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Support the IETF

The IETF relies on a variety of support to ensure its work remains open, accessible, and available to anyone around the world.

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) is the premiere Internet standards body that creates open protocols to ensure that the global Internet is built on the highest-quality technical standards. These standards, shaped by rough consensus and informed by running code, are developed by leading engineering and technical experts from around the world, acting in their individual capacities. IETF processes are open and transparent, and IETF standards are freely available to anyone. 

Standards and protocols developed at the IETF provide a core framework for today’s online world. Everything from video conferencing, to email, to cloud storage is built on standards developed in the IETF community. In short, our work makes the Internet work better. 

Be a part of ensuring a global Internet for all by offering your support to the IETF today! You can review our gift acceptance policy for additional information.

Areas in Need of Your Support

Endowment Support

The IETF Endowment is a designated fund created to ensure the long-term sustainability of the IETF. Gifts made to the IETF Endowment are investments in the future of IETF, and will help IETF reach its goal of financial independence. This independence is an important factor in avoiding undue influence from any single individual or organization in the development of standards and protocols. A fully-funded IETF Endowment also will ensure that the work of the IETF, including the standards documents it produces, will be available in perpetuity, maintaining a critical resource for building technology of the future. 

Thanks to a generous gift from the Internet Society, all gifts made to the Endowment through 2027 will be matched, allowing your donation to go further! 

Make a gift online to the IETF Endowment today.

Meeting Sponsorship

Three times a year, the IETF community of engineers, technologists, developers, and other experts gather at rotating locations around the world—or online—to learn from each other, to test emerging standards, and to advance new ideas. These meetings bring together more than 1,000 participants and require significant technological infrastructure. Please visit the IETF Meeting Sponsor page to learn more about supporting the IETF meetings.

Outreach Programs

Anyone can participate in the open processes used by the IETF, and the technical standards the IETF produces are improved with more diverse and inclusive participation. A variety of programs help realize these ideals by providing a path to sustained engagement for those who would otherwise face difficulties participating in the IETF, as well as outreach efforts in underrepresented regions around the world. More details about this program are coming soon. Please contact Director of Development Lee-Berkeley for more information. 

Operating Support 

The work of the IETF and the IETF Administration LLC happens all year long. IETF participants collaborate on standards development remotely through mailing lists and online forums to ensure that progress continues between official gatherings. All-volunteer leadership meet regularly to monitor the progress of work in development and chart the course ahead. The IETF Administration keeps systems operating, bills paid, technology working, meetings planned, and data managed. The costs of connecting the IETF community to one another are not insignificant, and we welcome your support to allow us to be the most efficient we can be. Operating funds will be used to support wherever the need is greatest at the time given. Any unused operating funds at the end of a fiscal year will be transferred to the IETF Endowment.

How to Make a Gift 

Credit Card Payment Online

To make a gift via credit card, click here to go to our online donation portal. If you need assistance navigating this portal, please contact Director of Development Lee-Berkeley Shaw, who can assist you with processing your gift. 

Wire Transfer

IETF welcomes wire transfers, which saves us credit card processing fees, and avoids the unpredictability of mail options. To receive our Wire Transfer Instructions, please email contact Director of Development Lee-Berkeley Shaw

Donation via Check or Cash

To make a gift via check or cash, please include contact information for yourself (an email is sufficient) and any gift designations you may have, and for checks, please make to: IETF Administration, LLC. These can be mailed to:

IETF Administration LLC
5177 Brandin Court
Fremont, CA  94538
United States

You will receive confirmation of your donation, as well as a tax acknowledgement upon receipt. 

Charitable Trust

Donations made directly through a charitable trust must be made to the Internet Society on IETF’s behalf. We ask that you alert IETF if you intend to make such a gift, and include IETF Endowment in your gift designation. Relevant information needed might include:

EIN: 54-1650477

Mailing Address: Internet Society
ATTN: IETF Endowment
11710 Plaza America Drive

Please contact IETF’s Development Department for additional information.

Donation of Stock

The IETF would be pleased to accept gifts of stock. Gifts of stock may be directed towards either operating support or the Endowment. If you wish to make other arrangements or would like to request our Stock Donation Instruction Sheet, contact Director of Development Lee-Berkeley Shaw

Legacy Bequest 

If you are considering leaving a bequest to IETF in your will, we encourage you to let us know. We’d be pleased to help with any information you may need to complete paperwork, and happy to talk through ways to designate that gift to represent your wishes most impactfully. Please contact Director of Development Lee-Berkeley Shaw

Contact the IETF Development team

Contact the IETF Development team for more information about how you can support open Internet standards.

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