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Open records

The IETF operates in an open and transparent fashion and we publish open records of most of the contributions, submissions, statements, and communications that we receive.

Our open records are mix of document based data such as email messages or meeting minutes, structured data such as details of Working Groups, and raw data such as statistics on meeting attendance.

Our Privacy Statement explains our approach to transparency. For details of how our records are licensed please see the IETF Trust website.

Other sites with open records

In addition to this website, you can also access our open records on these other sites:

  • Datatracker. Through this tool you can find public data on all of our published documents (RFCs and Internet-Drafts), working groups and teams, meetings and proceedings, IPR disclosures, liaison statements and statistics. You can also use the Datatracker API to access data programmatically.
  • Mail Archive. This allows you to search the archives of all of our public mailing lists. It provides a unique and permanent URL for every email message received.
  • RFC Editor website. This provides access to all RFCs in a variety of formats through a number of mechanisms.

Statistics dashboards

Direct access to documents, records and raw data

Direct access is provided through two mechanisms: rsync at and HTTP at These mechanisms are more suited for local processing or archival purposes.

The following table explains what is available through what mechanism. The names are not consistent between services and so the rsync name is used if it exists, otherwise the next best is used.

Directory contents Rsync name HTTPS URL under
Repository of WG Charters charter /charter
The Internet-Draft Archive (active and expired) id-archive /archive/id/
The Internet-Draft Repository (currently active) internet-drafts /id/
Repository of Proceedings proceedings /proceedings {1}
Repository of RFCs rfc /rfc
Repository of Slide Documents slides /slides
A grouping of some of these records everything-ftp /ietf-ftp
Older list text archives concluded-wg-ietf-mail-archive /ietf-ftp/concluded-wg-ietf-mail-archive
Repository of Conflict Review documents conflict-reviews /ietf-ftp/conflict-reviews
Repository of Mailing List Text Archives mailman-archive /ietf-ftp/ietf-mail-archive
Repository of Status Change Documents status-changes /ietf-ftp/status-changes
IESG Minutes iesg-minutes NOT AVAILABLE BY HTTPS
Legacy material supporting long-lived URLs legacy-files NOT AVAILABLE BY HTTPS
The xml2rfc citation libraries xml2rfc.bibxml NOT AVAILABLE BY HTTPS
Jabber group chat logs NOT AVAILABLE BY RSYNC /jabber/logs {1}
ID and RFC indices NOT AVAILABLE BY RSYNC /download {1}
YANG modules NOT AVAILABLE BY RSYNC /ietf-ftp/yang


  • {1} Directory listing forbidden (error 403) but access to individual files is allowed

Review of these archives

We regularly review the contents of these records and the mechanisms by which they are provided and as a result of that, may delete some records or cease mechanisms in the future.