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NETCONF Data Modeling Language (netmod) (WG)

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Charter (as of 2015-10-23):

The NETMOD working group has defined the data modeling language
YANG, which can be used to specify network management data models that are transported over such protocols as NETCONF and
RESTCONF. The NETMOD working group also defined a number of core data models as basic building blocks.

The purpose of the NETMOD working group is to support the ongoing deployment of YANG by maintaining and evolving the core YANG specifications based on usage experience.

The NETMOD WG may also develop any additional data models written in YANG that the WG considers core building blocks and that do not fall under the charters of other active IETF working groups. The NETMOD WG may simply add such milestones as it sees fit, with the advice and consent of the responsible AD.

The NETMOD Working Group will produce a maintenance release of the core YANG specification called YANG 1.1, that is a revision of RFC 6020. The changes to RFC 6020 are restricted in the following ways:

- All compliant YANG 1.0 modules must be accepted as compliant YANG 1.1 modules.

- All known ambiguities of YANG 1.0 and all reported defects and errata will be addressed.

- YANG 1.1 is not adding fundamentally new data modeling concepts to the language.

- The changes of the specification will be kept to the minimum necessary to achieve the previously stated goals.

The NETMOD Working Group will also revise the Guidelines for Authors and Reviewers of YANG Data Models (RFC 6087) in order to fix any ambiguities and to incorporate the lessons learned by producing YANG data models.

The NETMOD Working Group will produce a specification how YANG-defined data trees can be represented in JSON.

The NETMOD Working Group will not serve as a review team for YANG modules developed by other working groups. The YANG doctors, organized by the OPS area director responsible for network management, can act as advisors for other working groups and they provide YANG reviews for the OPS area directors [1].

The WG will consult with the NETCONF working group to ensure that NETMOD's decision do not conflict with NETCONF and RESTCONF.