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Administrative policies and procedures

The IETF Administration LLC publishes its policies and procedures here.

Any questions regarding these policies should be directed to the IETF Executive Director in the first instance.

Governance Policies

Adopted by the IETF LLC Board following community consultation:

IETF LLC Code of Conduct
IETF LLC Conflict of Interest Policy
IETF LLC Records Retention and Management Policy
IETF LLC Travel & Expense Reimbursement Policy
IETF LLC Whistleblower Policy
IETF LLC Endowment Policy
IETF LLC Community Engagement Policy
IETF LLC Infrastructure and Services Vulnerability Disclosure

Operational Policies and related documents

Adopted by the LLC Board for internal use:

IETF LLC Email Address Policy for Staff
IETF LLC Board Electronic Voting Procedures
IETF LLC Board Minutes Approval
IETF LLC Investment Policy Statement
IETF LLC Board/ED Delegated Authorities
IETF LLC Accounting Policy
IETF LLC Objectively False IPR Disclosure Policy
IETF LLC Records Retention Schedule
IETF LLC Charitable Contribution Acceptance Policy
IETF LLC OFAC Compliance Policy
IETF LLC Risk Management Policy
IETF LLC Risk Register

Covered individuals and compliance

The governance policies above apply to 'Covered Individuals', defined as follows:

The IETF Administration LLC (“IETF LLC”) Board Directors, employees and contractors, as well as any volunteers and/or agents who are formally authorized to act on behalf of IETF LLC in some capacity and are considered by the LLC to be acting in that capacity (collectively, “Covered Individuals”).

Who is not a Covered Individual? IETF participants, IRTF participants, IESG members, the IRTF Chair, IAB members, IAB program members, working group chairs, research group chairs, directorate participants, the Independent Submissions Editor, the Independent Submissions Editorial Board, NOC volunteers, Tools team volunteers, the Ombudsteam, the Sergeants-at-arms, trustees of the IETF Trust, and any individual not involved in the IETF, except if such individuals are formally authorized as Covered Individuals (such as an IETF LLC Board Director).

The IETF LLC functions are performed and/or overseen by the Covered Individuals described above. All Covered Individuals must adhere to the various policies adopted by the IETF LLC from time to time.

We recommend that Covered Individuals watch the compliance video to assist in their reading of these policies.

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