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IETF Guides program

The IETF Guides Program matches experienced IETF participants with new participants at IETF meetings in order to aid their integration into the IETF community through advice, help, and collected wisdom.

The guidance provided around and during an IETF meeting should speed up the time it takes for new participants to become active, contributing members of the IETF.

To Request a Guide

The Program focuses on assisting participants who are new to the IETF, participating in-person at an upcoming IETF meeting. However, any participant may request a guide. For more information, please review the FAQ for potential participants

To request a Guide for an upcoming IETF meeting, please visit the Request a Guide page and create an account. Be sure to fill out as much detail as you can (interested topics, arrival dates, home country, etc.) so we can find a Guide that best matches your needs.

To Become a Guide

A guide plays the role of advisor, coach and teacher, assisting program participants in developing the skills needed to participate effectively within the IETF standards process. For more information on the skills required, please see the FAQ for potential guides.

To sign up as a Guide for an upcoming IETF meeting, please visit the become a guide page, and create an account if you don't already have one. If you’ve been a guide in the past and requested your profile be saved, you still need to log into your profile to update your arrival date for the upcoming meeting. Also be sure to specify or update what topic areas you are interested in. We use this data to determine whether or not you are coming to each meeting, and whether you will be included in the pool of potential guides. 

NOTE: The IETF Guide Program matches participants and guides on a meeting-by-meeting basis. In the future, we hope to expand the program to provide matches outside of IETF meetings.