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The Routing area receives occasional proposals for the development and
publication of RFCs dealing with routing topics, but for which the
required work does not yet rise to the level where a new working group is
justified, yet the topic does not fit with an existing working group,
and it is either not ready for a BOF or a single BOF would not
provide the time to ensure a mature proposal. The RTGWG will serve as
the forum for developing these types of proposals.

The RTGWG also focuses on enhancements to hop-by-hop distributed routing
(e.g. multicast, LDP-MPLS, unicast routing) related to fast-reroute and
loop-free convergence. A specific goal of fast-reroute mechanisms is to
provide up to complete coverage when the potential failure would not
partition the network. All work in this area should be specifically
evaluated by the WG in terms of practicality and applicability to deployed

The RTGWG mailing list will be used to discuss the proposals as they
arise. The working group will meet if there are one or more active
proposals that require discussion.

The working group milestones will be updated as needed to reflect the
proposals currently being worked on and the target dates for their
completion. New milestones will be first reviewed by the IESG. The
working group will be on-going as long as the ADs believe it serves a
useful purpose.

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