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Thomas Watteyne has set the subject to: IETF93 ROLL WG meeting
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[09:11:03] eintopf back
[09:18:26] <eintopf> how are you?
[13:20:40] eintopf tries to understand ARO/6CO option fields
[14:35:07] <eintopf> ahh, finally I found the "UnicastOnly on;" radvd config and knows what it does
[14:36:00] <eintopf> destination address is then LL64 which should be according rfc6775
[14:36:29] <eintopf> for ra
[18:28:31] <mcr2> I'm sick this week. Coughing lung on floor. Very annoying.
[20:04:38] <eintopf> oh
[20:04:49] <eintopf> get well soon