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  • IETF 116 Yokohama registration now open

    Registration is now open for IETF 116 Yokohama

    • Jay DaleyIETF Executive Director
    24 Nov 2022
  • IETF 115 post-meeting survey

    IETF 115 London was held 5-11 November 2022

    • Jay DaleyIETF Executive Director
    22 Nov 2022
  • Catching up on IETF 115

    Recordings are now available for sessions held during the IETF 115 meeting and the IETF Hackathon, where more than 1500 participants gathered in London and online 5-11 November 2022.

      13 Nov 2022
    • Opportunities for university researchers and students during IETF 115

      The upcoming IETF 115 meeting in London on 5-11 November 2022 is a unique opportunity for networking researchers to learn how RFCs are written, to engage with the Internet standards community to begin to develop research impact, and to meet more than 1,000 leading technologists from around the world currently working in industry, academia, and other organizations.

        1 Nov 2022
      • Suggested IETF 115 Sessions for Getting Familiar with New Topics

        These IETF 115 meeting sessions are likely to include discussions and new proposals that are accessible to a broad range of Internet technologists whether they are new to the IETF or long-time participants.

          24 Oct 2022

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        IETF Website Status Update

        • Russ HousleyIETF Website Revamp Project Manager

        18 Dec 2017

        Thanks to everyone who provided further input about the revamped website around IETF 100.

        This was the third round of IETF community input this year.  In addition, we gathered input from people for whom the IETF is important but don’t necessarily participate in the IETF. This input has led to a better revamped website in a variety of ways, such as organizing the content to make it more intuitive to access for people new to the IETF, improving accessibility, and making it work better on mobile devices.

        The latest round of input from IETF participants raised a few additional points to be addressed:

        • Some feedback noted that the “Quick Links” page accessible via 1-click (via the “Tools” top-menu item) from anywhere in the website was difficult to parse. In response, the layout for displaying the items/links has been updated.  See  And, of course, this can be further refined.
        • It was also suggested that the meeting pages on the new site follow the current practice of making all the links immediately visible. The content management system template for those pages will be updated to make all meeting pages are displayed that way by default.

        There were a few additional comments about things such as the crispness of font display, vertical padding, and font sizes but it was not clear to what extent these are general issues or what action might be taken at this point to address them. Feedback to improve the website is encouraged and can be submitted via

        Based on the input received, the current plan is to move the revamped website to production on 11 January 2018. This plan has been shared with the Community Review Committee established by the IETF website revamp project’s Scope of Work, with IETF Tools team, and with the IAOC and the IESG.

        While the goal is to anticipate and implement measures needed to ensure a smooth transition, the IETF Secretariat and the web development vendor are prepared to pay extra attention to fixing quickly any issues that arise in the weeks after the cut over to production.

        URL continuity will be an area of focus during the transition. Based on the experience of previous IETF website transitions, there will likely be some URLs that end up resolving differently after the new website goes into production. Specific plans for maintaining continuity for all the URLs specified the SOW, as well as others identified in the process of the website development, will be documented and, to the extent possible, tested before the move to production takes place.

        For the past few months, in preparation for the cut over, we have been maintaining two parallel websites. That work needs to stop are soon as possible.The existing website will continue to exist in its current state, and will accessible in some manner, just as the previous website does at  The URL for that has not yet been decided, but will be determined before the new website goes live.

        update 2022-04-18: the site is no longer available; as of this date, the previous website is available at

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