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martin.stiemerling has set the subject to: TSVWG mtg at IETF-88
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[17:05:56] jgunn joins the room
[17:24:31] Mirja joins the room
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[17:46:50] <Mirja> how can you know that the network know what the app and the user wants?
[18:07:07] jgunn leaves the room
[18:12:57] Dan Wing joins the room
[18:33:49] Lars joins the room
[18:47:08] <Lars> yeah
[18:47:12] <Lars> ahem
[18:47:14] <Lars> wrong window
[18:47:58] <Lars> if anyone is in the room, please let me know when the Flow Meta Data stuff is starting?
[18:54:53] Dan Wing leaves the room
[18:56:00] Lars leaves the room
[19:05:03] Mirja leaves the room
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