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IETF Progress Report

01-November-15 to 03-April-16

   104 IESG Protocol and Document Actions this period
   131 IESG Last Calls issued to the IETF this period

   619 New I-Ds (180 of which were updated, some (64) more than once)
   1349 I-Ds were updated (Some more than once)

   In the final 4 weeks before meeting
   228 New I-Ds were received - 37% of total newbies since last meeting
   546 I-Ds were updated - 40% of total updated since last meeting

5 New Working Group(s) formed this period

   Registration Protocols Extensions (regext)
   Codec Encoding for LossLess Archiving and Realtime transmission (cellar)
   CURves, Deprecating and a Little more Encryption (curdle)
   Font Top Level Media Type (justfont)
   Captive Portal Interaction (capport)

7 Working Group(s) concluded this period

   BiDirectional or Server-Initiated HTTP (hybi)
   Peer to Peer Streaming Protocol (ppsp)
   Congestion Exposure (conex)
   DTLS In Constrained Environments (dice)
   STORage Maintenance (storm)
   Extensible Provisioning Protocol Extensions (eppext)
   Time Zone Data Distribution Service (tzdist)

133 RFCs published this period

76 Standards Track; 6 BCP; 7 Experimental; 44 Informational

RFC7836 I (none) March 2016 Guidelines on the Cryptographic Algorithms to Accompany the Usage of Standards GOST R 34.10-2012 and GOST R 34.11-2012
RFC7809 PS (tzdist) March 2016 Calendaring Extensions to WebDAV (CalDAV): Time Zones by Reference
RFC7808 PS (tzdist) March 2016 Time Zone Data Distribution Service
RFC7807 PS (appsawg) March 2016 Problem Details for HTTP APIs
RFC7827 I (iab) March 2016 The Role of the IRTF Chair
RFC7822 PS (ntp) March 2016 Network Time Protocol Version 4 (NTPv4) Extension Fields
RFC7821 E (ntp) March 2016 UDP Checksum Complement in the Network Time Protocol (NTP)
RFC7820 E (ippm) March 2016 UDP Checksum Complement in the One-Way Active Measurement Protocol (OWAMP) and Two-Way Active Measurement Protocol (TWAMP)
RFC7818 I (art) March 2016 URN Namespace for MEF Documents
RFC7814 I (bess) March 2016 Virtual Subnet: A BGP/MPLS IP VPN-Based Subnet Extension Solution
RFC7817 PS (uta) March 2016 Updated Transport Layer Security (TLS) Server Identity Check Procedure for Email-Related Protocols
RFC7815 I (lwig) March 2016 Minimal Internet Key Exchange Version 2 (IKEv2) Initiator Implementation
RFC7742 PS (rtcweb) March 2016 WebRTC Video Processing and Codec Requirements
RFC7741 PS (payload) March 2016 RTP Payload Format for VP8 Video
RFC7816 E (dnsop) March 2016 DNS Query Name Minimisation to Improve Privacy
RFC7801 I (none) March 2016 GOST R 34.12-2015: Block Cipher "Kuznyechik"
RFC7798 PS (payload) March 2016 RTP Payload Format for High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC)
RFC7764 I (appsawg) March 2016 Guidance on Markdown: Design Philosophies, Stability Strategies, and Select Registrations
RFC7763 I (appsawg) March 2016 The text/markdown Media Type
RFC7796 PS (pals) March 2016 Ethernet-Tree (E-Tree) Support in Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS)
RFC7774 PS (roll) March 2016 Multicast Protocol for Low-Power and Lossy Networks (MPL) Parameter Configuration Option for DHCPv6
RFC7752 PS (idr) March 2016 North-Bound Distribution of Link-State and Traffic Engineering (TE) Information Using BGP
RFC7792 PS (ccamp) March 2016 RSVP-TE Signaling Extensions in Support of Flexi-Grid Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) Networks
RFC7778 I (conex) March 2016 Mobile Communication Congestion Exposure Scenario
RFC7777 PS (ospf) March 2016 Advertising Node Administrative Tags in OSPF
RFC7761 IS (pim) March 2016 Protocol Independent Multicast - Sparse Mode (PIM-SM): Protocol Specification (Revised)
RFC7721 I (6man) March 2016 Security and Privacy Considerations for IPv6 Address Generation Mechanisms
RFC7707 I (opsec) March 2016 Network Reconnaissance in IPv6 Networks
RFC7804 E (httpauth) March 2016 Salted Challenge Response HTTP Authentication Mechanism
RFC7773 PS (none) March 2016 Authentication Context Certificate Extension
RFC7802 PS (kitten) March 2016 A Pseudo-Random Function (PRF) for the Kerberos V Generic Security Service Application Program Interface (GSS-API) Mechanism
RFC7776 BCP (gen) March 2016 IETF Anti-Harassment Procedures
RFC7751 PS (kitten) March 2016 Kerberos Authorization Data Container Authenticated by Multiple Message Authentication Codes (MACs)
RFC7794 PS (isis) March 2016 IS-IS Prefix Attributes for Extended IPv4 and IPv6 Reachability
RFC7791 PS (none) March 2016 Cloning the IKE Security Association in the Internet Key Exchange Protocol Version 2 (IKEv2)
RFC7766 PS (dnsop) March 2016 DNS Transport over TCP - Implementation Requirements
RFC7754 I (iab) March 2016 Technical Considerations for Internet Service Blocking and Filtering
RFC7790 I (precis) February 2016 Mapping Characters for Classes of the Preparation, Enforcement, and Comparison of Internationalized Strings (PRECIS)
RFC7784 PS (trill) February 2016 Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links (TRILL) Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM) MIB
RFC7775 PS (isis) February 2016 IS-IS Route Preference for Extended IP and IPv6 Reachability
RFC7725 PS (httpbis) February 2016 An HTTP Status Code to Report Legal Obstacles
RFC7795 PS (pals) February 2016 Pseudowire Redundancy on the Switching Provider Edge (S-PE)
RFC7797 PS (jose) February 2016 JSON Web Signature (JWS) Unencoded Payload Option
RFC7783 PS (trill) February 2016 Coordinated Multicast Trees (CMT) for Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links (TRILL)
RFC7782 PS (trill) February 2016 Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links (TRILL) Active-Active Edge Using Multiple MAC Attachments
RFC7781 PS (trill) February 2016 Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links (TRILL): Pseudo-Nickname for Active-Active Access
RFC7780 PS (trill) February 2016 Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links (TRILL): Clarifications, Corrections, and Updates
RFC7769 PS (pals) February 2016 Media Access Control (MAC) Address Withdrawal over Static Pseudowire
RFC7803 BCP (ops) February 2016 Changing the Registration Policy for the NETCONF Capability URNs Registry
RFC7733 PS (roll) February 2016 Applicability Statement: The Use of the Routing Protocol for Low-Power and Lossy Networks (RPL) Protocol Suite in Home Automation and Building Control
RFC7732 I (roll) February 2016 Forwarder Policy for Multicast with Admin-Local Scope in the Multicast Protocol for Low-Power and Lossy Networks (MPL)
RFC7731 PS (roll) February 2016 Multicast Protocol for Low-Power and Lossy Networks (MPL)
RFC7759 PS (mpls) February 2016 Configuration of Proactive Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM) Functions for MPLS-Based Transport Networks Using Label Switched Path (LSP) Ping
RFC7757 PS (v6ops) February 2016 Explicit Address Mappings for Stateless IP/ICMP Translation
RFC7756 I (v6ops) February 2016 Stateless IP/ICMP Translation for IPv6 Internet Data Center Environments (SIIT-DC): Dual Translation Mode
RFC7755 I (v6ops) February 2016 SIIT-DC: Stateless IP/ICMP Translation for IPv6 Data Center Environments
RFC7785 I (none) February 2016 Recommendations for Prefix Binding in the Context of Softwire Dual-Stack Lite
RFC7772 BCP (v6ops) February 2016 Reducing Energy Consumption of Router Advertisements
RFC7765 E (tcpm) February 2016 TCP and Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) RTO Restart
RFC7767 I (none) February 2016 Application-Initiated Check-Pointing via the Port Control Protocol (PCP)
RFC7728 PS (avtext) February 2016 RTP Stream Pause and Resume
RFC7753 PS (pcp) February 2016 Port Control Protocol (PCP) Extension for Port-Set Allocation
RFC7758 E (none) February 2016 Time Capability in NETCONF
RFC7750 PS (ippm) February 2016 Differentiated Service Code Point and Explicit Congestion Notification Monitoring in the Two-Way Active Measurement Protocol (TWAMP)
RFC7749 I (iab) February 2016 The "xml2rfc" Version 2 Vocabulary
RFC7739 I (6man) February 2016 Security Implications of Predictable Fragment Identification Values
RFC7770 PS (ospf) February 2016 Extensions to OSPF for Advertising Optional Router Capabilities
RFC7726 PS (bfd) January 2016 Clarifying Procedures for Establishing BFD Sessions for MPLS Label Switched Paths (LSPs)
RFC7771 PS (pals) January 2016 Switching Provider Edge (S-PE) Protection for MPLS and MPLS Transport Profile (MPLS-TP) Static Multi-Segment Pseudowires
RFC7768 I (none) January 2016 Port Management to Reduce Logging in Large-Scale NATs
RFC7744 I (ace) January 2016 Use Cases for Authentication and Authorization in Constrained Environments
RFC7680 IS (ippm) January 2016 A One-Way Loss Metric for IP Performance Metrics (IPPM)
RFC7679 IS (ippm) January 2016 A One-Way Delay Metric for IP Performance Metrics (IPPM)
RFC7762 I (none) January 2016 Initial Assignment for the Content Security Policy Directives Registry
RFC7746 PS (mpls) January 2016 Label Switched Path (LSP) Self-Ping
RFC7748 I (cfrg) January 2016 Elliptic Curves for Security
RFC7740 PS (bess) January 2016 Simulating Partial Mesh of Multipoint-to-Multipoint (MP2MP) Provider Tunnels with Ingress Replication
RFC7737 PS (mpls) January 2016 Label Switched Path (LSP) Ping and Traceroute Reply Mode Simplification
RFC7734 PS (bess) January 2016 Support for Shortest Path Bridging MAC Mode over Ethernet VPN (EVPN)
RFC7727 PS (pals) January 2016 Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) Application of the Inter-Chassis Communication Protocol (ICCP)
RFC7723 PS (pcp) January 2016 Port Control Protocol (PCP) Anycast Addresses
RFC7690 I (v6ops) January 2016 Close Encounters of the ICMP Type 2 Kind (Near Misses with ICMPv6 Packet Too Big (PTB))
RFC7760 I (gen) January 2016 Statement of Work for Extensions to the IETF Datatracker for Author Statistics
RFC7745 I (none) January 2016 XML Schemas for Reverse DNS Management
RFC7743 PS (mpls) January 2016 Relayed Echo Reply Mechanism for Label Switched Path (LSP) Ping
RFC7738 I (art) January 2016 A Uniform Resource Name (URN) Namespace for the Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS)
RFC7670 PS (none) January 2016 Generic Raw Public-Key Support for IKEv2
RFC7735 I (gen) January 2016 Tracking Reviews of Documents
RFC7730 PS (sidr) January 2016 Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) Trust Anchor Locator
RFC7715 PS (mpls) January 2016 Multipoint LDP (mLDP) Node Protection
RFC7697 PS (mpls) January 2016 MPLS Transport Profile (MPLS-TP) Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM) Identifiers Management Information Base (MIB)
RFC7722 E (manet) December 2015 Multi-Topology Extension for the Optimized Link State Routing Protocol Version 2 (OLSRv2)
RFC7713 I (conex) December 2015 Congestion Exposure (ConEx) Concepts, Abstract Mechanism, and Requirements
RFC7736 I (cdni) December 2015 Content Delivery Network Interconnection (CDNI) Media Type Registration
RFC7729 PS (rtg) December 2015 Forwarding and Control Element Separation (ForCES) Logical Functional Block (LFB) Subsidiary Management
RFC7724 PS (dhc) December 2015 Active DHCPv4 Lease Query
RFC7718 PS (ippm) December 2015 Registries for the One-Way Active Measurement Protocol (OWAMP)
RFC7717 PS (ippm) December 2015 IKEv2-Derived Shared Secret Key for the One-Way Active Measurement Protocol (OWAMP) and Two-Way Active Measurement Protocol (TWAMP)
RFC7719 I (dnsop) December 2015 DNS Terminology
RFC7702 PS (stox) December 2015 Interworking between the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP): Groupchat
RFC7701 PS (simple) December 2015 Multi-party Chat Using the Message Session Relay Protocol (MSRP)
RFC7700 PS (precis) December 2015 Preparation, Enforcement, and Comparison of Internationalized Strings Representing Nicknames
RFC7687 I (iab) December 2015 Report from the Strengthening the Internet (STRINT) Workshop
RFC7716 PS (bess) December 2015 Global Table Multicast with BGP Multicast VPN (BGP-MVPN) Procedures
RFC7682 I (grow) December 2015 Considerations for Internet Routing Registries (IRRs) and Routing Policy Configuration
RFC7720 BCP (iab) December 2015 DNS Root Name Service Protocol and Deployment Requirements
RFC7714 PS (avtcore) December 2015 AES-GCM Authenticated Encryption in the Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP)
RFC7710 PS (none) December 2015 Captive-Portal Identification Using DHCP or Router Advertisements (RAs)
RFC7692 PS (hybi) December 2015 Compression Extensions for WebSocket
RFC7705 PS (idr) November 2015 Autonomous System Migration Mechanisms and Their Effects on the BGP AS_PATH Attribute
RFC7704 I (none) November 2015 An IETF with Much Diversity and Professional Conduct
RFC7708 PS (pals) November 2015 Using a Generic Associated Channel Label as a Virtual Circuit Connectivity Verification Channel Indicator
RFC7706 I (dnsop) November 2015 Decreasing Access Time to Root Servers by Running One on Loopback
RFC7684 PS (ospf) November 2015 OSPFv2 Prefix/Link Attribute Advertisement
RFC7695 PS (homenet) November 2015 Distributed Prefix Assignment Algorithm
RFC7712 PS (xmpp) November 2015 Domain Name Associations (DNA) in the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP)
RFC7711 PS (xmpp) November 2015 PKIX over Secure HTTP (POSH)
RFC7699 PS (ccamp) November 2015 Generalized Labels for the Flexi-Grid in Lambda Switch Capable (LSC) Label Switching Routers
RFC7698 I (ccamp) November 2015 Framework and Requirements for GMPLS-Based Control of Flexi-Grid Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) Networks
RFC7709 I (teas) November 2015 Requirements for Very Fast Setup of GMPLS Label Switched Paths (LSPs)
RFC7703 I (none) November 2015 Experience with Testing of Mapping of Address and Port Using Translation (MAP-T)
RFC7696 BCP (sec) November 2015 Guidelines for Cryptographic Algorithm Agility and Selecting Mandatory-to-Implement Algorithms
RFC7689 PS (ccamp) November 2015 Signaling Extensions for Wavelength Switched Optical Networks
RFC7688 PS (ccamp) November 2015 GMPLS OSPF Enhancement for Signal and Network Element Compatibility for Wavelength Switched Optical Networks
RFC7667 I (avtcore) November 2015 RTP Topologies
RFC7657 I (dart) November 2015 Differentiated Services (Diffserv) and Real-Time Communication
RFC7656 I (avtext) November 2015 A Taxonomy of Semantics and Mechanisms for Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP) Sources
RFC7664 I (cfrg) November 2015 Dragonfly Key Exchange
RFC7694 PS (httpbis) November 2015 Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Client-Initiated Content-Encoding
RFC7693 I (none) November 2015 The BLAKE2 Cryptographic Hash and Message Authentication Code (MAC)
RFC7691 BCP (gen) November 2015 Updating the Term Dates of IETF Administrative Oversight Committee (IAOC) Members
RFC7655 PS (payload) November 2015 RTP Payload Format for G.711.0
RFC7677 PS (none) November 2015 SCRAM-SHA-256 and SCRAM-SHA-256-PLUS Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL) Mechanisms

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