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Charter (as of 2008-04-29):

The NETCONF Working Group has completed a base protocol to be used for
configuration management. However, the NETCONF protocol does not include
a modeling language or accompanying rules that can be used to model the
management information that is to be configured using NETCONF. The
NETMOD working group has defined the data modeling language YANG but no
IETF models exist yet. The purpose of the NETMOD working group is to
support the ongoing deployment of YANG by developing a set of core YANG
data models and other activities that will allow network operators to
use YANG for configuration and management of network elements.

The NETMOD Working Group will work on the following items:

1. Core system data model
2. Core interface data model
3. Core routing data model that can be augmented with routing protocol
specifics. This requires appropriate active editorial participation from
routing experts and review at WGLC by the Routing Area working group.
4. SMIv2 translation to YANG for read-only operational data and
notifications. Guidance will be provided on how to reference existing
data structures in SMIv2 from YANG.
5. Data model for configuring SNMP engines. The model must be capable of
representing all SNMP engine configurations possible with the standard
SNMPv3 MIB modules that are common operational practice.
Any differences in functionality and behavior should be documented.

The NETMOD Working Group will not work on another version of YANG.
Further, the NETMOD Working Group will not serve as a review team for
YANG modules developed by other working groups.

All new charter items must be fully interoperable with implementations
of RFC 6241 and/or RFC 6020.

The WG will consult with the NETCONF working group to ensure that
NETMOD's decision do not conflict with planned work in NETCONF.

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