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Welcome to IETF 86!

8 Mar 2013

I would like to welcome you all to Orlando, where the 86th IETF meeting starts on Sunday!

Orlando Picture

All the details of the meeting’s agenda and other important information is available from the IETF web page.

I arrived in sunny Orlando today. The staff and volunteers have already been on site for some time, working hard to prepare for the meeting. The meeting network is coming up, and everything looks to be ready for the meeting to begin.

IETF 86 Gear

Comcast and NBCUniversal are hosting this IETF.  They have also arranged an exciting social event on Tuesday evening at an exclusive location inside Islands of Adventure® at Universal Orlando® Resort. Bright House Networks is sponsoring the network connectivity. Polycom is a meeting sponsor. I would like to thank our hosts and sponsors. Their big contribution makes it possible to have a good meeting here. Thanks!

I would also like to highlight a few items in our meeting agenda that were particularly interesting for me at least:

  • On Saturday, March 9th, volunteers meet in a Code Sprint event, working together to build tools to enable IETF work more efficiently. Please join us!
  • On Sunday, March 10th, Bob Hinden from the administrative oversight committee will explain IETF finances in Caribbean 6.
  • On Tuesday and Thursday, the RTCweb working group meets to discuss this new technology that is enabling browsers to act as phones.
  • Software defined networking topics are discussed in the I2RS working group and the SDNRG research group.
  • Many working groups discuss technology necessary to build the Internet of Things. For instance, on Tuesday the CORE meets to discuss its lightweight protocol to replace HTTP for small devices. Other working groups to follow include ROLL and LWIG.
  • Improved authentication mechanisms for HTTP are being discussed on Tuesday in the HTTPAUTH session.
  • The ECRIT working group defines mechanisms necessary to support emergency communications. Their meeting is on Wednesday.
  • On Monday evening, the whole IETF meets in the technical plenary to discuss the technical and regulatory impacts of decommissioning the plain old telephone system or POTS.
  • The LMAP BOF is discussing large-scale measurements to look broadband quality across large areas and providers.

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