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IETF Endowment

The IETF Endowment is a designated investment fund created in support of IETF and its activities, and intended to ensure the long-term sustainability of the IETF.

The IETF Endowment is a designated investment fund created in support of the Internet Engineering Task Force and its activities, intended to ensure the long-term sustainability of the IETF. It is governed by an IETF Endowment Policy, which outlines the structure of the IETF Endowment, as well as the acceptance, withdrawal, and use of funds. The IETF Endowment investments are overseen by the IETF Administration LLC and managed by Goldman Sachs under the legal and financial standards of the state of Delaware in the United States. For additional information about the IETF Endowment, please contact the IETF LLC's Director of Development, Lee-Berkeley Shaw.

Be part of the IETF Endowment by offering your support through a donation online today.

Donations made directly through a charitable trust or DAFs must be made to the Internet Society on IETF’s behalf. We ask that you alert IETF if you intend to make such a gift, and include "IETF Endowment" in your gift designation. Relevant information needed might include:

EIN: 54-1650477

Mailing Address: Internet Society
ATTN: IETF Endowment
11710 Plaza America Drive #400, Reston, VA 20190

By supporting the IETF Endowment, you are championing the following:

Open Standards & Broad Participation

The IETF is a global standards-setting organization, intentionally created without a membership structure so that anyone with the technical competency can participate in an individual capacity. This lack of membership ensures its position as the primary neutral standards body because participants cannot exert influence as they could in a pay-to-play organization where members, companies, or governments pay fees to set the direction. IETF standards are reached by rough consensus, allowing the ideas with the strongest technical merit to rise to the surface. 

Further, these standards that advance technology, increase security, and further connect individuals on a global scale are freely available, ensuring small-to-midsize companies and entrepreneurs anywhere in the world are on equal footing with the large technology companies.

With a community from around the world, and an increased focus on diversity in all its forms, IETF seeks to ensure that the global Internet has input from the global community, and represents the realities of all who use it. 

Technology of the Future

The IETF has been around as long as the modern Internet, and much of the way we use the Internet today is predicated upon the standards developed in the IETF. Web conferencing, email, calendaring, online security, and the rapid transfer of data are all possible in large part due to standards developed by IETF participants, and then implemented by companies around the world.

As the Internet continues to evolve, so does the work of IETF. Our participants are continually updating existing protocols and anticipating emerging needs, while creating building blocks for the infrastructure needed for what lies ahead. The IETF attracts diverse and deep expertise from industry, academia, engineering, and civil society to anticipate what’s needed and respond. No single company or government brings the depth and breadth of knowledge to their work as the IETF community.

Preserving the Technical Archive

A gift to the IETF Endowment ensures that nearly 10,000 RFCs created over the last 35 years will remain freely available for reference in perpetuity via the RFC archive. The IETF Endowment will help ensure that whatever the future of the RFC Series that documents the technical building blocks of the Internet as we currently understand it, the records and technical expertise that the Internet is predicated upon remain resources for whoever and whatever comes next.

Independent Ideas and Independent Finances

At present, the majority of IETF funding comes from a single source, the Internet Society (ISOC). Direct funding from IETF participants is mostly limited to IETF meetings in the form of sponsorships and registration fees.

Recently, in a significant shift in structure, the IETF moved the legal and administrative home of the IETF away from ISOC and to the new IETF Administration LLC. While this LLC is still legally owned by ISOC, it is not controlled by ISOC and operates entirely independently. This change reflects this growing maturity of the IETF as an organization.

The next step in this growing maturity is to secure the long term stability and financial independence of the IETF.  While IETF remains incredibly appreciative of the generous support of ISOC, as a newly formed organization, the IETF LLC seeks to diversify our funding sources to ensure financial independence and thus shield itself from the single point of failure that is relying on any single funding source, including ISOC. The IETF Endowment is the primary vehicle by which the IETF hopes to build those resources which will allow this work to continue as long as needed.

Make an Impact Today!

Now is a great time to donate to the IETF Endowment, as the Internet Society (ISOC) has made a matching pledge with a 2-for-1 match on the first $12 million raised and a 1-for-1 match on the next $6 million, which could see us raise an additional $30 million for the IETF Endowment. Our goal is to raise $50M by 2027. As of 2021, we have raised just over $3.4M. We need your help to close that gap! Act before the match expires and your gift will have double the impact!

IETF Endowment Flagship Donors

For contributions of US$1,000,000+

ISOC Sponsorship
RIPE Logo horizontal
IETF Endowment Benefactor Donor

For contributions of US$100,000 - US$999,999

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IETF Endowment Leadership Donors

For contributions of US$25,000 - US$99,999

Craigslist Charitable Fund


Intel Corporation

IETF Endowment Champion Donor

For contributions of US$10,000 - US$24,999


Stuart Cheshire

Fenner Family Fund

IETF Endowment Legacy Donors

For contributions of US$1,000 - US$9,999

Association Management Solutions

Michael Bishop

Brandie Gaines

Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP

Marc Petit-Huguenin

James Schaad

Robert Sparks

Michael St. Johns

P. Thomas Taylor

IETF Endowment Sustaining Donors

For contributions of US$1 - US$999

Joe Abley * Bernard Adoba * Alain Aina * Walid Al-Saqaf * Harald Alvestrand * Maja Andjelkovic * Jari Arkko * Cathy Aronson * Alia Atlas * Nathan Aw * Sebastian Bachollet * Souma Badombena Wanta * Howie Baggott * Bart Bakker * Edward Beroset * Michael Bishop * David Black * Marc Blanchet * Don & Jane Blumenthal * Laura Boehm * Ronald Bonica * John Border * Nathaniel Borenstein * Carsten Bormann * Henrique Borsatto de Campos * Kathy Brown * Eric Brunner-Williams * Eric Burger * Scott Burleigh * Randy Bush * Ross Callon * Gonzalo Camarillo * Ben Campbell * Stuart Card * Neal Cardwell * Olga Cavalli * Vinton Cerf * Anastasios Chatzithomaoglou * Stuart Cheshire * Andrew Chi * Joseph Chiu Kit * Joyce Choong * Benoit Claise * Fred Clark * Josh Cohen * Steve & Wendy Conte * Andre Copelin * Michelle Cotton * Kevin Craemer * Stephen Crocker * John Curran * Paul Dawkins * Spencer Dawkins * Quentin De Coninck * Esko Dijk * Nitsan Dolev-Elfassy * Ralph Droms * Linda Dunbar * Ian Duncan * Francis Dupont * Nagarajan Duraisamy * Andrew Dvorsak * Donald Eastlake * Raúl Echeberría * Lars Eggert * Nalini Elkins * Mike English * Pranoop Erasani * Mehmet Ersue * Hiroshi Esaki * Hector Bryan Escobar * Senthilkumar Eswaran * Michele Fabbrini * Dino Farincci * Adrian Farrel * Jim Fenton * Heather Flanagan * Jothan Frakes * Pablo Frank * Richard Franks * Benjamin Fry * James Fuller * James Galvin * Randall Gellens * Yoel Gleizer * Bengt Gorden * Hiroyuki Goto * Dereck Green * Piotr Gregor * Chris Griffiths * Adrian Gropper * Vijay Gurbani * Samuel Gwinn * Jeffrey Haas * Brian Haberman * Jamal Hadi Salim * Joel Halpern * Stephen Hanna * Hans-Jörg Happel * Wesley Hardaker * Susan Hares * Len Hause * Thomas Haynes * Shraddha Hegde * Jeffrey Hensley * Robert Hinden * Jeffery Hodges * Paul Hoffman * Jake Holland * Russell Housley * Leonir Hoxha * Christian Huitema * Paul Izhutov * Ole Jacobsen * Anup Jaltade * Cullen Jennings * Bill Jensen * Jaime Jimenez * Richard Jimmerson * Olle E. Johansson * Merike Kaeo * Prashanth Kannan * Greg Kapfer * Lia Kiessling * Daniel King * Mike Kiser * Tero Kivinen * Mwendwa Kivuva * John Klensin * Werner Koch * Michael Kochell * Suresh Krishnan * Victor Kuarsingh * Markus Kummer * Tracey LaQuey Parker * Eliot Lear * Barry Leiba * Matthew Lepinski * John Levine * Richard Li * Wei Li * Zhenbin Li * Christopher Liljenstolpe * Zhuoyao Lin * Jason Livingood * Reanna Mader * Mathias Mahnke * Jean Mahoney * Kausik Majumdar * Allison Mankin * Jose Manuel Lucas * Gregorio Manzano * Jerome Mao * Hernâni Marques * Matthew Mathis * Satoru Matsushima * Bede McCall * Thomas McCarthy-Howe * Miles McCredie * Ira McDonald * Roelof Meijer * Alexey Melnikov * Bryan Mercado * George Michaelson * Desiree Miloshevic * Ngoc Tran Minh * Thomas Morgan * Kathleen Moriarty * Monique Morrow * Al Morton * Ahmad Muhanna * Karen Mulberry * Erik Muller * Sandra Murphy * Osamu Nakamura * Suhas Nandakumar * Anant Narayanan * Leandro Navarro * Michael Nelson * Takahiro Nemoto * Suhas Nishida * Yoshifumi Nishida * Karen O'Donoghue * David Oran * Jeff Osborn * Dimitri Papadimitriou * Tommy Pauly * Ray Pelletier * Hans Peter Dittler * Marc Petit-Huguenin * Hans Petter Holen * Philipp Pfeiffenberger * Harish Pillay * Antoni Przygienda * Simon Quinn * Dhananjaya Rao * Pete Resnick * Andrei Robachevsky * Dave Robin * Dan Romascanu * Barbara Roseman * Rob Roskin * Denis Rossati Ramos * Shoichi Sakane * Hugo Salgado * Aurelio Schellenbaum * Benson Schliesser * Heike Schlütter * Eve Schooler * Vigil Security * Karen Seo * Shoichi Shakane * Omer Shapira * Lee-Berkeley Shaw * Tim Shepard * Melinda Shore * Roman Shpount * Jasdip Singh * Valery Smyslov * Dina Solveig Jalkanen * Emiliano Spinella * Lynn St. Amour * Dorothy Stanley * Christopher Stevens * Martin Stiemerling * Andrew Sullivan * Atsushi Takahashi * Jeff Tantsura * Dan Tappan * Virat Tara * Nguyen Nguyen Thanh * Laura Thomson * John Todd * Todd Tolbert * Akira Tsukamoto * Shauna Turner * H.A.J.R. Uijterwaal * Patrick Uiterwijk * Paul Van Treese * Rudi Vansnick * Vladimir Vassilev * Christian Veenman * Alessandro Alberto Vesely * Rüdiger Volk * Bernard Volz * Daniel Voyer * Ye-Kui Wang * Haiguang Wang * Haiyang Wang * Christopher Wendt * Russ White * Bert Wijnen * Erik Wilde * Kay Williams * Robin Wilton * Lisa Winkler * Gregory Wood * John Woodworth * Dale Worley * Paul Wouters * Masato Yamanishi * Fan Yang * Jiankang Yao * Joseph Yee * Peter Yee * Yoshiro Yoneya * Dan York * Liangcheng Yu * Matthew Zekauskas * Lixia Zhang * Tianran Zhou * Wenri Zuo

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