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Charter (as of 1999-06-03):

The DNS Operations Working Group will develop guidelines for the
operation of DNS software servers and the administration of DNS zone
files. These guidelines will provide technical information
relating to the implementation of the DNS protocol by the
operators and administrators of DNS zones. The group will
perform the following activities:

1. Define the processes by which Domain Name System (DNS) software
may be efficiently and correctly administered, configured, and
operated on Internet networks. This will include root zone
name servers, gTLD name servers, name servers for other DNS
zones, iterative DNS resolvers, and recursive DNS resolvers.
As part of this effort, the group will produce documents
explaining to the general Internet community what processes
and mechanisms should be employed for the effective management
and operation of DNS software.

2. Publish documents concerning DNSSEC operational procedures.

3. Publish documents concerning the IPv6 DNS operational
procedures and DNS-related IPv6 transition and coexistence

4. Publish documents concerning the operations of the root and
TLD services, and DNS resolvers.

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