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IETF Progress Report

04-November-12 to 10-March-13

   95 IESG Protocol and Document Actions this period
   108 IESG Last Calls issued to the IETF this period

   516 New I-Ds (154 of which were updated, some (35) more than once)
   1184 I-Ds were updated (Some more than once)

   In the final 4 weeks before meeting
   229 New I-Ds were received - 44% of total newbies since last meeting
   575 I-Ds were updated - 49% of total updated since last meeting

3 New Working Group(s) formed this period

   Interface to the Routing System (i2rs)
   Web PKI OPS (wpkops)
   JSON data formats for vCard and iCalendar (jcardcal)

13 Working Group(s) concluded this period

   Speech Services Control (speechsc)
   Authority-to-Citizen Alert (atoca)
   vCard and CardDAV (vcarddav)
   Sieve Mail Filtering Language (sieve)
   Datagram Congestion Control Protocol (dccp)
   Low Extra Delay Background Transport (ledbat)
   Internationalized Resource Identifiers (iri)
   IMAP MOVE extension (imapmove)
   Cga & Send maIntenance (csi)
   SIP Common Log Format (sipclf)
   SIP for Instant Messaging and Presence Leveraging Extensions (simple)
   Basic Level of Interoperability for SIP Services (bliss)
   FEC Framework (fecframe)

122 RFCs published this period

62 Standards Track; 4 BCP; 21 Experimental; 34 Informational

RFC6883 I (v6ops) March 2013 IPv6 Guidance for Internet Content Providers and Application Service Providers
RFC6882 E (rtg) March 2013 Support for Resource Reservation Protocol Traffic Engineering (RSVP-TE) in Layer 3 Virtual Private Networks (L3VPNs)
RFC6881 BCP (ecrit) March 2013 Best Current Practice for Communications Services in Support of Emergency Calling
RFC6878 PS (sipcore) March 2013 IANA Registry for the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) "Priority" Header Field
RFC6863 I (karp) March 2013 Analysis of OSPF Security According to the Keying and Authentication for Routing Protocols (KARP) Design Guide
RFC6862 I (karp) March 2013 Keying and Authentication for Routing Protocols (KARP) Overview, Threats, and Requirements
RFC6879 I (6renum) February 2013 IPv6 Enterprise Network Renumbering Scenarios, Considerations, and Methods
RFC6876 PS (nea) February 2013 A Posture Transport Protocol over TLS (PT-TLS)
RFC6871 PS (mmusic) February 2013 Session Description Protocol (SDP) Media Capabilities Negotiation
RFC6866 I (6renum) February 2013 Problem Statement for Renumbering IPv6 Hosts with Static Addresses in Enterprise Networks
RFC6865 PS (fecframe) February 2013 Simple Reed-Solomon Forward Error Correction (FEC) Scheme for FECFRAME
RFC6768 PS (adslmib) February 2013 ATM-Based xDSL Bonded Interfaces MIB
RFC6767 PS (adslmib) February 2013 Ethernet-Based xDSL Multi-Pair Bonding (G.Bond/Ethernet) MIB
RFC6766 PS (adslmib) February 2013 xDSL Multi-Pair Bonding Using Time-Division Inverse Multiplexing (G.Bond/TDIM) MIB
RFC6765 PS (adslmib) February 2013 xDSL Multi-Pair Bonding (G.Bond) MIB
RFC6875 I (none) February 2013 The P2P Network Experiment Council's Activities and Experiments with Application-Layer Traffic Optimization (ALTO) in Japan
RFC6874 PS (6man) February 2013 Representing IPv6 Zone Identifiers in Address Literals and Uniform Resource Identifiers
RFC6849 PS (mmusic) February 2013 An Extension to the Session Description Protocol (SDP) and Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) for Media Loopback
RFC6840 PS (dnsext) February 2013 Clarifications and Implementation Notes for DNS Security (DNSSEC)
RFC6870 PS (pwe3) February 2013 Pseudowire Preferential Forwarding Status Bit
RFC6853 BCP (dhc) February 2013 DHCPv6 Redundancy Deployment Considerations
RFC6764 PS (app) February 2013 Locating Services for Calendaring Extensions to WebDAV (CalDAV) and vCard Extensions to WebDAV (CardDAV)
RFC6763 PS (int) February 2013 DNS-Based Service Discovery
RFC6762 PS (int) February 2013 Multicast DNS
RFC6761 PS (int) February 2013 Special-Use Domain Names
RFC6760 I (int) February 2013 Requirements for a Protocol to Replace the AppleTalk Name Binding Protocol (NBP)
RFC6873 PS (sipclf) February 2013 Format for the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Common Log Format (CLF)
RFC6872 PS (sipclf) February 2013 The Common Log Format (CLF) for the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP): Framework and Information Model
RFC6868 PS (app) February 2013 Parameter Value Encoding in iCalendar and vCard
RFC6869 PS (app) February 2013 vCard KIND:device
RFC6864 PS (intarea) February 2013 Updated Specification of the IPv4 ID Field
RFC6839 I (appsawg) January 2013 Additional Media Type Structured Syntax Suffixes
RFC6838 BCP (appsawg) January 2013 Media Type Specifications and Registration Procedures
RFC6820 I (armd) January 2013 Address Resolution Problems in Large Data Center Networks
RFC6867 E (sec) January 2013 An Internet Key Exchange Protocol Version 2 (IKEv2) Extension to Support EAP Re-authentication Protocol (ERP)
RFC6851 PS (imapmove) January 2013 Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) - MOVE Extension
RFC6850 PS (trill) January 2013 Definitions of Managed Objects for Routing Bridges (RBridges)
RFC6852 I (iab) January 2013 Affirmation of the Modern Paradigm for Standards
RFC6846 PS (tsv) January 2013 RObust Header Compression (ROHC): A Profile for TCP/IP (ROHC-TCP)
RFC6844 PS (pkix) January 2013 DNS Certification Authority Authorization (CAA) Resource Record
RFC6837 E (int) January 2013 NERD: A Not-so-novel Endpoint ID (EID) to Routing Locator (RLOC) Database
RFC6836 E (lisp) January 2013 Locator/ID Separation Protocol Alternative Logical Topology (LISP+ALT)
RFC6835 I (lisp) January 2013 The Locator/ID Separation Protocol Internet Groper (LIG)
RFC6834 E (lisp) January 2013 Locator/ID Separation Protocol (LISP) Map-Versioning
RFC6833 E (lisp) January 2013 Locator/ID Separation Protocol (LISP) Map-Server Interface
RFC6832 E (lisp) January 2013 Interworking between Locator/ID Separation Protocol (LISP) and Non-LISP Sites
RFC6831 E (lisp) January 2013 The Locator/ID Separation Protocol (LISP) for Multicast Environments
RFC6830 E (lisp) January 2013 The Locator/ID Separation Protocol (LISP)
RFC6861 I (none) January 2013 The "create-form" and "edit-form" Link Relations
RFC6860 PS (ospf) January 2013 Hiding Transit-Only Networks in OSPF
RFC6824 E (mptcp) January 2013 TCP Extensions for Multipath Operation with Multiple Addresses
RFC6812 I (tsv) January 2013 Cisco Service-Level Assurance Protocol
RFC6811 PS (sidr) January 2013 BGP Prefix Origin Validation
RFC6810 PS (sidr) January 2013 The Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) to Router Protocol
RFC6859 BCP (gen) January 2013 Update to RFC 3777 to Clarify Nominating Committee Eligibility of IETF Leadership
RFC6848 PS (geopriv) January 2013 Specifying Civic Address Extensions in the Presence Information Data Format Location Object (PIDF-LO)
RFC6845 PS (ospf) January 2013 OSPF Hybrid Broadcast and Point-to-Multipoint Interface Type
RFC6843 PS (xrblock) January 2013 RTP Control Protocol (RTCP) Extended Report (XR) Block for Delay Metric Reporting
RFC6826 PS (mpls) January 2013 Multipoint LDP In-Band Signaling for Point-to-Multipoint and Multipoint-to-Multipoint Label Switched Paths
RFC6825 PS (ccamp) January 2013 Traffic Engineering Database Management Information Base in Support of MPLS-TE/GMPLS
RFC6818 PS (pkix) January 2013 Updates to the Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure Certificate and Certificate Revocation List (CRL) Profile
RFC6847 I (none) January 2013 Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) over Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links (TRILL)
RFC6841 I (dnsop) January 2013 A Framework for DNSSEC Policies and DNSSEC Practice Statements
RFC6827 PS (ccamp) January 2013 Automatically Switched Optical Network (ASON) Routing for OSPFv2 Protocols
RFC6772 PS (geopriv) January 2013 Geolocation Policy: A Document Format for Expressing Privacy Preferences for Location Information
RFC6842 PS (dhc) January 2013 Client Identifier Option in DHCP Server Replies
RFC6829 PS (mpls) January 2013 Label Switched Path (LSP) Ping for Pseudowire Forwarding Equivalence Classes (FECs) Advertised over IPv6
RFC6828 I (avtext) January 2013 Content Splicing for RTP Sessions
RFC6819 I (oauth) January 2013 OAuth 2.0 Threat Model and Security Considerations
RFC6823 PS (isis) December 2012 Advertising Generic Information in IS-IS
RFC6822 PS (isis) December 2012 IS-IS Multi-Instance
RFC6821 I (p2prg) December 2012 Improving Peer Selection in Peer-to-peer Applications: Myths vs. Reality
RFC6816 PS (fecframe) December 2012 Simple Low-Density Parity Check (LDPC) Staircase Forward Error Correction (FEC) Scheme for FECFRAME
RFC6781 I (dnsop) December 2012 DNSSEC Operational Practices, Version 2
RFC6817 E (ledbat) December 2012 Low Extra Delay Background Transport (LEDBAT)
RFC6793 PS (idr) December 2012 BGP Support for Four-Octet Autonomous System (AS) Number Space
RFC6731 PS (mif) December 2012 Improved Recursive DNS Server Selection for Multi-Interfaced Nodes
RFC6813 I (nea) December 2012 The Network Endpoint Assessment (NEA) Asokan Attack Analysis
RFC6796 PS (rai) December 2012 A User Agent Profile Data Set for Media Policy
RFC6795 PS (sipping) December 2012 A Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Event Package for Session-Specific Policies
RFC6794 PS (sip) December 2012 A Framework for Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Session Policies
RFC6808 I (ippm) December 2012 Test Plan and Results Supporting Advancement of RFC 2679 on the Standards Track
RFC6807 E (pim) December 2012 Population Count Extensions to Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM)
RFC6789 I (conex) December 2012 Congestion Exposure (ConEx) Concepts and Use Cases
RFC6815 I (bmwg) November 2012 Applicability Statement for RFC 2544: Use on Production Networks Considered Harmful
RFC6806 PS (krb-wg) November 2012 Kerberos Principal Name Canonicalization and Cross-Realm Referrals
RFC6801 I (fecframe) November 2012 Pseudo Content Delivery Protocol (CDP) for Protecting Multiple Source Flows in the Forward Error Correction (FEC) Framework
RFC6814 PS (ops) November 2012 Formally Deprecating Some IPv4 Options
RFC6804 H (int) November 2012 DISCOVER: Supporting Multicast DNS Queries
RFC6809 PS (sipcore) November 2012 Mechanism to Indicate Support of Features and Capabilities in the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
RFC6802 I (ippm) November 2012 Ericsson Two-Way Active Measurement Protocol (TWAMP) Value-Added Octets
RFC6792 I (avtcore) November 2012 Guidelines for Use of the RTP Monitoring Framework
RFC6805 I (pce) November 2012 The Application of the Path Computation Element Architecture to the Determination of a Sequence of Domains in MPLS and GMPLS
RFC6671 I (rtg) November 2012 Allocation of a Generic Associated Channel Type for ITU-T MPLS Transport Profile Operation, Maintenance, and Administration (MPLS-TP OAM)
RFC6798 PS (xrblock) November 2012 RTP Control Protocol (RTCP) Extended Report (XR) Block for Packet Delay Variation Metric Reporting
RFC6803 I (krb-wg) November 2012 Camellia Encryption for Kerberos 5
RFC6797 PS (websec) November 2012 HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS)
RFC6790 PS (mpls) November 2012 The Use of Entropy Labels in MPLS Forwarding
RFC6788 PS (6man) November 2012 The Line-Identification Option
RFC6770 I (cdni) November 2012 Use Cases for Content Delivery Network Interconnection
RFC6791 PS (v6ops) November 2012 Stateless Source Address Mapping for ICMPv6 Packets
RFC6786 PS (int) November 2012 Encrypting the Protocol for Carrying Authentication for Network Access (PANA) Attribute-Value Pairs
RFC6773 PS (dccp) November 2012 DCCP-UDP: A Datagram Congestion Control Protocol UDP Encapsulation for NAT Traversal
RFC6787 PS (speechsc) November 2012 Media Resource Control Protocol Version 2 (MRCPv2)
RFC6748 E (rrg) November 2012 Optional Advanced Deployment Scenarios for the Identifier-Locator Network Protocol (ILNP)
RFC6747 E (rrg) November 2012 Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) for the Identifier-Locator Network Protocol for IPv4 (ILNPv4)
RFC6746 E (rrg) November 2012 IPv4 Options for the Identifier-Locator Network Protocol (ILNP)
RFC6745 E (rrg) November 2012 ICMP Locator Update Message for the Identifier-Locator Network Protocol for IPv4 (ILNPv4)
RFC6744 E (rrg) November 2012 IPv6 Nonce Destination Option for the Identifier-Locator Network Protocol for IPv6 (ILNPv6)
RFC6743 E (rrg) November 2012 ICMP Locator Update Message for the Identifier-Locator Network Protocol for IPv6 (ILNPv6)
RFC6742 E (rrg) November 2012 DNS Resource Records for the Identifier-Locator Network Protocol (ILNP)
RFC6741 E (rrg) November 2012 Identifier-Locator Network Protocol (ILNP) Engineering Considerations
RFC6740 E (rrg) November 2012 Identifier-Locator Network Protocol (ILNP) Architectural Description
RFC6785 PS (sieve) November 2012 Support for Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) Events in Sieve
RFC6782 I (v6ops) November 2012 Wireline Incremental IPv6
RFC6784 PS (krb-wg) November 2012 Kerberos Options for DHCPv6
RFC6783 I (eai) November 2012 Mailing Lists and Non-ASCII Addresses
RFC6777 PS (ccamp) November 2012 Label Switched Path (LSP) Data Path Delay Metrics in Generalized MPLS and MPLS Traffic Engineering (MPLS-TE) Networks
RFC6775 PS (6lowpan) November 2012 Neighbor Discovery Optimization for IPv6 over Low-Power Wireless Personal Area Networks (6LoWPANs)
RFC6774 I (grow) November 2012 Distribution of Diverse BGP Paths
RFC6759 I (ops) November 2012 Cisco Systems Export of Application Information in IP Flow Information Export (IPFIX)
RFC6726 PS (rmt) November 2012 FLUTE - File Delivery over Unidirectional Transport

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