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Implementation reports

This page provides implementation reports of a protocol specifications that have been considered for advancement to an Internet Standard.

The IETF Standards Process (RFC 2026, updated by RFC 6410) requires at least two independent and inter-operable implementations for advancing a protocol specification to Internet Standard. Following the Montreal IETF meeting June, 1996, the IAB recommended that:

"The IETF Secretariat should be responsible for making this material available to the community." 

This page provides implementation reports as received by the IESG in its deliberations. Note that this is NOT a list of endorsements. Nor should it be assumed that the list is all inclusive. Indeed, there may be many more implementations. 

The IETF Secretariat provides the following reports for information only, and in no way endorses their accuracy. This disclaimer must be quoted in full whenever the information from the reports is quoted.