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  • Proposed Process to Conduct Assessment Activity of IETF Administrative Support Activity

    After three years of operation, the IETF Administration LLC (IETF LLC) is preparing to conduct a complete assessment of the structure, processes, and operation of the IETF Administrative Support Activity (IASA 2.0) and the IETF LLC. Before beginning this work, we are soliciting community feedback on the proposed timeline and process we will use to conduct the retrospective.

    • Jason LivingoodIETF Administration LLC Board Chair
    12 Apr 2021
  • IETF Annual Report 2020

    The IETF Annual Report 2020 provides a summary of Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), Internet Architecture Board (IAB), Internet Research Task Force (IRTF), and RFC Editor community activities from last year.

    • Jason LivingoodIETF Administration LLC Board Chair
    • Lars EggertIETF Chair
    6 Apr 2021
  • IETF 110 Hackathon: The fruit of our labor

    I use the Internet almost every day. If you are reading this, you probably do too. The Internet provides access to information and to each other in ways that are ingrained in our daily routines and on which we rely for both work and play.

    • Charles EckelIETF Hackathon Co-chair
    2 Apr 2021
  • IETF 110 post-meeting survey

    The result from our IETF 110 post-meeting survey are now available.

    • Jay DaleyIETF Executive Director
    26 Mar 2021
  • IETF LLC Statement on OFAC Compliance Questions

    IETF contributors recently asked the IETF LLC about the implications of complying with the US Treasury Department’s Office of Financial Asset Controls (OFAC).

    • Jason LivingoodIETF Administration LLC Board Chair
    24 Mar 2021

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Revised IETF sponsorship program

  • Jay DaleyIETF Executive Director

2 Mar 2021

After review, research, and consultation with existing meeting hosts and sponsors, the IETF Administration LLC is implementing a restructured sponsorship program in support of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), Internet Research Task Force (IRTF), and Internet Architecture Board (IAB).

The new sponsorship program is organized to align opportunities and benefits  so they are more appealing to current and potential sponsors, easier to administer, and provide greater certainty for both the IETF and sponsor organizations. For example, sponsorships were previously offered mostly as per-meeting opportunities. In the new structure, most opportunities are presented as annual or multi-year commitments with benefits that extend across and beyond meetings.

Global Host remains the highest level of commitment and recognition across multiple years—each hosting several IETF meetings. A new category, Global Supporter, provides for and recognizes significant multi-year commitments that support the work of the IETF outside of meetings. In addition there are new values-based categories to support running code, diversity and inclusion, and sustainability. These include programs such as IETF Hackathons, meeting registration fee waivers, and initiatives design to reduce our impact on the environment.

Meeting-focused opportunities remain a part of the mix. An organization may host a meeting not already supported by a Global Host. Likewise, separate welcome reception sponsorship opportunities remain, and organizations local to an in-person meeting may be a sponsor for that meeting. Equipment and services sponsors will continue to be recognized for the  support they provide our community’s ongoing operations.

Beyond the sponsorship program itself, the Internet Society (ISOC) has, since it was established in 1992, supported the IETF and is recognized as a foundational sponsor. In addition to providing significant financial support each year, ISOC has committed to matching contributions to the IETF Endowment. The IETF Endowment will be the focus of the IETF LLC Director of Fundraising, when that position is filled.

I invite you to learn more about the new sponsorship program on the IETF website. If you or your organization is interested in learning more about or discussing sponsorship opportunities, please contact Stephanie McCammon

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