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IETF Progress Report

25-March-12 to 29-July-12

   112 IESG Protocol and Document Actions this period
   103 IESG Last Calls issued to the IETF this period
   1607 new or revised Internet-Drafts this period

6 New Working Group(s) formed this period

   Network Virtualization Overlays (nvo3)
   Sunsetting IPv4 (sunset4)
   Web Extensible Internet Registration Data Service (weirds)
   Sip Traversal Required for Applications to Work (straw)
   System for Cross-domain Identity Management (scim)
   IMAP MOVE extension (imapmove)

4 Working Group(s) concluded this period

   FTP Extensions, 2nd edition (ftpext2)
   Common Interface to Cryptographic Modules (cicm)
   Messaging Abuse Reporting Format (marf)
   Congestion and Pre-Congestion Notification (pcn)

140 RFCs published this period

81 Standards Track; 4 BCP; 11 Experimental; 41 Informational

RFC6697 I (hokey) July 2012 Handover Keying (HOKEY) Architecture Design
RFC6696 PS (hokey) July 2012 EAP Extensions for the EAP Re-authentication Protocol (ERP)
RFC6691 I (tcpm) July 2012 TCP Options and Maximum Segment Size (MSS)
RFC6689 I (ccamp) July 2012 Usage of the RSVP ASSOCIATION Object
RFC6678 I (emu) July 2012 Requirements for a Tunnel-Based Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) Method
RFC6692 PS (app) July 2012 Source Ports in Abuse Reporting Format (ARF) Reports
RFC6686 I (spfbis) July 2012 Resolution of the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and Sender ID Experiments
RFC6674 PS (softwire) July 2012 Gateway-Initiated Dual-Stack Lite Deployment
RFC6656 I (dhc) July 2012 Description of Cisco Systems' Subnet Allocation Option for DHCPv4
RFC6688 PS (nfsv4) July 2012 Parallel NFS (pNFS) Block Disk Protection
RFC6685 PS (mile) July 2012 Expert Review for Incident Object Description Exchange Format (IODEF) Extensions in IANA XML Registry
RFC6684 I (mile) July 2012 Guidelines and Template for Defining Extensions to the Incident Object Description Exchange Format (IODEF)
RFC6677 PS (emu) July 2012 Channel-Binding Support for Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) Methods
RFC6667 PS (pwe3) July 2012 LDP 'Typed Wildcard' Forwarding Equivalence Class (FEC) for PWid and Generalized PWid FEC Elements
RFC6664 I (pkix) July 2012 S/MIME Capabilities for Public Key Definitions
RFC6663 I (pcn) July 2012 Requirements for Signaling of Pre-Congestion Information in a Diffserv Domain
RFC6662 E (pcn) July 2012 Pre-Congestion Notification (PCN) Boundary-Node Behavior for the Single Marking (SM) Mode of Operation
RFC6661 E (pcn) July 2012 Pre-Congestion Notification (PCN) Boundary-Node Behavior for the Controlled Load (CL) Mode of Operation
RFC6660 PS (pcn) July 2012 Encoding Three Pre-Congestion Notification (PCN) States in the IP Header Using a Single Diffserv Codepoint (DSCP)
RFC6658 PS (pwe3) July 2012 Packet Pseudowire Encapsulation over an MPLS PSN
RFC6627 I (pcn) July 2012 Overview of Pre-Congestion Notification Encoding
RFC6670 I (mpls) July 2012 The Reasons for Selecting a Single Solution for MPLS Transport Profile (MPLS-TP) Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM)
RFC6669 I (mpls) July 2012 An Overview of the Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM) Toolset for MPLS-Based Transport Networks
RFC6655 PS (sec) July 2012 AES-CCM Cipher Suites for Transport Layer Security (TLS)
RFC6645 I (bmwg) July 2012 IP Flow Information Accounting and Export Benchmarking Methodology
RFC6644 PS (dhc) July 2012 Rebind Capability in DHCPv6 Reconfigure Messages
RFC6665 PS (sipcore) July 2012 SIP-Specific Event Notification
RFC6657 PS (appsawg) July 2012 Update to MIME regarding "charset" Parameter Handling in Textual Media Types
RFC6646 I (decade) July 2012 DECoupled Application Data Enroute (DECADE) Problem Statement
RFC6643 PS (netmod) July 2012 Translation of Structure of Management Information Version 2 (SMIv2) MIB Modules to YANG Modules
RFC6668 PS (sec) July 2012 SHA-2 Data Integrity Verification for the Secure Shell (SSH) Transport Layer Protocol
RFC6659 I (avtext) July 2012 Considerations for Deploying the Rapid Acquisition of Multicast RTP Sessions (RAMS) Method
RFC6653 I (gen) July 2012 DHCPv6 Prefix Delegation in Long-Term Evolution (LTE) Networks
RFC6654 I (none) July 2012 Gateway-Initiated IPv6 Rapid Deployment on IPv4 Infrastructures (GI 6rd)
RFC6649 BCP (krb-wg) July 2012 Deprecate DES, RC4-HMAC-EXP, and Other Weak Cryptographic Algorithms in Kerberos
RFC6652 PS (marf) June 2012 Sender Policy Framework (SPF) Authentication Failure Reporting Using the Abuse Reporting Format
RFC6651 PS (marf) June 2012 Extensions to DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) for Failure Reporting
RFC6650 PS (marf) June 2012 Creation and Use of Email Feedback Reports: An Applicability Statement for the Abuse Reporting Format (ARF)
RFC6648 BCP (appsawg) June 2012 Deprecating the "X-" Prefix and Similar Constructs in Application Protocols
RFC6641 PS (nfsv4) June 2012 Using DNS SRV to Specify a Global File Namespace with NFS Version 4
RFC6640 I (gen) June 2012 IETF Meeting Attendees' Frequently Asked (Travel) Questions
RFC6672 PS (dnsext) June 2012 DNAME Redirection in the DNS
RFC6647 PS (appsawg) June 2012 Email Greylisting: An Applicability Statement for SMTP
RFC6639 I (mpls) June 2012 Multiprotocol Label Switching Transport Profile (MPLS-TP) MIB-Based Management Overview
RFC6638 PS (app) June 2012 Scheduling Extensions to CalDAV
RFC6631 E (sec) June 2012 Password Authenticated Connection Establishment with the Internet Key Exchange Protocol version 2 (IKEv2)
RFC6619 PS (int) June 2012 Scalable Operation of Address Translators with Per-Interface Bindings
RFC6548 I (gen) June 2012 Independent Submission Editor Model
RFC6642 PS (avtcore) June 2012 RTP Control Protocol (RTCP) Extension for a Third-Party Loss Report
RFC6637 PS (none) June 2012 Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) in OpenPGP
RFC6635 (none) June 2012 RFC Editor Model (Version 2)
RFC6629 I (int) June 2012 Considerations on the Application of the Level 3 Multihoming Shim Protocol for IPv6 (Shim6)
RFC6615 PS (ipfix) June 2012 Definitions of Managed Objects for IP Flow Information Export
RFC6575 PS (l2vpn) June 2012 Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) Mediation for IP Interworking of Layer 2 VPNs
RFC6572 PS (netext) June 2012 RADIUS Support for Proxy Mobile IPv6
RFC6571 I (rtgwg) June 2012 Loop-Free Alternate (LFA) Applicability in Service Provider (SP) Networks
RFC6565 PS (l3vpn) June 2012 OSPFv3 as a Provider Edge to Customer Edge (PE-CE) Routing Protocol
RFC6632 I (opsawg) June 2012 An Overview of the IETF Network Management Standards
RFC6630 PS (hokey) June 2012 EAP Re-authentication Protocol Extensions for Authenticated Anticipatory Keying (ERP/AAK)
RFC6628 E (sec) June 2012 Efficient Augmented Password-Only Authentication and Key Exchange for IKEv2
RFC6617 E (sec) June 2012 Secure Pre-Shared Key (PSK) Authentication for the Internet Key Exchange Protocol (IKE)
RFC6633 PS (tsvwg) May 2012 Deprecation of ICMP Source Quench Messages
RFC6626 PS (mip4) May 2012 Dynamic Prefix Allocation for Network Mobility for Mobile IPv4 (NEMOv4)
RFC6618 E (mext) May 2012 Mobile IPv6 Security Framework Using Transport Layer Security for Communication between the Mobile Node and Home Agent
RFC6616 PS (kitten) May 2012 A Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL) and Generic Security Service Application Program Interface (GSS-API) Mechanism for OpenID
RFC6614 E (radext) May 2012 Transport Layer Security (TLS) Encryption for RADIUS
RFC6613 E (radext) May 2012 RADIUS over TCP
RFC6606 I (6lowpan) May 2012 Problem Statement and Requirements for IPv6 over Low-Power Wireless Personal Area Network (6LoWPAN) Routing
RFC6636 I (multimob) May 2012 Tuning the Behavior of the Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) and Multicast Listener Discovery (MLD) for Routers in Mobile and Wireless Networks
RFC6625 PS (l3vpn) May 2012 Wildcards in Multicast VPN Auto-Discovery Routes
RFC6624 I (rtg) May 2012 Layer 2 Virtual Private Networks Using BGP for Auto-Discovery and Signaling
RFC6621 E (manet) May 2012 Simplified Multicast Forwarding
RFC6603 PS (dhc) May 2012 Prefix Exclude Option for DHCPv6-based Prefix Delegation
RFC6623 PS (mediactrl) May 2012 IANA Registry for MEDIACTRL Interactive Voice Response Control Package
RFC6622 PS (manet) May 2012 Integrity Check Value and Timestamp TLV Definitions for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs)
RFC6612 I (netlmm) May 2012 Interactions between Proxy Mobile IPv6 (PMIPv6) and Mobile IPv6 (MIPv6): Scenarios and Related Issues
RFC6611 PS (mip6) May 2012 Mobile IPv6 (MIPv6) Bootstrapping for the Integrated Scenario
RFC6610 PS (mip6) May 2012 DHCP Options for Home Information Discovery in Mobile IPv6 (MIPv6)
RFC6609 PS (sieve) May 2012 Sieve Email Filtering: Include Extension
RFC6602 PS (netext) May 2012 Bulk Binding Update Support for Proxy Mobile IPv6
RFC6543 PS (int) May 2012 Reserved IPv6 Interface Identifier for Proxy Mobile IPv6
RFC6620 PS (savi) May 2012 FCFS SAVI: First-Come, First-Served Source Address Validation Improvement for Locally Assigned IPv6 Addresses
RFC6608 PS (idr) May 2012 Subcodes for BGP Finite State Machine Error
RFC6534 PS (ippm) May 2012 Loss Episode Metrics for IP Performance Metrics (IPPM)
RFC6478 PS (pwe3) May 2012 Pseudowire Status for Static Pseudowires
RFC6475 PS (netlmm) May 2012 Proxy Mobile IPv6 Management Information Base
RFC6607 PS (dhc) April 2012 Virtual Subnet Selection Options for DHCPv4 and DHCPv6
RFC6601 E (rtg) April 2012 Generic Connection Admission Control (GCAC) Algorithm Specification for IP/MPLS Networks
RFC6585 PS (app) April 2012 Additional HTTP Status Codes
RFC6568 I (6lowpan) April 2012 Design and Application Spaces for IPv6 over Low-Power Wireless Personal Area Networks (6LoWPANs)
RFC6598 BCP (ops) April 2012 IANA-Reserved IPv4 Prefix for Shared Address Space
RFC6589 I (v6ops) April 2012 Considerations for Transitioning Content to IPv6
RFC6587 H (ops) April 2012 Transmission of Syslog Messages over TCP
RFC6586 I (ops) April 2012 Experiences from an IPv6-Only Network
RFC6546 PS (mile) April 2012 Transport of Real-time Inter-network Defense (RID) Messages over HTTP/TLS
RFC6545 PS (mile) April 2012 Real-time Inter-network Defense (RID)
RFC6329 PS (isis) April 2012 IS-IS Extensions Supporting IEEE 802.1aq Shortest Path Bridging
RFC6307 PS (pwe3) April 2012 Encapsulation Methods for Transport of Fibre Channel Traffic over MPLS Networks
RFC6604 PS (dnsext) April 2012 xNAME RCODE and Status Bits Clarification
RFC6595 PS (kitten) April 2012 A Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL) and GSS-API Mechanism for the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML)
RFC6591 PS (marf) April 2012 Authentication Failure Reporting Using the Abuse Reporting Format
RFC6584 PS (rmt) April 2012 Simple Authentication Schemes for the Asynchronous Layered Coding (ALC) and NACK-Oriented Reliable Multicast (NORM) Protocols
RFC6098 PS (mip4) April 2012 Generic Notification Message for Mobile IPv4
RFC6605 PS (dnsext) April 2012 Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (DSA) for DNSSEC
RFC6597 PS (payload) April 2012 RTP Payload Format for Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) ST 336 Encoded Data
RFC6574 I (gen) April 2012 Report from the Smart Object Workshop
RFC6540 PS (intarea) April 2012 IPv6 Support Required for All IP-Capable Nodes
RFC6564 PS (6man) April 2012 A Uniform Format for IPv6 Extension Headers
RFC6596 I (app) April 2012 The Canonical Link Relation
RFC6594 PS (sec) April 2012 Use of the SHA-256 Algorithm with RSA, Digital Signature Algorithm (DSA), and Elliptic Curve DSA (ECDSA) in SSHFP Resource Records
RFC6590 PS (marf) April 2012 Redaction of Potentially Sensitive Data from Mail Abuse Reports
RFC6588 I (app) April 2012 A URN Namespace for ucode
RFC6582 PS (tcpm) April 2012 The NewReno Modification to TCP's Fast Recovery Algorithm
RFC6581 PS (storm) April 2012 Enhanced Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) Connection Establishment
RFC6580 PS (storm) April 2012 IANA Registries for the Remote Direct Data Placement (RDDP) Protocols
RFC6573 I (app) April 2012 The Item and Collection Link Relations
RFC6567 I (cuss) April 2012 Problem Statement and Requirements for Transporting User-to-User Call Control Information in SIP
RFC6560 PS (krb-wg) April 2012 One-Time Password (OTP) Pre-Authentication
RFC6556 I (ops) April 2012 Testing Eyeball Happiness
RFC6555 PS (v6ops) April 2012 Happy Eyeballs: Success with Dual-Stack Hosts
RFC6529 H (gen) April 2012 Host/Host Protocol for the ARPA Network
RFC6583 I (v6ops) March 2012 Operational Neighbor Discovery Problems
RFC6570 PS (app) March 2012 URI Template
RFC6569 I (codec) March 2012 Guidelines for Development of an Audio Codec within the IETF
RFC6579 I (app) March 2012 The 'disclosure' Link Relation Type
RFC6577 PS (app) March 2012 Authentication-Results Registration Update for Sender Policy Framework (SPF) Results
RFC6576 BCP (ippm) March 2012 IP Performance Metrics (IPPM) Standard Advancement Testing
RFC6559 E (pim) March 2012 A Reliable Transport Mechanism for PIM
RFC6554 PS (6man) March 2012 An IPv6 Routing Header for Source Routes with the Routing Protocol for Low-Power and Lossy Networks (RPL)
RFC6553 PS (6man) March 2012 The Routing Protocol for Low-Power and Lossy Networks (RPL) Option for Carrying RPL Information in Data-Plane Datagrams
RFC6552 PS (roll) March 2012 Objective Function Zero for the Routing Protocol for Low-Power and Lossy Networks (RPL)
RFC6551 PS (roll) March 2012 Routing Metrics Used for Path Calculation in Low-Power and Lossy Networks
RFC6550 PS (roll) March 2012 RPL: IPv6 Routing Protocol for Low-Power and Lossy Networks
RFC6538 I (gen) March 2012 The Host Identity Protocol (HIP) Experiment Report
RFC6526 PS (ipfix) March 2012 IP Flow Information Export (IPFIX) Per Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) Stream
RFC6505 PS (mediactrl) March 2012 A Mixer Control Package for the Media Control Channel Framework
RFC6504 I (xcon) March 2012 Centralized Conferencing Manipulation Protocol (CCMP) Call Flow Examples
RFC6503 PS (xcon) March 2012 Centralized Conferencing Manipulation Protocol
RFC6502 PS (xcon) March 2012 Conference Event Package Data Format Extension for Centralized Conferencing (XCON)
RFC6501 PS (xcon) March 2012 Conference Information Data Model for Centralized Conferencing (XCON)

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