Meeting Planning

Information about how we plan where and when to hold our meetings, the community requirements that we aim to fulfil in venue selection, and policies regarding meeting planning..

Venue Identification and Selection Process

Information about how we plan our meetings and the requirements that we aim to fulfil with our venue selection. If you wish to recommend a venue then please start here.

IETF Meetings Clash List 

Lists the organizations whose meeting dates we check before planning our meetings to ensure that we do not clash by booking meetings on the same dates.

Meeting Rooms Policy

Occasionally during IETF meetings, some space is surplus to requirements and is made available to be booked. This policy sets out how we handle booking requests.

Meeting Location Assessment

The list of cities that have been assessed for suitability as a location for an IETF meeting or are still being assessed, along with results of surveys and feedback requests.

Meeting Network Requirements

The networking requirements of IETF meetings.