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A unique end-of-year opportunity to ensure continued support for the work of the IETF

13 Dec 2021

The end-of-year is, for many, a season of charitable giving. As you weigh your giving options this season, the IETF Endowment is an option worthy of consideration.


The IETF Endowment was established in 2012 to help support the activities of the IETF. The goal is to build a fund that can ensure the sustainability of the IETF and its work into the future by building financial independence from any single funder or entity. In comparison to many other standards organizations, the IETF is not a “pay-to-play” organization, thereby ensuring that all participants have an equal voice. However, this is only possible through the generous support of a small set of donors from a handful of industries with no long term guarantee of support.  

A strong endowment will provide a long-term guarantee that the IETF remains independent, and is safe from any single point of failure or market change. 

Right now is a great time to give to the IETF Endowment. Thanks to a generous matching opportunity provided by the Internet Society, for every dollar given to the IETF Endowment the IETF will receive a 2:1 match up to US$12M, and a 1:1 match for another US$6M. Your gift will truly triple in value thanks to their support. In many circumstances, a gift to the IETF Endowment is also tax deductible. 

I invite you to take a look at the newly refreshed information about the IETF Endowment and, if you feel so inclined, to make a gift today.

If you’d like to talk through the process and/or how the funds will be managed in greater detail, I also encourage you to reach out to me, and we can discuss the particulars. Even if you’re not considering a gift at this time, I welcome an introductory conversation, as I do want to hear from you and continue to learn about the community and your needs. 

photo: Stonehouse Photographic/IETF

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