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List Description
119-newparticipants Mailing list for New Participants at IETF 119
119all Official communication about IETF 119
119attendees Mailing list for IETF 119 attendees
120all Official communication about IETF 120
120attendees Mailing list for IETF 120 participants
16NG 16ng working group discussion list
3gpp-ietf-coord 3GPP IETF COORDINATION
3gv6 This mailing list is intended for discussions relating to the use of IPv6 in cellular networks.
6band 6lo Bootstrapping, Access for Networked Devices
6gip IP Issues in 6th Generation Mobile Network System (6gip)
6lo Mailing list for the 6lo WG for Internet Area issues in IPv6 over constrained node networks.
6lo-fragmentation-dt 6lo Fragmentation Design Team
6tisch Discuss link layer model for Deterministic IPv6 over the TSCH mode of IEEE 802.15.4e, and impacts on RPL and 6LoWPAN such as resource allocation
AAA-DOCTORS AAA Doctors E-mail List
abfab Application Bridging, Federated Authentication Beyond (the web)
abnf-discuss General discussion about tools, activities and capabilities involving the ABNF meta-language
Accord Alternatives to Content Classification for Operator Resource Deployment
Ace Authentication and Authorization for Constrained Environments (ace)
Acme Automated Certificate Management Environment
acvp Automated Cryptographic Validation Protocol
Add Applications Doing DNS
admin-discuss Discussion list for IETF LLC administrative issues
AgentX SNMP Agent Extensibility
aggsrv Aggregated Service Discovery (aggsrv)
ai-control AI Control
aidc Data Center Networking for AI Clusters
Alldispatch Alldispatch
alto Application-Layer Traffic Optimization (alto) WG mailing list
ANCP Access Node Control Protocol working group mailing list
Anima Autonomic Networking Integrated Model and Approach
antitrust-policy Discuss the need for an antitrust or competition policy for the IETF.
Apn Application-aware Networking
appsdir Apps Area Review List
aqm Discussion list for active queue management and flow isolation.
Arc Authenticated Received Chain (ARC) protocol
Architecture-discuss open discussion forum for long/wide-range architectural issues
Arcing This list will discuss different architectural approaches to signalling alternative resolution contexts for Internet names
ARK Archival Resource Key
armd Discussion of issues associated with large amount of virtual machines being introduced in data centers and virtual hosts introduced by Cloud Computing.
art Applications and Real-Time Area Discussion
Asap Automatic SIP trunking And Peering WG
ASDF A Semantic Description Format (SDF) for Things and their Interactions and Data
Atlas Application Transport LAyer Security
atn Aeronautical Telecommunications Network
atoca Discussion list for the IETF Authority-to-Citizen Alert (atoca) working group.
Autoconf Ad-Hoc Network Autoconfiguration WG discussion list
avt Audio/Video Transport Core Maintenance
babel A list for discussion of the Babel Routing Protocol.
Banana Bandwidth Aggregation for interNet Access: Discussion of bandwidth aggregation solutions based on IETF technologies.
bcause BNG Control-plane And User-plane SEparation
BEC BEC - Beyond Edge Computing
Behave mailing list of BEHAVE IETF WG
BESS BGP-Enabled ServiceS working group discussion list
Bgp-autoconf BGP autoconfiguration design team discussion list
BIER "Bit Indexed Explicit Replication discussion list"
bimi Brand Indicators for Message Identification
BLISS Basic Level of Interoperability for SIP Services (BLISS) BoF
Blockchain-interop Blockchain Gateway Interoperability Protocol
bmwg Benchmarking Methodology Working Group
Bof-srv6ops BoF-SRv6-Operations
Bpf Discussion of BPF/eBPF standardization efforts within the IETF
btns Better-Than-Nothing-Security Working Group discussion list
Bundled-domain-names Discussion of "bundled domain names"
Cacao Collaborative Automated Course of Action Operations
caldav Calendaring Extensions to WebDAV
calsify Calendaring and Scheduling Standards Simplification
Captive-portals Discussion of issues related to captive portals
carddav vCard Extensions to WebDAV
CASM Coordinated Address Space Management
Cats Computing-Aware Traffic Steering (CATS)
CBOR Concise Binary Object Representation (CBOR)
CCAMP Discussion list for the CCAMP working group
CCG IANA IPR Community Coordination Group
CCWG Congestion Control Working Group
CDNi This list is to discuss issues associated with the Interconnection of Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)
cdni-footprint CDNI Footprint and Capabilities Advertisement
Cellar Codec Encoding for LossLess Archiving and Realtime transmission
Cfbl Discussions mailing list about Complaint Feedback Loop Address Header
CGA-EXT CGA and SeND Extensions
cgasec CGA-based Security discussion list
CHANNEL-BINDING Discussion of channel binding IANA registry requests and specifications
cicm CICM Discussion List
clue CLUE - ControLling mUltiple streams for TElepresence
cnit Calling Name Identity Trust discussion list
codec Codec WG
codesprints List for coordinating (and following up on) codesprint activities
Codestand-develop "Discussion forum for the planning, coordination, and development of CodeStand"
collation Collation registration and discussion (see RFC 4790)
companions IETF Meeting Companions List
Congress Discussions about the CONGestion RESponse and Signaling (CONGRESS) Working Group
core Constrained RESTful Environments (CoRE) Working Group list
core-parameters Expert review of CoAP parameters.
COSE CBOR Object Signing and Encryption
Crisp Cross Registry Information Service Protocol
Curdle List for discussion of potential new security area wg.
cuss Call Control UUI for SIP (cuss) working group discussion list
Cwp Certificates without PKIX
Cwt-reg-review CWT Registry Review
Dance DANE Authentication for Network Clients Everywhere
dane DNS-based Authentication of Named Entities
Danish DANE AutheNtication for Iot Service Hardening
Dart "DiffServ Applied to RTP Transports discussion list"
dbound DNS tree bounds
Dcpel Mailing list for possible diffserv control plane elements WG
Dcrouting Routing in the Data Center: discussions about problems, requirements and potential solutions.
Dcrup DKIM Crypto Update
dd DNS Delegation
Deepspace IP protocol stack in deep space
detnet Discussions on Deterministic Networking BoF and Proposed WG
Detnet-dp-dt DetNet WG Data Plane Design Team (inactive)
Detnet-edp-dt DetNet WG Enhanced Data Plane Design Team
dhcwg Dynamic Host Configuration
DiME Diameter Maintanence and Extentions Working Group
dir-coord This is an e-mail alias for the organisers of IETF directorates.
Disman Distributed Management
dispatch DISPATCH Working Group Mail List
diversity Diversity open mailing list
DLNEX Discussion of reliable and deterministic latency attributes
Dlt-networking DLT Networking
dmarc Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Compliance (DMARC)
Dmarc-report Archive of DMARC reports for ietf.org domain
dmm Distributed Mobility Management Working Group
dna DNA working group mailing list
dns-privacy Addition of privacy to the DNS protocol
dns-rrtype-applications List to send new DNS RRtype template applications
dnsdir DNS Directorate
dnsext DNS Extensions working group discussion list
DNSOP IETF DNSOP WG mailing list
dnsoverhttp Discussion of DNS over HTTP
dnssd Discussion of extensions to DNS-based service discovery for routed networks.
DNSSEC-Bootstrapping Authenticated Bootstrapping of DNSSEC Delegations
domainrep Domain Reputation discussion list
Dots List for discussion of DDoS Open Threat Signaling (DOTS) technology and directions.
dtls-iot DTLS for IoT discussion list
dtn Delay Tolerant Networking (DTN) discussion list at the IETF.
Dyncast Dynamic Anycast
E-impact Environmental impacts of the Internet
E2ee Discussion of the definition of end-to-end encryption.
EAPEXT EAP Extensions
earlywarning Discussion list for the IETF Authority-to-Citizen Alert (atoca) working group.
EAT EAT - Entity Attestation Token
Ecn-in-quic ECN in the QUIC protocol discussion list.
Ecrit Emergency Context Resolution with Internet Technologies
Ehip Discuss methods to protect email senders and receivers from disclosure of email headers to observers.
Eligibility-discuss IETF eligibility procedures
Emailcore EMAILCORE proposed working group list
eman Discussions about the Energy Management Working Group
Emu EAP Methods Update (EMU)
Endymail End-to-end email security/privacy improvements
enum Enum Discussion List
eodir Education & Outreach Directorate
EToSat The EToSat list is a non-WG mailing list used to discuss performance implications of running encrypted transports such as QUIC over satellite.
Event-streaming Event-streaming
Evolving-documents Evolving Documents (nee Living Documents)
Explicit-meas This mailing list is intended for discussions relating to Explicit Flow Measurements Techniques.
Extra Email mailstore and eXtensions To Revise or Amend
FDT Mailing list for the discussion of the use of formal description techniques in IETF documents
FECFRAME-PROTO Fecframe protocol design team
Feeds Web Feeds
Flexip Flexible Internet addressing and Flexible routing
forces ForCES WG mailing list
Forces-protocol forces-protocol
ftpext Extensions to FTP
Gdpr-response-team GDPR Response Team
Gear Granular Encryption At Rest
Gen-art GEN-ART: General Area Review Team
Gen-art-private Private GEN-ART list
Gendispatch General Area Dispatch
Geopriv Geographic Location/Privacy
GGIE Discuss IETF-related items for Glass to Glass Internet Ecosystem of Video Content
Github-admin Administation of IETF GitHub repositories
green-bof BoF preparation and charter related discussions for holding a WG forming BoF, with the idea of forming a Green networking WG
GROW Grow Working Group Mailing List
GSMP General Switch Management Protocol WG
hackathon Discussion regarding past, present, and future IETF hackathons.
HAM-AG HAM Radio Operators Affiliate Group
hiaps Host Identification, Address and Prefix Sharing in Wi-Fi Access (hiaps)
HICCUP Harnessing IP for Critical Communications Using Precedence (HICCUP) list
Hipsec This is the official IETF Mailing List for the HIP Working Group.
Hls-interest Discussions about HTTP Live Streaming (HLS).
homenet IETF Homenet WG mailing list
homesec-dt 'Advanced' Home Gateway Security Design Team List
Hotrfc HotRFC Lightning Talk submission list
http-devops Discussion about operation, deployment and testing of HTTP
Http-grease Discussion about ensuring flexibility in HTTP extensions ("grease')
Http-issues HTTP issue updates
Http-srv Using DNS SRV Records with HTTP
http-state Discuss HTTP State Management Mechanism
Http-use Discussion and review of IETF protocols that use HTTP and related Web technologies (sometimes called "RESTful" protocols)
Http-well-known Discussion of HTTP Well-Known URIs
httpapi Building Blocks for HTTP APIs
Hubmib Ethernet Interfaces an Hub MIB WG
hybi Server-Initiated HTTP
I-D-Announce Internet Draft Announcements only
I18ndir Internationalization Directorate
I2nsf *I2NSF: Interface to Network Security Functions mailing list*
i2rs Interface to The Internet Routing System (IRS)
Ianaplan IANA Plan
iaoc-rps Remote Participation Services Subcommittee mailing list
Ibnemo Discussion of Nemo, an intent-based North Bound (NB) interface consisting of an application protocol running over HTTP (RESTful interfaces) to exchange intent-based primitives between applications and meta-controllers controlling virtual network resources (networks, storage, CPU).
icalendar iCalendar
Ice-issues Announce-only list for activity on the ICE working group's issue list
ID-align Identity Alignment
Id-event A mailing list to discuss the potential solution for a common identity event messaging format and distribution system.
Ideas Discussions relating to the development, clarification, and implementation of control-plane infrastructures and functionalities in ID enabled networks.
Ideas-discuss Ideas-discuss
IDNA-UPDATE Internationalized Domain Names in Applications (IDNA) implementation and update discussions
IDNET The IDNet (Intelligence-Defined Network)
Idr Inter-Domain Routing
ieee-ietf-coord Management-level discussions between IEEE and IETF on topics of interest to both SDOs
IESG-AGENDA-DIST Distribution of IESG agendas
ietf IETF-Discussion. This is the most general IETF mailing list, intended for discussion of technical, procedural, operational, and other topics for which no dedicated mailing lists exist.
ietf-822 Discussion of issues related to Internet Message Format [RFC 822, RFC 2822, RFC 5322]
Ietf-and-github Discussion of using GitHub in IETF activities, particularly for Working Groups
IETF-Announce IETF announcement list. No discussions.
Ietf-community-india List for IETF participants from India that is used to coordinate events internal to India.
Ietf-cycling Discussion list for finding good routes around IETF meeting venues for cycling, and for sharing cycling-related experiences with IETF participants
Ietf-dkim IETF DKIM List
Ietf-hub-boston For IETFers in the Boston area.
Ietf-iana IETF - IANA group mailing list
Ietf-languages Review of requests for language tag registration according to BCP 47 (RFC 4646)
Ietf-mentoring-discuss This mailing list is set up to discuss issues and suggestions related to the IETF mentoring program. It is open any one interested.
Ietf-message-headers Discussion list for header fields used in Internet messaging applications.
ietf-nomcom Discussions of possible revisions to the NomCom process
ietf-outcomes IETF Outcomes Wiki discussion list
ietf-privacy Internet Privacy Discussion List
Ietf-rfps IETF RFPs
ietf-runners A list for IETF runners.
ietf-sailors Discussion list to plan sailing events collocated with IETF meetings.
ietf-smtp Discussion of issues related to Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) [RFC 821, RFC 2821, RFC 5321]
ietf-sow SOW Feedback List
Ietf119-team [no description available]
IETFMIBS IETF MIB Discussion list
Igmp-mld-bis IGMPv3/MLDv2
ila Identifier Locator Addressing
Ilc Discussion of mechanisms and applications for Internet-level consensus.
IMA EAI (Email Address Internationalization)
imap5 Discussion on drastically slimming-down IMAP.
imapext Discussion of IMAP extensions
imss Internet and Management Support for Storage Working Group
INDEPENDENT Discussion of RFC Editor independent submissions proposal
insipid SIP Session-ID discussion list
Int-area IETF Internet Area WG Mailing List
Int-dir This list is for discussion between the members of the Internet Area directorate.
Inventory-yang Inventory Management using YANG
Ioam Discussion on In-Situ OAM
Iot-directorate Mailing list for the IoT Directorate Members
Iot-onboarding Discussion of IoT onboarding mechanisms
Iotops IOT Operations
IPCDN IP over Cable Data Network
ipdir Internet Area IP Directorate
IPFIX IPFIX WG discussion list
IPoverIB IP over InfiniBand WG Discussion List
ippm IETF IP Performance Metrics Working Group
Ippm-ioam-ix-dt IPPM iOAM Immediate Export (IX) design team
ipr-announce For keeping updated on new IETF IPR disclosures
Ipr-wg IPR-WG
Ips IP Storage
IPsec Discussion of IPsec protocols
Iptel IP Telephony
ipv6 IPv6 Maintenance Working Group (6man)
ire Internet Registration Escrow discussion list.
ischedule Internet Calendar Scheduling Protocol (iSchedule) discussion list
Isms Mailing list for the ISMS working group
its IPWAVE - IP Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments WG at IETF
iucg internet users contributing group
jcardcal JSON data formats for vCard and iCalendar WG
Jmap JSON Message Access Protocol
jose Javascript Object Signing and Encryption
Jose-reg-review The JSON Web Algorithm standard (RFC 7518) establishes this email list for designated experts to discuss proposed changes, additions, and removals to the set of algorithms in the JSON Object Signing and Encryption (JOSE) registry, http://www.iana.org/assignments/jose.
json JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) WG mailing list
json-canon JSON Canonicalization
JSONpath Discussion of JSONPath syntax
Justfont Font Top Level Media Type (just font) WG
Jwt-reg-review Expert review of proposed IANA registrations for JSON Web Token (JWT) claims.
KAML Discussions about SAML and Kerberos intersections
karp Discussion list for key management for routing and transport protocols
KEYPROV Provisioning of Symmetric Keys (keyprov)
Keytrans Key Transparency
Kitten Common Authentication Technologies - Next Generation
kmart Discussion list for key management for routing and transport protocols
L1vpn Layer 1 Virtual Private Networks
L2sm The Layer Two Virtual Private Network Service Model (L2SM)
L3sm L3VPN Service YANG Model discussion group
L4s-discuss Low Latency, Low Loss, Scalable Throughput (L4S)
Lager Label Generation Rules
Lake Lightweight Authenticated Key Exchange
last-call IETF Last Calls
Ldapext LDAP Extension Working Group
Ledger Discussion of interledger, originally a protocol stack for moving digital assets (making payments) between accounts operating on different payment networks or ledgers.
lemonade Enhancements to Internet email to support diverse service enivronments
link-relations Discussion of registration requests for link relation types
lisp List for the discussion of the Locator/ID Separation Protocol
LLC-Board-ED-Secretariat LLC Board and support staff
llc-consultation A list for IETF LLC community consultation
Lln-futures Low power/Lossy Networks Futures
lmap Large Scale Measurement of Access network Performance
loi-requests Letters of Invite Requestors
LOOPS Local Optimizations on Path Segments
lp-wan Low-Power Wide Area Networking (LP-WAN), also known as LPWA or Low-Rate WAN (LR-WAN)
lsd Loosely-coupled SIP Devices (LSD) working group discussion list
Lsr Link State Routing Working Group
Lsvr Link State Vector Routing
ltans LTANS Working Group
Ltru Language Tag Registry Update working group discussion list
Lucid Locale-free UniCode Identifiers (LUCID)
Lurk Limited Use of Remote Keys
Lwip Lightweight IP stack. Official mailing list for IETF LWIG Working Group.
Madinas MAC Address Device Identification for Network and Application Services
Mailsec Email Security Issues
maitai Multi-stream Attributes for Improving Telepresence Application Interoperability
Malloc Multicast-Address Allocation
manet Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
Manycouches List for discussion of remote meeting attendance and virtual IETF meetings, as well as for SHMOO working group
marf Message Abuse Report Format working group discussion list
martini Discussion of en-mass SIP PBX registration mechanisms
Masque Multiplexed Application Substrate over QUIC Encryption
Mathmesh Mathematical Mesh
Mavs Multiprovider End-to-end VPN Services
MBONED Mail List for the Mboned Working Group
Mcast-wifi Discussions related to issues with multicast in 802.11 Wi-Fi networks & solutions/optimizations targeted at resolving these issues.
Mcic MCIC (Multiparty Content Integrity and Confidentiality) >
Media-feature-tags discussion of media feature tags
media-types IANA mailing list for reviewing Media Type (MIME Type, Content Type) registration requests.
MEDIACTRL Media Control WG Discussion List
MEDUP Missing Elements for Decentralized and Usable Privacy
mentoring-coordinators IETF Mentoring Coordinators
Metaverse Metaverse Discussion
MIB-DOCTORS MIB Doctors list
midcom Middlebox Communication
middisc Discussions on TCP option for middlebox discovery.
mif Multiple Interface Discussion List
mif-arch-dt MIF Architecture Design Team mailing list
mile Managed Incident Lightweight Exchange, IODEF extensions and RID exchanges
Mimi More Instant Messaging Interoperability
Mipshop Mobility and IP: Signalling and Performance Handoff Optimization
Mlcodec Machine Learning for Audio Coding
MLS Messaging Layer Security
mmusic Multiparty Multimedia Session Control Working Group
Mobopts Mobility Optimizations
Monami6 Monami6 WG
Mops Media OPerationS
Moq Media over QUIC
MORG Messaging Organization
mpls Multi-Protocol Label Switching WG
mpls-tp-manage IETF and ITU-T management of the MPLS-TP project
Mpvdapi Multiple Provisioning Domain Architecture API design
MSEC Multicast Security List
Msr6 Multicast Source Routing IPv6
mtg-guests For communication between the traveling companions (friends, family) of IETF meeting attendees.
Mtgvenue List for email discussion of the IETF meeting venue selection process.
Mud Discussion of Manufacturer Ussage Descriptions
Multiformats Discussion related to the various Multiformats data formats
multimob Multicast Mobility
MULTIMOBSEC-API Multihoming, mobility and security APIs
multipathtcp Multi-path extensions for TCP
nasr Network Attestation for Secure Routing
nat66 List for discussion of IPv6-to-IPv6 NAT.
Nea Network Endpoint Assessment discussion list
netconf NETCONF WG list
Netconf-next-dt NETCONF Next Design Team
netext Mailing list for discusion of extensions to network mobility protocol, i.e PMIP6.
Nethistory Matching net historical materials with institutions that may preserve them
netlmm NETLMM working group discussion list
netmod NETMOD WG list
Netmod-ds-dt Updated YANG Datastore Design Team Mailing list
Netmod-ver-dt NetMod WG YANG Model Versioning Design Team
Netrqmts IETF Meeting Network Requirements
Netslices This list is intended for discussion and review of network slicing at IETF.
Network-tokens Discussion list for network tokens
New-wg-docs New (-00) Working Group Documents
new-work Early exchange of information about new work in SDOs
newprep Stringprep after IDNA2008
Newsclips IETF News Clips
nfsv4 NFSv4 Working Group
NFVCON NFV (Network Function Virtualization) Configuration and Modeling
Nipc non-IP control
Nmop Network Management Operations (NMOP) Working Group
No-draft-expiry No draft expiry
Nsaas *NSaaS: Network Security as a Service mailing list*
NSIS-imp List for implementation questions for NSIS protocols
NTDP define standards for the purpose of scripting of network testing equipment
ntp Network Time Protocol
ntpwg NTPWG list
nvo3 Network Virtualization Overlays (NVO3) Working Group
nvo3-dt-encap Private mailing list for internal NVO3 Encapsulation Design Team discussions
oauth-ext-review Review of proposed IANA registrations for OAuth.
Oauth-security-reports Information about security vulnerabilities concerning the OAuth specifications and OAuth implementations
obscurity-interest Discussion of communications obscurity and real-time communications.
OFF-PATH-BOF BOF: Path-decoupled Signaling for Data
Ohai Oblivious HTTP Application Intermediation
Old-nomcom-chairs Old NomCom Chairs
Omcast pre-BOF overlay multicast discussions
openpgp Ongoing discussion of OpenPGP issues.
Openpgp-dt OpenPGP working group design team
Openv6 Openv6 discussion list
OPS-AREA OPS Area e-mail list
OPS-DIR Ops Directorate
OPS-NM OPS Area NM e-mail list
OPSAWG OPSA Working Group Mail List
OPSEC opsec wg mailing list
P2PSIP Peer-to-Peer SIP working group discussion list
Pals Pseudowire And LDP-enabled Services dicussion list.
Pana Protocol for carrying Authentication for Network Access
Panic Posture Assessment Through Network Information Collection (panic)
PATIENT Protecting against Attacks Tunneling In Encrypted Network Tunnels
paws Protocol to Access White Space database (PAWS)
Pce Path Computation Element
pdap Personal Digital Agent Protocol
PEPPERMINT Provisioning Extensions in Peering Registries for Multimedia INTerconnection
perpass The perpass list is for IETF discussion of pervasive monitoring.
Pidloc Issues in hardware based Internet of Things authentication
Pilots-ag IETF Pilots Affiliate Group
pim Protocol Independent Multicast
pkix PKIX Working Group
plasma The PoLicy Augmented S/Mime (plasma) bof discussion list.
Plus Discussion of a Path Layer UDP Substrate (PLUS) protocol for in-band management of in-network state for UDP-encapsulated transport protocols.
pm-dir Performance Metrics Directorate Discussion list
pntaw Discussion list for practices related to proxies, NATs, TURN, and WebRTC
pop3ext Discussion of extensions and updates to Post Office Protocol (POP3)
Ports-team-internal Ports Team Internal Discussion
Posh PKIX over Secure HTTP
Ppm Privacy Preserving Measurement technologies
Pppext PPP Extensions
ppsp discussing to draw up peer to peer streaming protocol
Pqc Post Quantum Cryptography discussion list
precis Preparation and Comparison of Internationalized Strings
Privacy-pass Privacy Pass Protocol
provreg EPP discussion list
Proxies Discussion list for ad hoc group interested in security and proxies
Qlog qlog logging format
QOS_INBAND Discussion of in-band methods for Quality-of-service signaling
QUIC Main mailing list of the IETF QUIC working group
quic-issues Notification list for GitHub issues related to the QUIC WG
radext RADIUS EXTensions working group discussion list
RATS Remote ATtestation procedureS
Rdma-cc-interest Congestion Control for Large Scale HPC/RDMA Data Centers
Recentattendees Recent IETF Attendees
recipe RECIPE (Reducing Energy Consumption with Internet Protocols Exploration)
regext Registration Protocols Extensions
Remote-mentors List for IETF remote mentors.
Resolverless-dns Resolverless DNS
Restconf-next-dt RESTCONF Next Design Team
rfc-editor-rfi RFC Editor RFI Discussion
Rfc-markdown rfc-markdown is a discussion list for people writing I-Ds and RFCs in Markdown and the authors of the tools used for that.
Rfc6761bis rfc6761bis discussion list
Rfp-announce Announcement of IETF RFPs
RIFT Discussion of Routing in Fat Trees
Rohc Robust Header Compression
Roll Routing Over Low power and Lossy networks
Roll-bier-dt ROLL WG Design Team for bitstring addressing. See https://trac.ietf.org/trac/roll/wiki/roll-bier-dt
Rosa Routing on Service Addresses
routing-discussion Routing Area General Discussion list
RPSEC Routing Protocol Security Requirements
rserpool Reliable Server Pooling
Rt-media-ng Discussion of new architecture and protocol updates to Real-Time Media (Voice and Video) over IP
rtcweb Real-Time Communication in WEB-browsers working group list
Rtg-bfd RTG Area: Bidirectional Forwarding Detection DT
rtg-dir Routing Area Directorate
Rtg-dt-encap-considerations Routing Area Design Team on Encapsulation Considerations discussion list
Rtg-dt-yang-arch Routing Area Yang Architecture Design Team
Rtg-mibs Routing MIB experts
Rtg-ooam-dt List is used by the Routing Area Overlay OAM Design team for internal coordination and discussion
rtg-open-source Discussion and collaboration for Open Source efforts related to the Routing Area
rtgwg Routing Area Working Group
saag Security Area Advisory Group
sacm SACM WG mail list
Sadcdn Securing Ancillary Data for Communicating with Devices in the Network
SAFE Self-Address Fixing Evolution
salud Sip ALerting for User Devices working group discussion list
sami State Migration
sat The purpose of this mailing-list is to discuss the secure asset transfer (SAT) protocol and related aspects.
Sat-int Discussion of the IETF technologies for satellite networking for NTN integration for 5G and Beyond.
savnet Source Address Validation in Intra-domain and Inter-domain Networks
Schc Static Context Header Compression
scim Simple Cloud Identity Management BOF
SCITT Supply Chain Integrity, Transparency, and Trust
Scsn Scalable Clock Synchronization Network- Discussion of Scalable Clock Synchronization Network.
Scuba-ag IETF SCUBA Diving Affiliate Group
sdp-directorate-private Private mailing list for administrative discussions of the members of the SDP directorate.
Sdwan-sec Handling IPsec configurations in large scale SD-WAN deployment with constrained resources
secdir Security Area Directorate
Secdispatch Security Dispatch
Secret Secure Credential Transfer
secretariat-2012 Discussion of the 2012 Secretariat SOW
Sedate Serialising Extended Data About Times and Events
sfc Network Service Chaining
Sframe Secure Media Frames
shim6 SHIM6 Working Group Mailing List
Shutup SMTP Headers Unhealthy To User Privacy
Sica Standard Interface for Cryptographic APIs
sidr Secure Interdomain Routing
Sidrops A list for the SIDR Operations WG
siesta SessIon layEr SecuriTy Approach discussion list.
sieve SIEVE Working Group
Sigtran Signaling Transport
sip-clf SIP Common Log File format discussion list
sip-http-events SIP HTTP Events
sip-ops SIP Operations
sipapis Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for Rich Internet Applications (RIA) discussion list.
sipcore SIP Core Working Group
siprec SIP Recording Working Group Discussion List
skex Symmetric Key Exchange
SLIM Selection of Language for Internet Media
smartobject-interest Discussion of Smart Objects
smartobjectdir Smart Object Directorate
smime SMIME Working Group
Sml Structured Email
Snac Mailing list for discussing problems relating to the automatic connection of stub networks to existing infrastructure networks.
Snmp-tlstm-reg-review SNMP TLSTM Registration Review
Softwires softwires wg discussion list
solace "Smart Object Lifecycle Architecture for Constrained Environments" discussion list
sop Service Orchestration and Desciption for Cloud Services
spam Bulk Unsolicited Mail discussion
Spasm This is the mail list for the LAMPS Working Group
spb-isis The members of this list will discuss the requirements, functionality and extensions to ISIS to support 802.1aq.
spfbis SPFbis discussion list
SPICE Secure Patterns for Internet CrEdentials
SPKM Low Infrastructure Public Key GSS mechanism
spring Source Packet Routing in NetworkinG (SPRING)
Spud Session Protocol Underneath Datagrams
Srcomp Compressed SRv6 SID Design Team
sshmgmt This list will discuss SSH key management practices. The starting point will be to consider what to do with draft-ylonen-sshkeybcp
ssm Source-Specific Multicast
stir Secure Telephone Identity Revisited
Storagesync Mechanisms to synchronize client file systems with Internet-based data storage services
storm Storage Maintenance WG
Story-telling-ag IETF Story-Telling
Suit Software Updates for Internet of Things
sunset4 sunset4 working group discussion list
SUPA This list is to discuss SUPA (Simplified Use of Policy Abstractions) related issues.
Svt Signature Validation Tokens
Syslog Security Issues in Network Event Logging
systers List for organising BoFs and other events related to the participation of women in the IETF standards process.
tae Transport Architecture Evolution
tao-discuss Discussion of the Tao of the IETF
tap Test Anything Protocol WG discussions
Taps IETF Transport Services (TAPS) Working Group
tcpm TCP Maintenance and Minor Extensions Working Group
tcpPrague To coordinate implementation and standardisation of TCP Prague across platforms. TCP Prague will be an evolution of DCTCP designed to live alongside other TCP variants and derivatives.
Tdd Technology Deep Dives
Teas Traffic Engineering Architecture and Signaling working group discussion list
TEEP A Protocol for Dynamic Trusted Execution Environment Enablement
Terminology Effective Terminology in IETF Documents
therightkey Discussion of proposals developed in response to rattacks on the Internet security infrastructure
TICTOC Timing over IP Connection and Transfer of Clock BOF
Tigress Transfer dIGital cREdentialS Securely
tlp-interest Discussion of proposed revisions to the Trust Legal Provisions
TLS This is the mailing list for the Transport Layer Security working group of the IETF.
tls-reg-review TLS REVIEW
Tm-rid Drone Remote Identification Protocol
Tofoo Discussion list for Tunneling over Foo (with)in IP networks (TOFOO).
Tools-discuss IETF Tools Discussion
Tools-help Tools-help
Training-wgchairs WGChairs Training
Trans Public Notary Transparency working group discussion list
Transport-nbi-dt Transport Network Controller Northbound Interface Design Team
trill Developing a hybrid router/bridge.
trust-router ABFAB Trust Router discussion list.
Tsv-art Transport Area Review Team
Tsv-triage TSV Triage Team
tsvwg Transport Area Working Group
Tvr Time-Variant Routing
Tzdist-bis Extensions to Time Zone Data Distribution Service
Tzdist-service Discussion of Time Zone Distribution Service registration requests
Unbearable "This list is for discussion of proposals for doing better than bearer tokens (e.g. HTTP cookies, OAuth tokens etc.) for web applications. The specific goal is chartering a WG focused on preventing security token export and replay attacks."
Unwanted-trackers This is the mailing list for the Detecting Unwanted Location Trackers working group of the IETF.
Uri-review Proposed URI Schemes
urn Revisions to URN RFCs
usefor Ongoing discussion of usefor issues.
Uta UTA working group mailing list
Uuidrev Revise Universally Unique Identifier Definitions
V3 Discussion of V3 BOF for replacements for SIPv2, SDPv2, and RTPv2
v6ops v6ops discussion list
VCARDDAV IETF vcarddav wg mailing list
Vcon container for conversation data
Videomgmt MIB development for the Video Industry
vmeet IETF remote participation meeting services discussion
vnfpool Discussion list for virtual network function resource pooling.
vot Vectors of Trust discussion list
VPIM Voice Profile for Internet Mail Discussion Archive
vpn4dc Discussion of requirements and solutions for establishing end-to-end IP connectivity through tVPNs for data center and cloud services
vrrp Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol
vwrap Virtual World Region Agent Protocol - IETF working group
w3c-ietf-coord Management-level discussions between W3C and IETF on topics of interest to both SDOs
WAX Web Attribute Exchange
Webauthn-reg-review Registration requests should be sent to the mailing list described in [draft-hodges-webauthn-registries, Section 17].
webfinger Discussion of the Webfinger protocol proposal in the Applications Area
Webpush Discussion of potential IETF work on a web push protocol
websec Web Application Security Minus Authentication and Transport
Webtransport WebTransport WG
wellknown-uri-review Well-Known URI review list
WgGuide Discussion of IETF Working Group Guidelines and Procedures
Wimse WIMSE Workload Identity in Multi-Service Environment
Wish WebRTC Ingest Signaling over HTTPS
Witarea Web and Internet Transport (WIT) Area
Wpack Web Packaging
XCON Centralized Conferencing
xml2rfc XML2RFC discussion list
xmpp XMPP Working Group
yam Yet Another Mail working group discussion list
yang-doctors Email list of the yang-doctors directorate
Yang-multicast YANG Multicast
Yc-announce yangcatalog.org announcement list
Yot Yang of Things

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