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RFPs and Contracts

The IETF Administration LLC operates follows a formal and transparent process for contracting to ensure fairness and integrity.

RFP Process

Our process for RFPs is as follows:

  • The RFP is publicly issued, posted to this page and announced to the RFP Announcement Mailing List, which anyone can subscribe to. 
  • Potential bidders have until (issue date + 2 weeks) to submit any questions by email to  Questions will be treated as anonymous but not private, as explained below.  If you do not receive confirmation that your questions have been received within 24 hours then please resend until you do.
  • A written response to all questions is provided on or before (issue date + 3 weeks), direct to those parties that sent questions, by email to the RFP Announcement Mailing List and posted on this page.  The response will include the questions asked and the answers, but will not identify the company asking the question.  If required, the RFP may be updated to correct or clarify any issues identified.
  • Bids are due by (issue date + 4 weeks) by email to   If you do not receive confirmation that your bid has been received within 24 hours then please resend until you do.  The bid should include the following information:
  1. Executive summary
  2. Project approach including any assumptions.
  3. Project plan and schedule including when the work will begin and end, and any other milestones, as well as any dependencies that may delay delivery.
  4. Fee and payment schedule.  Fixed priced bids are preferred but if that is not possible then a maximum fee must be specified.
  5. Warranty including a proposal for fee reduction/refund due to late- or non-delivery 
  • The IETF Administration LLC and designated contractors and volunteers will select a preferred bid and notify the bidder by (issue date + 6 weeks).   The selection process may include questions by email and/or conference call. 
  • The IETF Administration LLC then enters into contract negotiation with the preferred bidder, based on its standard contract and using the relevant sections of the Statement of Work below.  If contract negotiation fails then a different preferred bidder may be chosen.
  • Contract negotiation is anticipated to complete by (issue date + 8 weeks) and result in the award of the contract.  All RFP contract awards are posted on this page and announced to the RFP Announcement Mailing List.  The terms of the contract are later posted publicly on this page, with the fee information and signatures (where possible) redacted.  In addition any Conflict of Interest declarations required of the preferred bidder are also posted publicly on our website.  This transparency is non-negotiable.
  • Work generally begins immediately after award of the contract, unless specified otherwise in the Statement of Work or negotiated contract.

Issued RFPs

The table below lists all RFPs issued by the IETF LLC.  Please note the following:

  • RFPs that are still open have "OPEN" in the Vendor/Contract columns
  • Not all RFPs have a Q&A
  • Award links to the announcement of the award of the contract.  Not all awards have been announced but all will be in future.
  • Contracts are posted with financial information and signatures (where possible) redacted.
  • The conflict of interest (COI) form posted is required of all contractors by IETF LLC Policy.  Where the contract was completed before this policy came into place, no COI form was requested.Trac and Subversion migration to GitHub RFP
  • For RFPs posted before the creation of the IETF LLC, please see the archived IAOC site.
May 31, 2021Author tools web services re-implementationRFP
May 17, 2021Trac and Subversion migration to GitHubRFPCLOSED
May 3, 2021Trac wiki migration to Wiki.jsRFP
May 3, 2021BibXML ServiceRFPCLOSED
July 16, 2020Review of current landscape of IETF document processing toolsRFPNot awardedNot awarded
June 29, 2020Reimplementing IETF Website Wagtail templatesRFP
SoW 2
Amendment 1
SoW 3
February 5, 2020Security Review and Remediation of the RFC Production Center Web Accessible CodeRFP
ZX SecurityAward
October 4, 2019Temporary RFC Series Project ManagerRFP
Standcore LLC
(John Levine)
Amendment 1
September 27, 2019Security Review and Remediation of the RFC Production Center Web Accessible CodeRFP
Not awardedNot awarded
September 13, 2019Automatic Schedule BuilderRFPDashCare B.V.Award
August 30, 2019Tools Support (3 components)RFP
    1. Minor Tools EnhancementsPainless SecurityAward
    2. YANG Catalog s.r.oAward
    3. Tools MaintenanceElf Tools
(Henrik Levkowetz)
June 24, 2019Secretariat Services (4 components)RFP
Q&A (1)
Q&A (2)
    1. CPA Financial ServicesGRF CPAs & AdvisorsAward
    2. All other componentsAssociation Management SolutionsAward
April 30, 2019IRSG Ballots ToolRFP
AKAYLA, IncContract
April 8, 2019RFC Errata Merge ToolRFP
Soaring Hawk Consulting
(Jim Schaad)
February 28, 2019Datatracker Meeting Application ImprovementsRFPIOLAContract
January 23, 2019YANG Catalog s.r.oContract

Long-Standing Service Contracts

The IETF LLC has a number of long-standing service contracts, which predate the formation of the LLC.

RFC Production CenterAssociation Management SolutionsContract
Amendment 1
Amendment 2
Amendment 3
Meeting Network ServicesLinespeedContractCOI
Meeting Remote Participation ServicesMeetechoContract 2018
Amendment 1
Amendment 2
Legal Services (General)Biddle LawCOI
Legal Services (Litigation and Privacy)Thompson HineCOI

Special Contracts

The IETF LLC has a small number of special contracts which are not subject to our normal contracting process and not subject to our COI disclosure requirements.ICANN-IETF Supplemental Agreement 2021

IANAThe Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) administers many parameters of IETF protocols. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) provides these services to the Internet community through an arrangement with Public Technical Identifiers (PTI).Original MoU (2000)
Supplemental (2018)
Supplemental (2019)
Supplemental (2020)
Amendment (2020)
Supplemental (2021)

Legal contracts with the Internet Society (ISOC) can be found on the LLC overview.