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IP Security Maintenance and Extensions (ipsecme) (WG)

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Charter (as of 2011-12-09)

The IPsec suite of protocols includes IKEv1 (RFC 2409 and associated
RFCs), IKEv2 (RFC 4306, RFC 4718, and associated RFCs), and the IPsec
security architecture (RFC 4301). IPsec is widely deployed in VPN
gateways, VPN remote access clients, and as a substrate for
host-to-host, host-to-network, and network-to-network security.

The IPsec Maintenance and Extensions Working Group continues the work
of the earlier IPsec Working Group which was concluded in 2005. Its
purpose is to maintain the IPsec standard and to facilitate discussion
of clarifications, improvements, and extensions to IPsec, mostly to
IKEv2. The working group also serves as a focus point for other IETF
Working Groups who use IPsec in their own protocols.

The current work items include:

In an environment with many IPsec gateways and remote clients that share
an established trust infrastructure (in a single administrative domain
or across multiple domains), customers want to get on-demand
point-to-point IPsec capability for efficiency. However, this cannot be
feasibly accomplished only with today's IPsec and IKE due to problems
with address lookup, reachability, policy configuration, and so on.

The IPsecME Working Group will handle this large scale VPN problem by:

* Creating a problem statement document including use cases, definitions
and proper requirements for discovery and updates. This document would
be solution-agnostic.

* Publishing a common solution for the discovery and update problems
that will satisfy the requirements in the problem statement document.
The working group may standardize one of the vendor solutions, a
combination, an superset of such a solution, or a new protocol.

* Reviewing and help publish Informational documents describing current
vendor proprietary solutions.

This charter will expire in January 2014 (24 months from approval). If
the charter is not updated before that time, the WG will be closed and
any remaining documents revert back to individual Internet-Drafts.

Goals and Milestones:

Done  WG last call on IPv6 configuration payloads
Done  WG last call on IPsec roadmap
Done  WG last call on session resumption
Done  WG last call on redirect
Done  WG last call on IKEv2bis
Done  WG last call on ESP NULL traffic visibility
Done  WG last call on HA requirements
Done  WG last call on quick crash discovery
Done  WG last call on EAP-only authentication
Nov 2012  IETF Last Call on large scale VPN use cases
Jun 2013  IETF Last Call on large scale VPN protocol