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Chris Inacio has set the subject to: SACM @ IETF105 Montreal
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[21:42:31] <Stephen Banghart> Hello everyone, I'm your jabber scribe for this meeting
[21:42:51] <Stephen Banghart> If you have anything you'd like read aloud at the mic please put it in chat and prepend "mic:"
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[21:53:40] <Ira McDonald> "mic" Dave you added RFC 5198, but Carsten is writing a successor and didn't like the 5198 reference
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[21:55:07] <Stephen Banghart> sorry Ira!
[21:56:00] <Ira McDonald> "mic" I agree w/ keeping the 5198 reference
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[22:50:26] <Ira McDonald> "mic" Carsten would say that Opague was the "x-name" mistake happening again
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