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[17:36:56] Magnus joins the room
[17:40:00] jpmacker joins the room
[17:48:07] <jpmacker> presentation of supercharged code approach
[18:01:32] <jpmacker> question of wg adoption
[18:02:22] <jpmacker> ipr question: no answer at this point
[18:09:19] <jpmacker> WG will give time to decide on adoption (next meeting? more discussion)
[18:13:57] <jpmacker> Extended FEC Schemes being presented
[18:26:03] <jpmacker> DIscussion of wg way forward
[18:26:35] <jpmacker> Discussion of FEC applicability and use beyond multicast
[18:27:58] <jpmacker> Discussion of final WG documents in progress and need to complete
[18:29:54] <jpmacker> Meeting closed
[18:29:56] jpmacker leaves the room
[18:30:04] Magnus leaves the room: I'm happy Miranda IM user. Get it at