20:16:53] <scott.brim> bye
[20:16:55] <ivandean> thank you Wes for scribing
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