Process experiments

BCP 93 defines a process for time-limited experimental changes to the IETF standards process.

Key Info

Process experiments, described by RFC 3933, provide an approach to making changes to IETF prices that echoes the "running code" approach to informing that standards setting process. Process experiments adopt a "propose and carry out an experiment, evaluate the experiment, and then establish permanent procedures based on operational experience" model.

This page lists experiments under way and links to a separate status page for each one.


  • [1] RFC 3933
    A Model for IETF Process Experiments

    The IETF has designed process changes over the last ten years in one of two ways: announcement by the IESG, sometimes based on informal agreements with limited community involvement and awareness, and formal use of the same mechanism used for protocol specification. The first mechanism has often p…

  • [2] RFC 5111
    Experiment in Exploratory Group Formation within the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)

    This document describes an RFC 3933 experiment in the Working Group formation process, known as the Exploratory Group. Exploratory Groups may be created as the first step toward Working Group formation, or as an intermediate step between a Birds of a Feather (BOF) session and Working Group creatio…