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Logo and acronym

The IETF acronym and logo are registered trademarks. This page provides guidance for their use.

Using the IETF acronym and logo

1. Who owns the IETF acronym and logo?

Like all IETF intellectual property, they are owned by the IETF Trust.

2. Can I use the IETF acronym or logo without permission?

Usage of the IETF acronym and logo for any purpose beyond what is described below is strictly prohibited by the IETF trust without a specific grant of license. The form of license can be found at here.

Each license is subject to approval and acceptance by the IETF Trust.

Every use of the IETF logo or name must be in compliance with the trademark usage guidelines found here.

3. Who already has a license or will definitely get one?

The Internet Society, the IETF Secretariat, IETF meeting hosts and sponsors, and associated organizations such as the Internet Research Task Force, are or will be licensed. 

4. What usage is OK without a license?

The acronym "IETF" may be used factually in any online or traditional publication, in presentations and documents, and in press and media reports, as a descriptive term for the Internet Engineering Task Force. 

The same applies to other phrases such as "IETF Secretariat", "IETF Trust", "IETF Standard" or "IETF RFC".

The IETF logo may be used, without modification, to accompany descriptive text to refer specifically to the IETF organization itself or its work. The logo must be reproduced in the exact format, scale and colors displayed at

Neither the IETF name nor logo alone or in combination with other words may be used to claim support or endorsement for, or as an indication of origin of, any goods or services.

5. Can I change the logo?

Derivatives of the IETF logo may not be created or used without approval of and license from the IETF Trust, which will include assigning the rights in the derivative to the Trust. The IETF trust only grants the right to make derivatives of its logo on rare occasions, and only subject to strict terms and conditions.

The standard IETF logo can be found below.


The IETF logo is also available as a Scalable Vector Graphic.