2.3.3 Frame Relay Service MIB (frnetmib)

NOTE: This charter is a snapshot of the 46th IETF Meeting in Washington, DC. It may now be out-of-date. Last Modified: 29-Sep-99


Andy Malis <malis@ascend.com>

Internet Area Director(s):

Thomas Narten <narten@raleigh.ibm.com>
Erik Nordmark <nordmark@eng.sun.com>

Internet Area Advisor:

Erik Nordmark <nordmark@eng.sun.com>

Technical Advisor(s):

Bob Stewart <bstewart@cisco.com>

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Description of Working Group:

The Frame Relay Service MIB Working Group is chartered to define a set of managed objects which will be useful for customer network management of a provider's Frame Relay Service. The working group will consider existing definitions, including the Frame Relay Forum's work in this area. The objects defined by the working group will be consistent with the SNMP framework.

The working group will coordinate with both the Frame Relay Forum, the ATM MIB Working Group, and other relevant groups.

The working group is chartered to complete four tasks:

a) consider revisions to the FRS MIB (currently published as a Proposed Standard in RFC 1604) in light of implementation experience, changes to the interface MIBs (e.g. IF-MIB, DS1-MIB, DS3-MIB, FR-DTE-MIB, creation of the DS0 and DS0 Bundle MIB modules), and evolution of the relevant non-IETF standards,

b) prepare a Recommendation to the Area Director as to the appropriate disposition of the (updated) FRS MIB, i.e. that it be advanced to Draft Standard status or that it cycle at Proposed Status,

c) develop a set of managed objects to provide the instrumentation required to manage switched-virtual circuits in a frame-relay environment.

d) develop a set of managed objects to provide the instrumentation required to manage connections that terminate on a mixture of ATM and Frame Relay interfaces, i.e. interworked connections. These objects will be the minimum necessary to provide the ability to monitor and control interworked connections and shall use existing definitions (e.g. IF-MIB, FRS-MIB, ATM-MIB, etc.) to instrument the interfaces and the "native" parts of the connections.

e) develop a set of managed object for the management of Frame Relay Service Level Definitions.

f) consider other closely related future work items.

In all cases, the working group will keep the Frame Relay and ATM Forums and the ATM MIB WG informed of its progress and will actively solicit their input.

All output of the group will be consistent with the existing SNMPv2c framework and standards, including the SNMPv2c Structure of Management Information (SMI).

Goals and Milestones:



Post the initial Internet-Draft for discussion.



Submit the Frame Relay Service MIB to the IESG for consideration as a Proposed Standard.



Solicit implementation experience for the IWF and SVC cases and 'requirements' for IWF and SVC cases/



Post summary of SVC requirements, issues, and a basic proposal for the structure of the SVC instrumentation.



Post first draft of RFC1604 update as an Intenet-Draft.



Post IWF MIB document and SVC MIB document as Internet-Drafts.



Post revised version of RFC1604 update Internet-Draft.



Meet at Montreal IETF to review RFC1604 update document and develop recommendation on advancement.



Submit final version of RFC1604 Internet-Draft to Area Director, requesting Directorate review.



Post revisions of IWF MIB and SVC MIB as Internet-Drafts.



WG Last Call for SVC MIB.



Submit SVC MIB Internet-Drafts to Area Director for referral to Directorate.

Sep 99


WG last call on IWF MIB, submit Internet Draft to IESG for publication.

Sep 99


Post revised version of SLD draft.

Dec 99


WG last call on SLD MIB, submit Internet Draft to IESG for publication.


Request For Comments:







Definitions of Managed Objects for Frame Relay Service

Current Meeting Report

Frame Relay Service MIB (frnetmib) Working Group Minutes
IETF-46, Washington, D.C.

Date: Monday, November 8, 0930 - 1130

Chair: Andrew Malis, Lucent Technologies, amalis@lucent.com

Minutes recorded by Ken Rehbehn, Visual Networks

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1. Administrivia, current documents status

2. Rob Steinberger and Orly Nicklass,

3. Prayson Pate, Bob Lynch, and Ken Rehbehn, draft-pate-mfrmib-00.txt,

4. Open discussion

Agenda Item 1: Administrivia, current documents status

Andy presented the agenda. There were no request for changes or additional agenda items.

David Perkins was introduced as the new WG advisor.

Andy presented on overview of the status of work in the frnetmib group.

The following drafts are in progress:

- draft-ietf-frnetmib-frs-mib-08.txt - In IETF last call. Will complete last call on the 16 Nov. The next version of RFC1604, this MIB will also be a proposed standard.
- draft-ietf-frnetmib-atmiwf-03.txt - The MIB for FRF.8 is in progress. Working Group Last Call produced a substantive comment from Keith McCloghrie. Keith identified a problem with the proposed AToMMIB hook used to identify an interworked connection. The proposal was to overload the ATM textual convention AtmConnKind with enumerations indicating the type of cross-connect, not just the type of connection. This goes beyond the DESCRIPTION of AtmConnKind. Keith recommended adding a new object to the FR/ATM IWF MIB that will augment the atmVclTable with the index of the applicable FR/ATM IWF MIB cross-connect row. This change will be made in a new version of draft-ietf-frnetmib-atmiwf that will be forwarded to the IESG for review.

Agenda Item 2: Rob Steinberger and Orly Nicklass, draft-steinberger-frmrelay-service-01.txt, Definitions of Managed Objects for Frame Relay Service Level Definitions

Rob presented the current version of the FR Service Level Definition MIB. The MIB provides a mechanism to control and report results from a data store based on FRF.13. This Frame Relay Forum document provides a number of metric definitions for frame relay service level reporting.

Issues from Oslo Meeting

- The relationship between this MIB and the SLAPM MIB was raised as an issue in Oslo. Rob advised that the SLAPM MIB applies to L3 or higher flows. It does not account for all the definitions in FRF.13 and has no parent group. As such, no attempt will be made to reconcile the two approaches to SLA MIB support. However, the SLAPM MIB contained better support for data persistence using purge control variables and this has been adopted in the FRF.13 MIB.
- Delay values should be measured in microseconds to accommodate faster speeds. (done)
- Variety of typos fixed
- TimeTicks replaced w/TimeStamp
- Relationships with other MIBs provided.
- Section added on MIB structure.

A request was made for a capability object bit string to identify what the agent will support. Rob will add this object.

Rob asked for guidance on the sample control table index (SmplIdx). This will be retained to support multiple manager access to the samples.

Rob pointed out an error in the document on frsldPvcDataDelayMin/Max/Avg. The reference is to the free-running table and this should have relevance only to the free running world. This will be corrected.

Current open issues:

- Rename as working group document
- Detach delay data from the sample table
- Need IANA experimental ID
- Need capability object to identify which objects are read/write

RAD reported they had an early working implementation of the MIB. A new revision will be forthcoming.

Agenda Item 3: Prayson Pate, Bob Lynch, and Ken Rehbehn, draft-pate-mfrmib-00.txt, Definitions of Managed Objects for Monitoring and Controlling the UNI/NNI Multilink Frame Relay Function

Prayson presented a proposed MIB for the UNI/NNI multilink FR documented in FRF.16. A tutorial of the FRF.16 functionality was provided to the Working Group.

The bundleIndex will be changed to Integer32.

The bundle table index will be changed to ifIndex.

An IANA request will be made for the ifType and MIB tree.

A NMS vendor requested that the number of active bundle links be explicitly reported. The original design required NMS to scan the table to avoid creating objects that duplicate information that can be derived from other MIB objects. Unfortunately, the industry has many inconsistent implementations of agent support and some of the dependent objects may not report link state correctly. The group agreed to add objects to report number of links configured and number of links that are active.

Prayson reported that the MIB was compiled by SMICng. David Perkins recommended use of a newer version of the compiler.

This draft was accepted as a working group document with the changes agreed to in this meeting. A new revision will be forthcoming.

Agenda Item 4: Open discussion

Several MIBs have been on the list of active working group items with no progress or apparent interest. The authors are no longer working on the documents and, unless new editors volunteer to work with the MIBs, the work will be terminated.

These drafts are:

- draft-ietf-frnetmib-spvc-02.txt, Frame Relay Switched PVC MIB, Bill Coutts
- draft-ietf-frnetmib-dte-svc-00.txt, Don Cochrane
- draft-ietf-frnetmib-dcp-02.txt, Moji Kashef, Jaime Colom

No additional items were brought up, and the group adjourned.


Frame Relay Service MIB Working Group Agenda
Frame Relay Service Level Definitions MIB
Multilink Frame Relay (MFR)