• IETF 109 Online

    IETF 109 Online

    IETF 109 is an online meeting with sessions from 05:00 to 11:00 UTC/12:00 to 18:00 ICT each day 16-20 November. The IETF 109 Hackathon will take place 9-13 November.

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    Upcoming Meetings

    IETF Meetings are held three times per year around the world to promote in-person attendance by IETF participants. Interim meetings are organized between IETF meetings to focus on specific issues

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    Interim Meetings

    The work of the IETF is largely conducted over mailing lists; however, some working groups also occasionally hold "interim" meetings, either face-to-face or virtually.

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    Past Meetings

    List of all previous IETF meetings, records of the proceedings and post-meeting surveys

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    Meeting Planning and Community Requirements

    Information about how we plan where and when to hold our meetings, the community requirements that we aim to fulfil in venue selection, and policies regarding meeting planning..

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    Meeting Technology

    We use a variety of technologies to support meetings which we recommend participants are familiar with to get the most from the meetings.

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