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IETF mailing lists delivery issues update

14 May 2024

Last week, the mailing list systems for the IETF, IRTF, IAB, IESG and RFC-Editor were migrated from Mailman 2 to Mailman 3. During several periods immediately after migration, mailing lists were not reliably distributing emails sent to them. We believe all email now is being delivered correctly to mailing lists.

If you have previously sent an email message to a list and it does not appear in the IETF Mailarchives, please retransmit that message.

The IETF Mailarchives remain a reliable record of messages actually distributed to lists. The archive of any list can be checked to confirm whether a message sent to the list has been distributed. If a message was distributed to the list, then it will be in the archive; if a message is not in the archive, then it was not distributed to the list.

As previously noted, all existing lists and list subscriptions have carried forward. List subscribers and owners for email lists at,, and will be redirected to the new, intuitive Mailman 3 web interface, Postorius. There is a step at first login where a subscriber will have to prove the ability to receive mail at the address being logged in with, and the subscriber will establish a new password. 

Once a subscriber has created a user at, that same login information will be used for,,and

Additional information will be provided directly to list administrators and moderators about updates in Mailman 3 to those roles. We do not expect to post further general updates about the mailing list transition. Further questions or discussion should be directed to the mailing list.

Update: 2024-05-14 2140 UTC

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