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IETF LLC Whistleblower Policy

Reports of potential violations of IETF LLC policies, Code of Conduct, or applicable laws are protected by this policy.

Who is a Covered Individual? The IETF Administration LLC (“IETF LLC”) Board Directors, employees and contractors, as well as any volunteers and/or agents who are formally authorized to act on behalf of IETF LLC in some capacity and are considered by the LLC to be acting in that capacity (collectively, “Covered Individuals”).

Who is not a Covered Individual? IETF participants, IRTF participants, IESG members, the IRTF Chair, IAB members, IAB program members, working group chairs, research group chairs, directorate participants, the Independent Submissions Editor, the Independent Submissions Editorial Board, NOC volunteers, Tools team volunteers, the Ombudsteam, the Sergeants-at-arms, trustees of the IETF Trust, and any individual not involved in the IETF, except if such individuals are formally authorized as Covered Individuals (such as an IETF LLC Board Director).

It is the policy of IETF LLC not to retaliate against good faith reports of inappropriate, unethical or illegal conduct. Anyone may submit such reports.

Reporting Responsibility 

All Covered Individuals have the responsibility to promptly report violations, or concerns regarding potential violations of IETF LLC policies, its Code of Conduct, or applicable laws, regulations or ethical standards.

Reporting Procedure 

Violations or concerns regarding potential violations may be reported directly through the IETF LLC Whistleblower Hotline or to any individual IETF LLC Board Director, the IETF Chair, or any other IETF LLC reporting mechanism.

Anonymous Reports 

The person making the report can choose to do so anonymously, if they so wish.

Report Processing 

All reports shall be promptly investigated by the IETF LLC Board in consultation with the Executive Director and, if necessary, legal counsel. Covered Individuals who may be implicated in such reports shall not participate in any deliberation of the Board related to the complaint, except to present information directly to the Board on their own behalf.

The investigation shall assess the complaint and determine what, if any, course of action is appropriate to take in response. IETF LLC will make every effort to treat a complainant’s identity (if it is known) with an appropriate regard for confidentiality, with the understanding that the details of complaints may need to be shared with others in order to investigate such complaints properly.

No complainant (whether or not a Covered Individual) who has made a complaint in good faith shall suffer harassment or retaliation for such complaint by a Covered Individual. Any Covered Individual who retaliates against a complainant acting in good faith will be subject to appropriate discipline, including termination. A Covered Individual who makes a report in bad faith will be subject to appropriate discipline, including termination of their relationship with IETF LLC.

Policy version: 1
Last updated: 31-October-2019