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Thomas Watteyne has set the subject to: IETF93 ROLL WG meeting
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[10:54:48] eintopf joins the room
[10:54:52] <eintopf>
[10:54:54] <eintopf> grml
[10:55:01] <eintopf> detected while hacking short address stuff
[10:55:19] <eintopf> need to look at that at another day
[10:55:31] <eintopf> the most contiki/riot even implement IPv6 fragmentation
[10:55:39] <eintopf> so I really doesn't care about that currently
[10:55:54] <eintopf> if they ever will implement IPv6 fragmentation...
[17:01:58] <eintopf> woa
[17:02:08] <eintopf> I have some working pings between two short addresses :-)
[17:04:29] <Michael Richardson> oooo!!!!
[17:05:43] <eintopf> yea, but I think they won't accept it
[17:05:52] <eintopf> but it shows what we need
[17:07:16] <eintopf> I need to add more stuff, currently the SLLAO need to have some order
[17:07:21] <eintopf> first extended, then short
[17:07:29] <eintopf> I need to do more stuff there :-)
[17:07:53] <eintopf> it should not matter on the option fields order
[17:08:12] <eintopf> and sometimes I see some invalid checksum NS packets, mhhh
[17:08:26] <eintopf> but pings works
[17:08:43] <eintopf> I need to work more on that to get why I have the other issues
[17:08:47] <eintopf> very hacky stolution
[17:10:04] <eintopf> I will upload my dump
[17:10:08] <eintopf> wireshark dump
[17:10:09] <eintopf> for you
[17:12:07] <eintopf> I send you a private message
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