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[12:15:39] <eintopf> mcr: which license is unstrung?
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[12:15:51] <eintopf> I see there are some libraries as well
[12:40:44] <mcr/soho> GPL. The libraries should all be GPL as well.
[12:41:08] <mcr/soho> Except for fakeiface.cpp, which I wrote, and made it "public domain", since it has value as test code whereever pcap is used.
[12:42:18] <eintopf> ok, thanks
[14:30:56] <eintopf> grml, I get segmentation fault when starting the first time
[14:30:58] <eintopf> I will look into that later
[14:36:23] <eintopf>
[14:36:36] <eintopf> some strace output, it's at recvmsg of netlink
[14:36:54] <eintopf> I will debug it more, later
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[15:28:07] <mcr> mm.
[15:28:56] <mcr> so, it finds the lowpan2 interface, and then see something next that confuses it.  I really wanted to spend the time to write a regression test library for libnl.
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[18:24:46] <eintopf> fixed
[18:26:29] <eintopf> don't know how I can insert code in the github issue tracker
[18:27:15] <eintopf> can I simple send patches to the unstrung mailinglist?
[18:39:58] <eintopf> btw: it was no libnl stuff - missed "require argument" in getopt_long
[18:50:14] <eintopf> \o/ RPL messages was sent
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