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[22:15:02] <Matt Zekauskas> anyone actually in Regency B?
[22:15:26] <Michael Tüxen> David: Mic!
[22:16:23] <Michael Tüxen> I
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[22:16:28] <Michael Tüxen> I'm remote.
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[22:20:55] <Matt Zekauskas> Al: if you're in teh room, give me a heads up on the "flow measurement" guy
[22:21:04] <acmacm> I'm monitoring jabber in Vancouver room
[22:21:11] <acmacm> ok Matt
[22:21:36] <Matt Zekauskas> s/guy/person/ not sure I have my pronouns right. thanks!
[22:23:42] <acmacm> I met him, guy is right
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[22:25:19] <acmacm> Agenda bash put SG12 liaison before DS drafts
[22:25:47] <Matt Zekauskas> k. interested in it, but am in way overfull SDNRG at the moment.
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[22:26:55] <acmacm> Now - Georgios - RSVP support for PCN
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[22:31:51] <acmacm> more people need to read it...
[22:32:14] <acmacm> now RSVP App-ID Profiles, James
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[22:45:17] <acmacm> scribe at the mike presenting...
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[23:06:48] <acmacm> Polk - Diffserv problem Statement
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[23:38:46] <Ingemar Johansson> Is there enough time for the remaining presentations ?
[23:43:29] <acmacm> moving on, Reactions to Signalling from ECN support for RTP/RTCP, Piers o
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[23:56:00] <Matt Zekauskas> Al: going to move upstairs preemptively
[23:56:34] Matt Zekauskas leaves the room
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