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[22:13:22] <Roland Bless> Is the slide feed working?
[22:13:40] <Roland Bless> Audio + Video ok, but no slides yet
[22:13:45] <Michael Tüxen> Not yet.
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[22:14:20] <Meetecho> slides should be available now
[22:14:26] <Roland Bless> yep thx
[22:15:31] <Magnus Westerlund> Any special service you want from the jabber scribe?
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[22:18:46] <Magnus Westerlund> meetecho, our repeater screen in the room does not show anything, only projector searching for source.
[22:19:33] <Meetecho> Magnus Westerlund: you mean the 2nd screen that should display the queue?
[22:19:37] <Meetecho> looking into that
[22:19:44] <Meetecho> tnx for the heads up!
[22:19:57] <Magnus Westerlund> Meetecho, yes, the queue screen.
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[22:25:21] <Magnus Westerlund> Agenda bashing done. Now ECN Experimentation draft.
[22:28:07] <Magnus Westerlund> Mirja raising issue.
[22:28:24] <Meetecho> (queue screen should be fixed now)
[22:28:26] <Magnus Westerlund> Moving on to LE PHB.
[22:29:12] <Magnus Westerlund> Yes, the queue screen works now.
[22:30:08] <Roland Bless> Yes, I'm online, however, switching to A/V didn't work right now...
[22:30:31] <Magnus Westerlund> Okay, I can repeat to MIC if need arise.
[22:33:46] <Magnus Westerlund> Roland, are you able to listen at least, but not comment in the queue?
[22:33:57] <Magnus Westerlund> using audio
[22:34:06] <Roland Bless> Right now it seems to work with A/V
[22:34:18] <Magnus Westerlund> Good
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[22:36:39] <Roland Bless> lost audio
[22:38:28] <Magnus Westerlund> Math Mathis, assume DSCP=2 is the right answer. Then inventory the issues.
[22:40:18] <Magnus Westerlund> Can the server echo the code back so that one knows that it survived. TCP possibly.
[22:40:45] <Magnus Westerlund> Math, question around setting DF.
[22:40:50] <Roland Bless> thanks for repeating the comment, I didn't quite get it from the audio
[22:41:34] <Magnus Westerlund> Mirja, if one would get ICMP back you would get the information math was asking about regarding DSCP surviving.
[22:43:11] <Roland Bless> Thanks for presenting, Gorry.
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[22:44:40] <Magnus Westerlund> Next topic: ECN for protocols that encapsulated IP.
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[22:54:30] <Magnus Westerlund> Bye!
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