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Running Code

”We believe in rough consensus and running code” is an unofficial mantra of the IETF and underscores the value the community puts on work that makes a difference in the real world.

IETF Hackathon at IETF 95

The IETF relies heavily on dedicated volunteers to develop tools, design and deploy one of the most advanced networks during meetings, and run one of our most popular programs, the IETF Hackathon. Your sponsorship will be front and center for some of the IETF’s most attended events while supporting essential technology to support the work of the IETF.

IETF Hackthons

IETF Hackathons encourage developers and subject matter experts to collaborate and develop utilities, ideas, sample code and solutions that show practical implementations of IETF standards. In addition to providing valuable real-world implementation experience that informs technically excellent standards for the Internet, IETF Hackathons provide new and potential IETF participants with a way to get involved with the IETF.

Code Sprints

IETF Code Sprints, organized by the IETF Tools Team, bring together volunteers from the IETF community to work on code for the IETF Datatracker, mailing lists, and other tools used by the IETF community. Some people may be working on improvements in existing functionality, others may be adding exciting new functionality. All code will becomes part of the open source tools used to develop IETF specifications.

Running Code sponsors

IETF Running Code sponsors ensure IETF Hackathons remain accessible to as many participants as possible, especially those not already involved in the work of the IETF, and help connect the work of the IETF to the real-world needs of the organizations and individuals who depend on the Internet.


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Next IETF Hackathon

The IETF 121 Hackathon will be held Online and in Dublin.

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